Saturday, October 2, 2010

Already October 2nd and the Halloween Buzz has got me!!

I ADORE this time of the year...if it were up to me to arrange and set up holidays for everyone...I am pretty sure that I would make Halloween last approx. 8 months...and have it mandatory for everyone to wear costumes all that lots of candy and say "BOO" a lot... cool would that be... bet war would be a thing of the past!!!ahhhh...but I digress!!
It is October 2nd and my Halloween Itch is working over time... and I always seem to have about a gazillion irons in the fire...I have to do things these days in 'spurts' so I am
s l o w l y getting stuff (decorations I mean...) out of boxes and placing here and there...which I am finding thrilling for a change...normally I do it all in one fell swoop... really liking this new method... allows me to enjoy it more and longer! This morning Richard and I decorated the mail box...classic webbing and giant spider...I personally wanted to place a rubber rat inside our box but Richard pointed out that we like our mail lady to much for that web and spider it! Then my classic Halloween sign post that Richard made for me YEARS ago ...that is a tradition and goes up in the first wave of decorating... I like tradition and using the same stuff over and becomes like an old friend you enjoy visiting with after a year away.... but I do add new stuff from time to time my area hard to find anything really cool (although I did get that great Skull Glass bottle this year.... they did have actually mouth moving talking spooky busts at Sam's Club that I almost got... but I found them boring and the man and woman fought like the Bikersons so thought...not cool! But the month is still young so I may find something neat the meantime I enjoy my old familiars... and...and...I can start wearing my witches hat out and about in town.... OooOoo I do miss that!! The remarks I get are priceless...
So on this Saturday...I will slowly go through more boxes... and greet each 'old friend' with love and respect saying.."come out come out...let's play!!"
Have a Great Saturday Everyone...and tell us...what wonderful goodies did you get this year and has decorating begun in your house!!