Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Recent Commission

We at last finished 2 of the 4 piece commission that we have... at the half way mark you might say. We have absolutely loved working on this piece...when completed it will represent a family of Nez Perce Indians from Idaho during the mid 1850's ...there are still two children to be finished. They will stand on a natural earth display base with a few more accessories.
They are hand sculpted from Polymer Clay, hand tinted leather clothing, hand beading. Rifle is hand made from Metal and wood. Feathers hand painted. Hand made basket. The dolls stand approx. 15 inches tall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lost in Time!

For some reason I have lost several days since my last post.... no, I have not left the planet or been hiding under anything that resembles a rock ... the time just slipped away as it has a tendency to do at times. We have been very busy campers with this and mostly....finishing up commissions and starting New dolls for EBAY Listings.

On our 'down time' ... we work on our TIPI... getting lost in a delicious world of Peace and tranquility.... forgetting about all things pressing in our lives... and just focusing on another place and time.... we love it.

At this time we are making various items to 'dress' our little 'home' ... which requires working with Rawhide, various leathers, metal, beads (all sizes) Paint etc. We are enjoying the historic research aspect of working with the TIPI (always one of our favorite things to do when we create our Dolls) what is used, why it's used and how long has it been used that way....fascinating ! Our plan is to eventually 'comfort out' the entire inside so much so that visitors will not willingly leave...but rather choose to lay back in comfort drinking wine or cider, enjoying a small fire and speaking of things that please all....this is our perfect world... a world we are so enjoy creating.

From time to time I will add pictures as the Inside progresses...

For now I have added a pic of Richard and Tess enjoying some afternoon cider...since this shot we have changed things quite a bit...adding a flagstone frame around the fire pit and a few new wool blankets and herbs, necklaces and leather items.

By a Native American friend we have been given the camp names of 'Gray Badger' and 'Storyteller' ...we wear them with pride...


Jodi 'Storyteller'