Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bibbers Award

OK OK I know...all this talk of Bibs is probably driving many of you NUTS !!! I understand...If there was chatter going on about mini skirts or leisure suits I would probably be climbing the walls by now ...but bare with me... these are more than just a 'Garment' they are a garment with lots of sentiment and history attached...and ya just gotta understand that all this talk of overalls (or as I call them 'Bibs) has ignited my artistic fuse by talking my hand and walking me down my past creative road...I have been stopping along the way and smiling at the memories of more simple times ...and it really is a nice journey....I am remembering the friends I had...and have 'lost' , past loves, new loves, artistic gatherings and artistic 'journeys' ,places I have lived and dreams that I had 'have'.... all because of a simple garment design that allowed it's wearing to capture and hold onto dreams no matter how old we become or how our life styles change...
Just amazing to me...
OK.... Inspired once again... I created an 'International Overalls Day' Award for anyone who wishes to capture it and display anywhere they wish ....to celebrate this Friday....It's an Award dedicated to those that remember, those that treasured those that recaptured and those that hold dear to their hearts a more simple time. Thanks again Niels and Lille for the 'push' and inspiration.
By the by...these are my Bibs tops with a few ditty's added for fun!
Hugs to All for baring with me...


Niels said...

Jodi, I think there is no reason for making an excuse ! it is just true what you say ! and next year we should do what some of us have been talking about, making an overalls festival with music, dance, crafts etc. etc. in New Orleans ? best Niels

Niels said...

and I have taken the liberty to take the award on my blog, hope it is okey for you !:)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I understand all your Bib posts.
I don't own a bib or have a particular dress code for working in but i know when i wear a certain top and trousers i just feel more comfy and more creative.
This is to the point that i went out and bought another 3 tops exactly the same. They sadly are now getting quite worn and dont know what i will do when they hit the bin, lol.
But i have a backup of a dressing gown that is my second fave. When worn i can create and make to my hearts content. Can only be worn in the winter though when i need to cosy up at my desk.
Lovely award and thank you for sharing with everyone too!

Nikki xxx