Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Thriller!!

Hope everyone had a particularly Spooky Halloween, got and gave lots of treats and had a good fill of old horror films on TV... I sure did.
I also went down to the Halloween Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Dance on our Main Street Halloween we get approx. 1 and 1/2 children any more ...decided it was time to haunt other things. They did this dance routine last year (as did the rest of the country) and they decided to do it yet again this year... we have about 6 friends in this group of 40+ 'Zombie'fied' folks ...Our good friend Sheila Carlson is the above mentioned Zelda Zombie (her first year to dance with the group) and she did fantastic...was rather scary too, hey...she scared me!!! Trust me...she is lovely without the makeup!!
Who knows as Halloween Trick 'O' Treaters are thinning out to dribs and drabs...I may just join the group next year to dance my little heart out (possibly literally!!) as a ghoulish globby grotesque Zombie....hmmm already thinking of my outfit...LOL!


Pattee said...

What a great Zombie!!!

Yes we didn't have as many trick or treaters either...

So... we too went to see the "Thriller" dance here in Bellingham! What fun.... I'd love to be a zombie!

If you do it Jodi I'll do and we can take pictures of the event!

Love ~Pattee
Happy November!

Creager Studios said...

WOW...great minds think alike Pattee... isn't it a great performance!
Ya got a deal my friend...we could both do it and share videos and fun fun!! That will give me a little less than a year to get in better shape!!
That is quite a workout...


Patty Benedict said...

You know I LOVE zombies!!!! Looks like it was fun! you need to join next year and post photos!
Happy November!!!
Hugs Patty

Pattee said...

I know those zombies work hard!!!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Totally wicked posting ;-) I love what Patty said, happy November xxx

LDahl said...

Hello Jodi, I'm just now catching up on the Halloween blog postings! Yours was last as in 'saving the best until last'. My daughter and her sons went on a Zombie Crawl, they made the 6 o'clock news! How fun was that!?! Yeah, we do love Halloween as a family. I loved your idea of putting the fearsome three together... I do the same somewhat, green lights go up with orange pumpkins which works with Thanksgiving...out with the pumpkins and add Christmas items.
I'm already starting to panic(getting in the mood as it were)

Creager Studios said...

I am seriousily thinking of joining next year Patty... gotta get in better shape though...these Zombies get quite a workout!!

Creager Studios said...

Happy November to you as well Kat...a lovely season filled with Chill and gloomy days ..satisfying in so many ways!

Creager Studios said...

ZOMBIE CRAWL!!! How COOOOL is that! and the news no less...I think Zombies are here to stay!!

Cool that you too join holidays, I mean why not right! We take so much time and care decorating, always sad to take it can be an on going decorating feast..and enjoy it for months instead of weeks! Now I need to find the time to dive in... lights are beginning to go up...and halloween things are smilin cause they don't have to go back in the box! LOL