Monday, November 16, 2009

More Old Time Memories in the World of Bibs!

Been diggin in my Photo pile again...MAN, I have GOT to get all of them on CD one of these days...just as soon as I find a couple extra days with nothing to do ...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH.. Like THAT'S gonna happen!!! shots for those not getting tired of Bib Pics and Talk... it's weird...never really thought about what a part they played in our lives until Niels and Lille brought up the International Bib Day thing... I mean, there seems to be a theme running through our lives of certain times and situations where Bibs were the dress of choice... I met others over my life that felt the same way...even the friends I have now (Kate) is all about Bibs...she even paints hers wonderfully... I must admit I am more of a purest when it comes to my bibs...I LOVE them decorated but find absolute beauty in their faded blue character , changing over time, growing more comfortable with personality and age . Having said that...I just bought a pair of 'white' bibs at the thrift store...I am looking at them now as my blank canvas paint and create one day hang on my wall as
artistic testimonial to the one piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and brought so much enjoyment to those that wore them... Bibs are a very interesting piece of clothing... when worn out in public (and I do often ) I find myself running into people I don't know who stop me and feel compelled to tell me tales of 'their' bibs in childhood, high school and college , or memories of their grandpa or the nice neighbor down the street...and I can tell afterwards that these are all good memories for them by the smile they share before walking away... or some just pass me and shoot a 'peace sign' smile and keep walking... as if my presence sparked a brief little memory of better times... it is funny how a simple piece of clothing can invoke so many thoughts and memories... in my book a magical piece of clothing indeed...
I think anything these days that can bring a smile, a memory or make strangers stop and chat ...
is the best kind of magic!
Anyway...the shots above are Richard in Oregon (I made those Bibs for him) in about 1980. Second shot is Richard and his older brother...such a tiny tot!! Next is the youngest picture I have of Richard with his Bibs and engineer hat he cute of what!!! His Mom made the Bibs and the hat out of a pair of Richard's Dads old cool is that!! Next shot is my grandpa Ernie...who worked for Universal Studios in the 1920-50's ..he designed and painted sets for the old movies...and LOVED his white painters bibs! (OooOOO I just had a flash, I need to paint a small portrait of my grandpa on the white bibs I just got...COOL) anyway, he is the guy in the middle (with the bibs) they flew a small art crew to Florida (the first and only time my grandpa ever flew in a plane) to design and paint the set of the movie 'Mr Peabody and the Mermaid' ...loved that movie. The next is Richard's Daddy and his older sister.... he was a tall lanky man with beautiful hard working Richard has his Daddy's hands...I love those hands!
Keep On Bibbing!!!

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Niels said...

Hi Jodi, fantastic, we must make an overalls book ! have talked with Laury, another overalls fan, living in France, but with her heart in New Orleans, about making a book with all these memories and photos !
hugs from the North Niels