Monday, September 20, 2010

Posthumous Posey's

OK...guess I was in a 'Mood' this weekend... sorting through 'stuff' finding lost things and I happened onto an old book with waxed paper sticking out one side ??? so I opened it up and found some flowers (old corsage) 'pressed' between the pages and wax paper that Richard gave me over 30 years ago.... they were pretty dried but holding together well, I thought back to when the flowers were fresh ,full and fragrant...alive, but how I felt they still had 'life' of the past in them...sooooo...I made 4 little 'dried corsages' with total Halloween Spirit...called them 'Posthumous Posey' is one...popping them on ETSY...just fun art that pops into ones head when it's least expected.
Now thinking about the next doll...wanna do another mini...but what to do...what to do. Thinking about a really sexy Vampire...hubba hubba...but then a tiny witch doing something 'witchly' or a really odd ball thing I have been thinking about lately...probably totally un-saleable!!! Why is it that those are the things we are drawn to the most... odd!

Have a wonderful Monday All..



Marie S said...

I love the flowers Jodi. They are just wonderful.
Do the vampire and the witch, please,please,please.
I love this time of year when you start making all the spooky stuff.
GET TO WORK, har har har!!!
Love and hugs,
Have a spooktacular week

William Bezek said...


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Ahhh your majick is at work again I see :o)
whatever you decide to create Jodi, I just know its gonna be amazing! I'd go for the odd-ball idea, otherewise it'll only nag away at the back of your head until you let it out!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Wicked flowers!