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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Cactus that would not DIE!!!!! we have a lot of cacti in our yard...what can I say, we LOVE Cacti! Raised them even when we lived in Oregon! Anyway...some people bring home stray dogs, stray cats, old 'things' with a 'FREE' sign on it in someones driveway.... Richard...he brings home Cacti!! He sees a species he does not have...well, he SOON does have it!! People around here are always cutting cactus up and and throwing it into the nearby desert... so he 'rescues' it as he calls it!

Well this is one reason our back yard is full now... so recently HE started 'trimming away and the 'trimmings' he brought home over the years... One is an Opuntia (above picture) grows fast and BIG... so he trimmed away and gave pieces of it to neighbors. ... well, this one little piece apparently feel off and was not discovered on the ground until we saw a Big Yellow Flower on the ground...investigated and saw that this one single Opuntia Pad...detached from the mother plant was displaying the most beautiful single flower.... now mind is not rooted, has been laying there without water or soil for some time... but somehow it managed with all of it's strength to send out the most beautiful flower! Just made ya smile...and feel there was a moral in there somewhere! And then...when a honey bee found that single flower and made use of it's simply made our day.... had to share!
Have a Great Tuesday