Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can it actually be Thursday already??? REALLY???!!!

Time keeps on Slippin Slippin Slippin into the future...gotta love Steve Millers profound song and words...and today I feel like I am in the middle of one of them. Ever have a week disappear?? I mean literally *POOF* you blink and it's at the end of it!! Where did the first part go...and what about the middle, wasn't there supposed to be a middle?? This seems to be happening to me more and more lately... I find that if I don't get a serious 'grip' on things on Sunday or Monday....the week runs free and wild... much like a cowboy lassoing a steer...if you don't get that rope around the horns and neck first try... they run amuck and you chase it till ya do!! and then there is always that chance of the steer blending into the rest of the herd ...what I like to call...'weeks into months'!! Well my 'steer' got away from me and has 'blended well'!!
All I can do now is set my sights on next week and give it another go!!
I am one of those that when I work...I NEED to dedicate ALL of my time to the effort...with no straying off the toe out of line and it's like I have developed A.D.D (Artistic Deficit Disorder) ...anything can pull my attention elsewhere... kittens need saving from a mine cave in...I AM THERE, Vaccinations needed in outer Mongolia ...COUNT ME IN!! You need someone for a 24 Hour 'Stare-A-Thon' ...I AM YOUR GAL!!! Sick really that I so easily get distracted ... and lately life has been throwing me straight down the middle distraction balls that I don't see coming.
When I am on my game the skies the limit...I can achieve anything in record time.... but I feel like I have been sitting the bench a lot lately and inside I am screaming "SEND ME IN COACH"!!!
In my defence, I have been talking with several friends that claim to have the same malady it is either common, normal or contagious!
My table is filled with projects each waiting for me to sink my teeth into them and finish the job ...but those darn days "keep slippin"
I think today (reason I got up so early this morning 3:30-ish AM) I shall dig in my heels , don the blinders and ear plugs , duct tape myself to the work table and make weeks end that by Friday (tomorrow...GULP) I can wave that victory flag of *** YEA BABY...I got Something Done this Week*** Wooo-Hoooo....
Hmmm...maybe I should design 'Flags'...hmmm ....BAD JODI BAD...NO BISCUIT!!!


William Bezek said...

That sounds familiar, best of luck. Now get to work!

Creager Studios said...

Oh thank have experienced this too William... always feels so much better to hear others that are creative get trapped in the 'Slippin Machine', don't feel so alone to work for where is that duct tape??!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Gotta love that "Artistic Deficit Disorder"! I think you're right and it is contagious as it's often the same here! lol You are SO funny! :-)

Piper Rain Press said...

Love the ADD. Too true!!! Love the last line "wanting to wave the flag of victory and then thinking I need to design flags" Right there with you girlfriend. Now I think I will go paint myself...oh look that shelf needs cleaning

Lucys Baby said...

I just have to let you know how much I am enjoying and learning from your videos. I've been watching the first one, watched it twice now, next time I sculpt a new head, I'm going to follow along with you on the video.
Love this last're pretty funny.You seem Pretty straight forward in the video,
I enjoy this side of you! As well as the teacher side.

Debbie said...

I know that feeling Jodi. I've had the need to create for weeks, but somehow, something gets in the way..x

Turtle Child Studio said...

Well Jodi, that pretty much sums it up for me... my case it has been 3 weeks...something always ditracting husband would agree with ADD...definately an artist thing. I tell him I need to work the sculpt out in my head first after it is done in my head then I can do it for real!! Good luck breaking through and ropin' that steer cowgirl!! lol!

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Jodi, YES, I KNOW!!! What the hell is going on this week? I have discussed this very same thing with no less than 7 others already! It reminds me of the cheesy movie Maximum Overdrive, where a comet has blown in some hazy green fog, and everything is haywire! I keep waiting for the killer clown truck to come barreling through at any minute! Even ebay sales are whacky this week! I have four heads on my table, not one body part to speak of, and all the heads are screaming at the same time!!1 oohh Is it Sunday yet?, so we can start a new PRODUCTIVE week? I hope the fog clears soon, xoxo Christel