Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks one and all for the Birthday Greeting...Update

I got a Brand New Set of Billiard Balls from my Dear Richard (he KNOWS what I like and what I want!) ... some ladies like diamonds...I prefer a good game of pool! Now to get the table!!! ONLY KIDDING ...we have a table on our back patio it is a 7 ft'r ..what they call 'Pub Sized' just a tad smaller than the regulation size....which is perfect as we don't really have the room for the big'n out there... I love my table and I LOVE Pool! It has always been a dream to get my own table one day as I am really not much for hangin out in smokey bars these days! Happenstance and Kismet aligned a few months ago when a neighbor who is parting ways with her hubby asked if we knew anyone who wanted to buy a pool table.....WHAT!!!!!!... my heart skipped several beats and I was down at her house before she was! Thanks to good friends and a few strong backs we managed to up the table onto dollies and roll it up the the middle of the street to be exact... waving traffic around us (thank goodness we live on a quiet street!) Anyway it happily sits on my patio next to kayaks and dart boards, tiki gods and cloth brick walls (got ya curious don't I) ...Sooooooooo...whose up for a game??????


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Ohhhhh I am I am!!!! I love pool and if I don't say so myself I am pretty good....."for a chick" lol
I have kicked many a boys butts on the pool table..It would be great one day to shoot a game wit you:)
I will even let you use my que!! hehehe
WOW lucky girl you!!


LYNDY WARD said...

Happy Birthday & Saint Patrick's Day Greetings!

Your birthday PICs are wonderful!!

Wish I lived near by, I'd love a game of pool!!!

Hope you'll stop by my Saint Patrick's Day Top Ten Facts & Trivia post & share some love...

Can't wait to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Saint Gertrude's Day & my birthday on March 17th. Our weekend will be filled with love & laughter, tasty Irish foods & sparkling green Moët & Chandon Champagne.

GAELIC ~ Sláinte!
To Your Health!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Yes, hope your birthday was grand! I used to be quite good at pool. My parents had a table and my mother used to tell me when I was dating DH that I should let him win some, that guys don't like for girls to beat them in competitions. I didn't and he still married me, luckily--25 years in June. I probably couldn't even hit anything now but back then I could run the table.

for my birthday I got a Microlux saw! I was thrilled!


Jaquandor said...

Happy Birthday!

joanna said...

Geeze JODi... what BeAUTiFUL BaLLs you have!

DiTTO on ALL..

I AM, too!!!

LOL! i would HoP on a plane iF i could, great gift, i LOVe pooL.

Smart man...

Besides you have to polish diamonds and jeweLs... LoTsa' hard work when you could be PLaYiNG... *G*

Have FUN with them...