Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey, Giblets and other Thankful things!

Thanksgiving will be here very soon...TOO Soon if you ask me...I am NOT Ready!!! I am once again having friends and family over for this special day (so of course I start to worry about everything!!) ...will be approx. 10-13 people ...this is the part I love the very most...the gathering!! I could have P,B and J's and still be thrilled..to me it is all about the people. Last year it was a go until...2 days prior and both Richard and I caught a friends bad cold...UGH!! Had to cancel and send friends and family into a turkeyless night...felt HORRIBLE...so now of course I live in fear this will happen again... I plan NOT to go into public at all a week prior ...which means I better get my ass in gear and START SHOPPIN!!
But it never stops with the shopping...I also Love to decorate the place...Richard wants to get the Christmas lights up prior (he better get his ass in gear...as we have dolls to finish)!!
I think we are going to try 2 turkeys...1 traditional and one smoked on the BBQ ...fun!
Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends and Games afterwards.. it does not get much better than this...
So what is everyone out there in Bloglandia doing for Thanksgiving?
Hugs and Happy Bird Day to All...


Christel Hutson said...

Hi Jodi, I guess I'm what you call a traditional old fashoined mom, as I insist on all of my kids, and grandkids being here for dinner on both Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as Easter Sundy! I do all the cooking, would rather not have and help..this is when I am in my element..but only three times a year! (wouldn't want them thinking I'd do this every day) hahah I too need to get my hump to work. I will have all the traditional foods, and will serve 17 people! wow did I really say 17? I'm hoping for a happy, uneventful day. Just good food, good fun, and well behaved grandchildren,..and KIDS! haha I hope you and Richard have a great day Jodi, drink some wine for me. xoxox Christel

Karin Corbin said...

I will be hosting Thanksgiving day dinner right in my workshop space.

We live on a boat. One member of the family who are coming to dinner can't climb up and down the ladder into the cabin, another is scared of being on a boat. That leaves my workshop as the viable option.

Workshop has a big sink, fridge, induction hot plates, counter-top convection oven and even a turkey roaster! The pilgrims should have had it so good!

The space might not be elegant but it's not boring; lots to do from watching blue ray movies to crafting or playing games. No worries about spilling stuff and everyone is advised not to wear fancy clothes.

Pattee said...

Well for one thing I wish I was coming to your house for Thanksgiving!!!! : )

It's going to be very quiet for us.. My husband, son and I...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday after Halloween....

Hugs to you ~
P.S. say Happy Birthday to Richard!

Debbie said...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. Our next big celebration is Christmas..
I hope you, Richard and all your Guests have a wonderful time Jodi..xxx

Marisa Stein said...

We'll be going to Uncle Dave and Uncle Brians house for

Uncle Dave retired last year and they just finished remodeling their retirement home so we'll be the first to break it in *so to speak*


PS I love the graphic at the top..LOL

Karin Feuerstein said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jodi and Richard, I trust you found all the turkey legs you needed. I'm thankful to know you both.

Tallulah Belle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. I remember you being sick last year...hopefully this year will be a huge success.

Not being American we don't really do much. Add that we don't like football and even a small Turkey breast would last us years lol

So we are going over to San Diego to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra...last minute decision but should be fun.

Marie S said...

Jodi, I am thankful for you!!
Love and hugs.