Thursday, January 24, 2013

'For the Love of Peas'

Hello Bloglandia....  seems I have been MIA once again.... I have been tip toeing  through Facebook Land but nothing like before...trying better to watch my 'P's and 'Q's...and for that matter R's, T's F's B's ...well, you get the picture.

We have been busy with Studio stuff...both 'making' and cleaning up stuff....I discovered just how messy I can only answer to it all is to get rid of stuff so that there will be far less to mess...but alas I know myself all to well and know I will find more to hidden cubby holes....UGH!  A battle I fear I shall never win....white flag raising and waving!!

So this little lady above we just finished..... we call this 'For the Love of Peas' ...our version of Hans Christian Anderson's beloved story of the classic Prince seeking out a Princess...but I re-read the story and thought it rather I changed it up just a bit and made the Princess a great lover of Green Peas....actually preferring them to Royal Princes ...come to find out her too loves the Green Veggie this makes them fall in love and run away to start a small truck farm growing beautiful Royal Peas...and they live Happily ever after as "Two Peas in that Perfect Pod  called Life'

It was fun to create..I also wanted to change it up a bit by doing it in total black and white...with that shock of Green in the Pea....  I do love black and white...

The entire piece...(12 mattresses and the Princess) are 11 and 1/2 inches tall.  This is a 1:12th Miniature scale...
So now we are off to visit some more Fairy Tales...and bring back a few of our Asian Elves and Forest Elves.... should be a fun year...

Hugs to All