Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rainy Days and Sundays!!!

Well it is raining Cats and Dogs here in the old Dry Desert… actually a very nice change …. And lots of rain now means our Spring Desert Bloom will be fantastic …already you can look across the open desert and see a faint carpet of green …really nice…and then there is that ‘smell’ that wonderful smell of rain on the desert floor …ahhhhhh!!! No greater smell out there…except maybe cookies baking…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

But the rain put a real ‘damper’ (sorry for the pun) on the street fair yesterday… I guess a few real troupers stuck it out until noon but everyone pretty much packed up and left… was hoping they would reschedule to another weekend…but now will probably not. We also had a Hobie Cat Boat Race in the Lake… that went great as there was lots of nice wind to go along with the rain …they were loving it.

It just freaks people out cause we have rain so seldom here…except during our lovely mid summer Thunder Booming Storms …those I adore.

So it is Sunday…I will tidy the studio again, make some Chili and Corn Bread (seems like that kind of weather) …drink a couple pots of coffee and sculpt a little…working on out latest commission.

Last night was fun…my cousin brought over some OLD OLD OLD video tapes of my family 25 years ago…Birthday Gatherings…Richard had not a gray hair on his head…and I was much thinner…great fun to see… My afterthought was MY GOD… the body sure falls apart in a span of 25 years… it sort of sneaks up on you…everything is just going along fine then ‘film documentation’ from the past rears it’s ugly head and the realization sets in…. suddenly everything starts hurting and I have this mad desire to take a nap…UGH!

But it was truly wonderful to see members of the family there on film that are no longer with us….sniff sniff! Had a lovely stroll down memory lane …with my cane!!



Debbie said...

Have a great Sunday..

Jodi said...

Happy Monday Morn Debbie...

It was indeed a great Sunday...thank you. Now let's see what I can do with day at a time I always say...tee hee!

Have a good one