Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Lazy Weekend

Did you ever have one of those weekends were you had many good intentions to get a gazillion things accomplished ...but by weekends maybe (if lucky) got 1-2 things done? Well that was my weekend....LAZY LAZY LAZY!! It was nice I must admit...but it also drives me a bit loopy and brings on the overwhelming guilt's when nothing gets done. As I mentioned in past posts I just am not a 'Relaxer' ...some people are soooo cut out for sister for one...but I...well, If my plate is not full with many things to do... I feel positively desperate for projects.
So for me to experience a 'lazy' weekend that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye..well, that is indeed one for the record books """"NEWS FLASH.. over rambunctious girl found sitting in corner...twiddling thumbs.... More at 11:00.
I did work on a doll...but in small spurts and then found myself just drifting off to 'Relaxo-Land' every chance I got... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!! Even with my several pots of coffee I remain 'Zoned to the Bone'
I guess things catch up ...and my body is telling me to just chill...and yes, I guess I do deserve it...but I must tell you...I am looking forward to Monday Morning.... to kick off a week of normal fret and stress, work and deadlines....AHHHHHHH...I do love Mondays!!!

Hope everyone had a Super Weekend... and just an took all of my strength to type this...time for a nap!!!LOL




julie campbell said...

Think its something in the air jodi, some mysterious chill out vibes affecting us all as I've been like that since friday !
whatever it is it must be good for us as I am feeling really raring to go today, hope you are too and heres to a great bustlingly busy creative week ahead for everyone :0)
julie xx

anjah said...

Hy Jodi,
Everybody needs it once a lazy weekend, this is ok and certainly no reason for a guilty conscience. The next is again differently...
Best wishes, Anjah

rosanna said...

How well I understand you.Walter always compains that I'm not able to relax. Simply I cannot stand hand in hand watching flies. I only indulge in an occasional overslept when I'm really tired but when awake...please give something to do.Hugs

Patty Benedict said... look a day off to relax!!!!!!!!!
Now get back to work It's MONDAY!!!LOL!!!!
I'm glad you took some time deserve it!

Bugs & hisses

Joanna Thomas said...

Everybody needs one of those weekends! They are the best. Isn't it great just to sit back and relax? Everything else will wait! Enjoy!

Marie S said...

It is still here for me!