Friday, September 18, 2009

OK...I did a Tiny Bit of Dabbling

I think I mentioned that I found some cool Skelly Paper Mache Masks at a local craft store I bought a bunch and just for the ducks of it started to paint one...WHAT FUNNNNNNNNNN!! Now I am NOT a quality painter by any stretch of the imagination like all of these brilliant tole and Craft Painters I see on ETSY and EBAY.....their stuff just curls the toes... these are just doodles and dabs of paint here and there...I have never done this before
so have much to learn. ... and of course, after finishing I discovered that there are 'art pens' out there to do this whole thing much easier with...DUH!! I did this all with a tiny little brush... I LOVE black and white (as many of you already know or might have suspected) he is in black, white and gray tones...but of I seem to be hung up on Orange Lately ...I slightly tinted (through the magic of Photoshop) two of the shots...gotta keep with the Orange Theme!!..tee hee....
Back to serious work..enough of this fun and frivolity for me (grrrrrrrrrrrrr...but I wanna play!!!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OMG!! She is at it AGAIN!!

OK ..I woke up this morning with desires of fall.... thought to's time to change your Blog Background and Banner...something I have been meaning to do for a while now..(along with getting new glasses...but you can see how far that got me!!...NOT!) So I threw a few New Fun things together as my 'Homage' to least for now...the corners might be turned again down the road... soooo what do you think???


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the Winner is...

Yesterday afternoon I took all the Follower Names over to my Mom...each printed on individual pieces of paper ... and put them in Richard's Bowler Hat and Mom with eyes tightly closed pulled out "SPRITES" name... so a box of goodies are on their way Sprite....
Thanks everyone for being patient with me ...and once again...your joining here means everything to me... BIG Hugs to ALL.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mourning Halloween Past it my imagination or are all the Store Bought Halloween Decoration this year pretty lame??? Each and every year I look forward to purchasing at least one little 'silly' and cool item to decorate my yard or house with...this has been a tradition of mine for many years now...needless to say I have closets full of Halloween Decorations Past!! But this year...and for the first time ever...I have yet to find One Thing worth buying... to me it all looks like recycled body parts from Halloweens Past ... same legs, crawling arms and floating heads, tombstones and Giant spider webs, hanging corpses and glowing skeletons, talking this and screaming that's.... I AM SO BUMMED!!!
I know I live in a small town where the pickings are slim at best...but...I have journeyed to bigger cities and I find much of the same... Is anyone else finding this to be true??

It is almost like the 'companies' that produce these Ghoulish Delights have said..."Lets hold back and shoot for Christmas Decorations" .... Sniff Sniff.... how can they do this to those of us who wait for those special creepy delights ...if I don't find a decent 'Screaming thing' soon that screams something different...I will be forced to scream myself!!!
Which probably will be the case... this year ...instead of buying a new head or skeleton, spider or ghost...I will just do my own thing. Maybe I will have my'Ghoul Friends' over one of these weekends and have a ' Dr. Frankenstein Monster Creation Fest ' ...Create Your Own Spirit!

SooOooOoo... is anyone else finding it hard to locate good spooky stuff this year? Love to hear what's happening out there in the world of Halloween Decorations.

Until then...I will be forced to Mourn the Passing of 'Cool Halloween Goodies' from many moons ago..... and keep the search up....

Gone are the Goodies that brought me Joy

Left are the things that just annoy...

For Creepy Goodness I do yearn

Needful things please soon Return...

Hugs from Jodi (aka...The Seriously Bummed!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lifting, Moving, Sweating, another weekend in Havasu!!

Zing Zang Doodly Doo what a Bizarro weekend it has been!! From the stroke of 6:00 am Saturday Morning Richard and I have been going full tilt...and we are only now starting to cool down our jets! This weekend was Big 'Moving Weekend' for my sister...moving into her new Pad ...a very comfortable and BIG 'UPSTAIRS' Apt.... UGH! After months of having her worldly belongings in storage she is at last on her own ...and from what I can gather...she is loving it. Her initial shock of moving from a much cooler climate to the blast furnace called Lake Havasu (don't let the name fool you) ...seems to be wearing off nicely ...she now accepts fully that living in the 'Burbs of Hell' can be an OK thing.... well at least this is what i am guessing as her speech is only just now returning... and she is speaking with me again!
So we helped her move her 'stuff' ...actually the 'smaller' stuff ... she decided to give our backs a rest from moving her down here in the first place and she hired two MUCH younger stronger dudes who lifted the weight as if it were nothing... I must admit we felt a tad guilty as we are always ones to jump in with both feet and help do anything that needs doing... but we must admit again...this was rather nice for a change. The day was a mere sweltering 115 ... the last two pictures explain the hot desert quite well I think...Ice Cream Truck in Lake Havasu!! We dragged our butts home later that day ...thinking seriously of changing our phone number...but soon recovered enough for Richard to go over to our friends house that evening for his guitar lesson...I on the other hand remained prone. Next day we went back over and helped my sis with moving things around and setting things up.... lots of work but I know she is happy and that in turn makes us very happy indeed....
No work on Dolls this weekend except for a few hours late yesterday...finally found the time to finish the Goblin of Gringotts...which now needs to be mailed out and OOPS...photographed first...will post here probably tomorrow. up...the Giveaway.... going to my Moms tomorrow to deliver her new Recliner and at that time will have her stick her mitt into Richard's Bowler Hat to draw out a name...
SooOoOOo I will post tomorrow the name of the goodies receiver will be...
Again I do apologize for taking this long... life just keeps getting in the way of things I would much rather be doing...
I need to go A-Readin on the blogs....sooooo far behind on that as well...
See You Tomorrow