Friday, February 26, 2010

The Art Aftermath!!

Flash!!! News Update....."Artist Survives exposure to crowds... because crowds were non existent"... Story to follow!!

Did I ever mention that in the late winter / early spring here in Lake Havasu, gets pretty windy!!!??? Not Dorothy in Kansas windy... but more like a blustery "boy it's a great day to go and fly a kite kinda day (but for petes sake DON'T set up an art booth!!) ...such was my experience last evening. Bless Richard's heart for making our booth VERY secure with 'Iron Tipi Stakes' , secure ropes and massively large clamps.... all secure!! Unfortunately many others were not... and because of the windy situation several 'Artists' (who are no fools when it comes
to displaying their hand crafted wares)...just decided to not show up...thus the show was very small this week and filled with more of a mish mash of odd ball items. But a few of us artists hung in there...and sold a few items who can complain...we did a local show and got to sleep in our own bed ...all is right with the world. Had a fun time chatting with friends for a few hours, discussing our lives and new art projects ...also met some 'interesting' new people (one of my favorite things) being a bedraggled young man with a wonderful dread lock do , a dog and a very small table set up selling rocks he finds in the desert and the wire jewelry he makes with the geodes and rocks he finds...all the while he is talking to you he is spinning tales of adventure as he is working on his jewelry... I forgot how Art Venues tend to bring out the very cool and interesting people....

I am neither discouraged nor dismayed .. I will again 'show up' next week to do battle with whatever the elements offer .... standing tall with purpose , hands on hips and proclaiming to the world...."I am Artist.... hear me roar" (loudly over the wind!!)

Thanks For all the Kind Words of encouragement



Cody Goodin said...

I think you can add comedian to your arsenal of talents. Your post made me chuckle out loud today. I am glad you survived the wind. Yes, these types of shows do produce interesting people who live interesting lives. Taken from a bugs bunny cartoon.

Marie S said...

I remember the winds being a little stronger that "let's go fly a kite winds"
You brought back old memories of shows gone past, some good, mostly good.
We used to say we made a lot of great contacts when the show was very slow. LOL!!
And sometimes they even were.
How fun to get back in the thick of things.
Looking forward to next weeks review.

joanna said...

LOL! At least you are meeting interesting people, hopefully the winds will abate and you will have the beautiful clear skies for the rest of the week and next week.

You really need to write a book, you paint such colourful pictures and images with words... you are a WORD PAiNTeR!



Healing Woman said...

Ahh..this is taking me back to my old outdoor show days. It's rough but you are right, you get to meet some interesting people.

Healing Woman

Patty Benedict said...

Jodi your a good trooper!!! I also had (0) people show up for a late October COLD "First Friday's" in downtown saint was very sad! I just went home and posted them on eBay and sold each piece!
Glad your meeting new artist and people!
Have a fun creative weekend!
Bugs & hisses

William Bezek said...

Yikes and Jinkies! That is always the big question mark with live events...what will the weather be?

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) good to know you are safe and sounds, Jodini

n_) I can hear your roar miles and miles away.


side by side there should always be one.

take care.
we need you here.

Lisa said...

Oh that was wonderful, I'd love to hear you ROAR! And that fellow with the locks of dread, sounds like someone I might have known along the way! All, is well in the world today!


joanna said...

LOL! It just hit me...

Hearing you RoAR this week certainly falls in line with marching in the month of MaRCH!

Have FuN...

~joanna *iT is CHiLLy WiNDy here in NE FLoRiDA*