Saturday, April 11, 2009

And a Wonderful Birthday it was!

We are back from the wild's of Las Vegas... and what a great time we had at Erin's Birthday. Daughter in laws family and friends are all wonderful and make you feel so at home....Erin's little friends are delightful...they was lots of food, delicious cake, and wonderful many good memories that it made our trip home seem like 10 minutes as opposed to 3 hours..
Well I have to say that there is a lot of difference between 7-9 .. Sweet Erin is growing up so fast ... As a person you makes there living out of faces...I could not help but stare at all the many changes that have taken place in Erin's Richard said.. the little young girl is making way for the little young lady. She is just as sweet as ever...loves everyone and has enough imagination for any 6 people. She is so much like her fear, no holding back when it comes to a challenge and constantly filling her head with knowledge of wildlife and nature. She is so like her mother in her beauty and caring nature, Erin is already very nurturing and respectful of others...we are amazed.
I was not able to get a whole lot of pictures this time...I spent most of my time talking with her and just watching her... she is very shy when the camera is pointing at most of the ones I did get if her..I stole! She is going through a 'Veronica Lake' phase with her hair... over one eye and rather mysterious ...but I do like unique traits in children ...sets them apart...
So I posted some shots that I took of Erin over on my PBASE Account... please take a peek...
We are back working today in full force on Dumbledore as in one week we head up to Northern California to pack and move my sister down here to Havasu. Very hectic here at the moment...
Hope to post the last of the Dumbledore photos by tomorrow...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Off to Visit our Grand-daughter

We cannot believe she is already 9 years old...GOODNESS where has the time gone. We can't wait to see her tomorrow morning... driving up to Vegas and bringing my Mom. It is only about a 2 hour 30 minute drive...piece of cake. ..only downside...there is supposed to be a BIG OLD Storm heading into Vegas ...wind and we feel like such adventurers. I hope to get lots of pictures to share...I go a little nuts...I start popping the moment I step into the house ...feel rather like a voyeur but kids move so quickly ya have to pop a lot to catch a few good
The pictures above are from last year ... So I won't be on tomorrow at all... will miss everyone.
As for Dumbledore...he is about finished...will complete him by Saturday early afternoon... both putting on our finishing touches...
OK...that about wraps it up...
See you Saturday

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OK...So this is Probably a REALLY Stupid Question...

As I sit here under my FAVORITE Hat (and for those that know me...know I LOVE my Hats!) ... I was thinking and wondering to myself .. How does one go about making a 'second' blog?? I pondered and pondered on this subject till smoke rose out of the top of the cone ... then thought...Jodi, stop being such a ninny and ask your friends in BLOGLAND... they can't laugh at you forever...eventually they will have to return to housework and art, their children and husbands....the laughter will eventually die out!
My question about the whole thing (and the part that hurts my gray matter the most when pondering this subject) is how can I have two blogs with the same gmail address? Will One cancel out the other (stop laughing, it's hard to stop) For some reason it is very hard for me to wrap my brain around this whole concept... Normally I am a jump in with both feet kinda gal...but I also am a 'button pusher' without checking first...which means I run the serious risk of losing what I have now...GULP! Or is this just Outer Limits thinking?
The purpose for all of these Dufus Inspired Questions is that I want to start an alter ego other side as it were...nothing like taking a casual stroll on a tight wire... minus the net !!

So if someone...anyone out there that hears my sniveling sobs for help.... could offer suggestions that my ' smokin grayness' would understand...I would be forever grateful ...and I could take off my 'hat' before my head forms this shape...

Thanks a Mil ...or a Tril in this days economy!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So sorry I have been remiss in posting pictures of the Dumbledore Project... between blogging, facebooking and working ...I have been a very naughty girl and ignoring my promise...BAD JODI ...BAD, NO BISCUIT!! I have to shoot pictures today of my completed outfit ....I didn't really pop pictures of that creation as in is not nearly as exciting as Richard Part ...hoo hum!! He needs to finish his glasses and hat (although I might take a stab at the hat today.... twiddling thumbs here until my 'painting' part comes up.

As you can see.... Richard has been a busy boy... he had a slight set back when he decided to 'carve' the wings instead of sculpting them...I am happy he went in that direction. It always amazes me (and I have been watching him do this for years now but never tire of seeing it) how he can take a Big old chunk of wood and whittle away at it to form a beautiful set of thin wooden wings... he uses the big chunk so that he can get the 'curve' to the wings. I love these wings. He still has a bit more to do on them but I keep reminding him that this is a 'statue' ...NOT a real owl... and that it has to look like a statue details can be played down a tad... He is starting the Dragon sculpt around the lectern ...should be finished with that today...then that all gets baked again as it sits in the photo...and then I get to paint and gold antique it ...I LOVE that part. He has also started on the smaller dragon heads at the bottom of the lectern crystal base...and the feet with claws. I will then paint that...and we both work on the candles..he makes them...and I get to make them 'drip'!! I love the detailed stuff...

Hey check out the new 'Blue Ball' that the owl sits on...that is the one I told you about that replaced the old one... this one is so cool with the swirls...
Oh and I should mention the owl body is in clay.

So that's about it for now... we need to finish this up by Thursday as Friday we are heading to Vegas for our Grand-daughters 9th Birthday....we are SOOOOO excited!


Monday, April 6, 2009

I have Strayed....

What was I thinking??? The Fast Paced social world of FACEBOOK...Lured me to the dark side... forcing me to expose myself to tawdry Networking and Social Attachments. My head was dizzy with the promise of Friends from long ago and the hope of New ones yet to meet. I could turn my head to hide...but alas, there waiting were more and more comments begging my attention ..luring me yet further into Facebook of Lives!!... How can a girl so easily fall pray to this madness, this lust for 'hooking up' ... to expose ones self on a Wall, to allow Poking and Wearing Badges and a woman peeling her face on the right side of the screen... I feel faint , the room is spinning out of control ...the madness...the madness I tell you.....

Isn't it amazing how one photo can prompt all of this silliness!!!!

All I can say is FACEBOOK is a trip and a half! Not sure yet how I feel about it...the jury as they say is still out. But I feel as though I have strayed from my Beloved Blog!!
This is where I can really get crazy and feel free to post anything I want...I love it here.

OK...I am back to work on Dumbledore... the weekend interrupted progress...but alas, we are onto another fresh week filled with promise of completion.

Photos I promise will be coming SOON!

Have a Marvelous Monday