Friday, November 16, 2012

Tipi Tippin

Well it is a Bright Sunshiny Day in Lake Havasu.... Birds are singing, there is a slight nip in the air and the tipi is UP!!!!  We LOVE this time each year.... always seems like a new beginning  and the start of endless possibilities....

Of course...we worked our arses off yesterday and are almost too sore to move today but we did drag ourselves out to the tipi at 5am to enjoy our first pot of coffee and a warm fire... the pains just seem to melt away... 

We rebuilt the tipi flooring a couple weeks ago ...fixing and repairing the flagstone and then adding a outer layer of pavers around the fire pit flagstone...less gravel under the reed and canvas flooring that goes in today....and it just looks cooler.  The other 'bare bones' shot of the tipi before canvas is actually taken last year....but it looked the same this year....almost!!  We have been doing this for 7 years now and each year the poles are a bit different....but this year....we set up and took them down 4 times...something was just not right.... poles to far apart at the top (cloth won't fit right) to close together...same thing!   door poles off center...not spread enough...spread to much.....LOL...I really should be taping this event as you have not lived until you see two  artists , each one extremely anal about how everything should look and be placed...setting up a tipi....!!!  I think we might be real contenders for the  $10,000 award for funnest video....  yesterday was the best..... BUT...we got them set, we put on the canvas (2 tries) and stood back and smiled....waiting a good 10 minutes to see if it all fell down.... at 11 minutes...we knew things were Hunky Dorey!!!  SHE STANDS!!!!

Now to do the 'tricking' out inside...lining, hanging up stuff, pillows, hides etc etc... I will do a short video and put in on here when complete...

OK...I am off for the day... changing direction a bit with the doll we are working on....thinking of something else.... might go for some about different direction!!



Tracey said...

Your Tipi is soooooooooooooooooo cool!
I saw you mention your Tipi several times but it wasn't until I saw your youtube video on it that I realized how BIG and official and beeeeeeeautiful it was!
Just gorgeous, I can imagine how nice it would be on chilly desert mornings with the fire going.

Judy C said...

I think I didn't realize how much work it is to put up. Of course when you talk about it I think how much I'd like to have one. But the putting up would have to be hired. At least I get to see pictures of yours.

Steinworks said...

I thnk your Tipi is really cool but I don't want my husband to see it, it's not that I dont want to sleep in a tipi its just that I like my bed and comforter :)