Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kayak'n and Yack'n!

(Sheila, Me, Kate and Richard...Alice taking pics)

"Beautiful Coves, Beautiful Canyon Walls"

What a MARVELOUS DAY we had yesterday... decided to join with friends and meet down at Cattail Cove ...for a relaxing Day of Kayak'n, Yack'n and Lunch'n !! Our Good Friends...Kate, Sheila, Alice joined Richard and I for a crazy fun time.... that's what happens when you get a bunch of '60's gals (and guy) together... fun fun fun. The day was beautiful, around 75, blue sky with light clouds here and here...and not a single soul on the lake (except for one lone fisherman in a cove) ...until we started heading back...then it seems many 'woke up' and decided to go out on the lake to 'make some noise' but the morning was ours...not a sound except birds, fish leaping from the water, possible Beavers making their 'den building' noises...and of course laughter and sounds from good friends.... what a day it was, a much needed R&R!!
Now back to work....


Debbie said...

Looks and sounds like you had a perfect day with friends. Nothing

Creager Studios said...

Sure did Debbie... and like you said...nothing better! Hope you are doing well....

Big Hugs

Peach Blossom Hill said...

We'll take the 75 degree temps. It's still in the low 20's here in Upstate SC with no end of winter yet in sight! Sounds like you had a blast!


Creager Studios said...

Oh Dear Jodu.... just mentioning 20's makes my bones ache! That is one of the nice things about the desert...warmer winters...but...get back to during summer...and you can tell me about your lovely summer while I swelter in my 118 degree heat wave!!


Kate said...

It was an awesomely fun day, Jod! Good friends, P & J's, great weather, but had no idea we did 10 miles! No wonder I hurt!

joanna said...

DiTTO on all said, it is great to do stuff like that, it really enriches, relaxes, and inspires ALL at the same time.

Beautiful Pictures... thank you for sharing...