Sunday, February 1, 2009

OK for those that find it hard to believe I am this tidy with my studio (from the emails I have received)...I admit...I am a tad bit more neat with my studio than other places in the house...I find that if my studio is too messy...I tend to go a little crazy...and I don't mean crazy in a fun way...I mean crazy insane stick beans in my nose while screaming in strange tongue crazy... so I find it best to tidy a tad more in the so called 'place of creativity' but...all bets are off for other rooms in the house... say for example my bedroom...I have a pile of clothes mounded next to my side of the bed with several season involved....layers upon layers.. scary ..very scary... I am afraid that one day my poor dear Richard will be 'sucked into' the Giganto Garment Monster I have living in there... and all that I will find is one lone shoe...his!!! GULP... He is very patient with me...says not a word...just takes a big step over and then moves along on his way .... I have just always been this way... hangers...HA!!! Who needs 'em!!!
But oddly enough I am great with doing the laundry... it just never stays in the closet for any length of time.

That's the truth and I am stickin to it...




Debbie said...

Oh Jodi, that post did make me laugh. Seems all us creative people are the same.
I have a saying posted on my fridge for visitors saying I cleaned last week, Sorry you missed it.. LOL

Jodi said...

Toooooooo wonderful Debbie I like that saying on your fridge... my only problem...friends know me all to well.... drat the luck!

Glad I could add a chuckle to the day... I always say... a laugh a day keeps blues away...