Sunday, March 28, 2010

Draggin my 'Bee-Hind' today...

Well Yesterday I proved to one and all that I am a mighty strong woman...something I already knew !!! Because of some pending street / new sewer work on our Bali Drive that will be starting shortly ...Richard and I had to 'lift that barge and tote that bail' yesterday ... which translates into moving VERY large boulders , removing very large bushes , removing fences, raking back gravel , uprooting bricks that are very firm and settled right where they are, replacing siding on our garage wall... wheelbarrowing dirt and then replanting some palms.... WHEW!!! Strong but VERY exhausted. It was a job that has needed to be done for quite a while now and it feels GREAT to at last get it all done... besides nothing feels better than to get outside and do some much needed yard work ...the physical properties alone are enough to lift the spirits and mental well being!! But in truth today, I don't know if it is all the physical labor of yesterday or the 2 hour 'knitting' session I did last night on 3/4 inch sized knitting needles that Richard made!!! First off...I DON'T KNIT...I mean it...I DON'T KNIT!! I never have been able to master the technique...oh, I can cast on and do the 'very basic' stuff ... but it is always left looking like 'Bo Bo the Saucy Chimp' had a hand in it!! And do it this small...well, needless to say my body was so tense from grasping those tiny needles tightly in mortal fear of dropping a stitch ...I feel today like I was in a Knitting 'Smack Down' last night...and Lost!!!

My hat is tipped to all those that have mastered and thrived in the wonderful wacky world of Knitting..
By the by this is for a miniature doll we are doing and I am knitting with ultra fine Speed Cro-Sheen (SP) .... big question now...should I worry that there is a non-stop flow of drool coming from the left side of my mouth???

I have about 3 more inches to knit... by then I am sure I will be certifiable ...all I ask is that you kind people drop me a line once in a while...with just a few kind words and maybe an occasional box of Chocolates.... please send all correspondence to the 'Sunnydale Home for Rest and Mental Rejuvenation' you think they will allow me to 'tie-dye' my straight jacket???

Have a Great Sunday All

Jodi (aka Bo Bo !)


Peach Blossom Hill said...

I'm writing this down: "S-u-n-n-y-d-a-l-e H ......" and will send chocolates and Kleenex to mop up the drool! LOL!

Sounds like you got quite the workout. Mine comes during hay season when the whole family has to get out and stand the square bales up (I also have to rake on the John Deere but the tractor is enclosed and has AC so no real hardship there!) so the hay wagon can come along and scoop them up and stack them--it's hot and dusty with the occasional large spider or baby snake baled under the twine--still alive and very afraid and angry!. But hopefully, no new sewer lines here for us! We do have a septic tank so they could come along one day and decide to drag us into the 21st century!

I quilt, thread paint by machine, embroider, smock and do all sorts of general machine and hand sewing but I never learned to knit or crochet either. Of course, since creative, perfect items seem to magically spring from your hands, I'm sure it will look perfect!


Debbie said...

Jodi, I can't knit either. My Nan and my Mum tried to teach me but I can't cast on or cast off! I have never been able to master it. Think it could be that I'm left handed..

Designs By CK said...

Happy Easter weekend to you!

Chris :-)