Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our First Halloween Witch for the Season

Happy 'Mid' September to one and all.... again the time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future!! can it be only a couple weeks till October??!!! The Bewitching'est and Most magical month of the year!!!
I am getting very inspired with all these thoughts of haints, spookies, witches and anything else that Bumps in the night... I am sure that I do not need to explains these energetic and electric feelings to most of you who already know all too well the
Excitement that is Halloween Season!!! Oh to live in Halloween town 365 days a year...ahhhhhh!
Anyway, started to get out a few decorations and even have bought a few new things for the New Halloween Year and that all got me excited about doing a doll. So we started work on this little lady above...'Madda Gnatwick Gribblegob' ...and of course her familiar 'Sir Scribe' . I remember well from my childhood when teachers (or visiting grandmas) would come in and read to the class...either in school or the library... that was a great time of my life... I myself was not a big reader...to fidgety, but when someone read to me...I was very still and alll ears!! I have heard that today this is a more rare occurrence...and though they do have library reading hours in a few libraries here and there...they are still few and far between...so sad. I know the school system of today is bogged down with many children and reading hour is more difficult... So I thought...A Retired Witch...who loves to read and write , she has nothing but time on her hands what with all the spells etc being put aside in retirement... how about she joins the volunteer force that grows daily and starts reading stories to the kids... bingo!!
I like this lady...she represents everything positive in life... time spent worthwhile ... a positive force , a guiding figure that teaches the mind to grow and use imagination....
So up popped Madda!!! I am very pleased with this doll...she is one of those dolls that came out exactly how I envisioned her and did not stray one bit from my mental and heart design on who she should be... I can even smell the candy corn and candy apples...lol.
So I figure this is a great way to get the Halloween Season off to a good start for myself...
Hope you enjoy this little lady.... I have put her on EBAY
there you can read more of her story and see more pictures... Thanks for taking a peek
Happy Pre-Haunting Everyone...