Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Humanitarian Gesture for a Wonderful Giveaway

Good Friend and Brilliant Miniature artist Jayne... of TALLULAH-BELLE ORIGINALS came up with a Wonderful Idea to celebrate her 200 Follower on Blogspot (Congrats by the way Jayne) ..instead of the normal fanfare or simple giveaway for being the 10th caller...she is ingeniously challenging us all to
step up to the plate and share our hearts with those in need...for something as simple as 'Drinking Water'...something we each take for granted each and every day. I stepped up to the plate last night and have been thinking about it ever since... PLEASE do the right thing...visit her blog spot above and read... your heart will surly lead you in the right direction .
But Jayne being the VERY giving person that she is... there will be an actual 'goodie' giveaway too for helping others...please go read all about it....
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart Jayne for bringing this situation further out in the open....

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Tallulah Belle said...

My dear Jodi

Thank you so very, very much for mentioning this on your blog.

The more people we can reach, the more money we can try and raise.

I am so touched by the generosity of people helping me get the word out.

Thank you xxx