Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I mention that I HATE the Phone!!!

Sorry.... but I don't do Phones!!! Try as I may...over these many many years of trying like heck to be a phone person... I just have never ever picked up the habit...believe me, I have tried.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there that feels this way...although we are probably pretty hard to track down..I mean, not using the phone and all to call in our opinions!
Even as a teenager (you remember them, the ones that adored being on the phones for hours upon hours talking to boyfriends and girlfriends saying absolutely nothing ...those teenagers) ...anyway...even when I was one of those...I was never one of those. My Mom said I hated the phone even then...GOD LORD, in thinking back..maybe I have one of those weird Phone 'Phonaphobiclacia' or 'Ringadeckaphobia' or 'Wrongnumberlocious' ... all I know is that phones and I don't agree very much...I am more of a 'in person' kinda gal.... although I do like the computer...but if it had a head phone...forgetaboutit.

It's not that I don't like who is at the other end of the receiver...I LOVE everyone and actually enjoy chatting at times...but most of the time...I truly believe the phone is out to get it is a 'personal' thing!! You I work at home...there is a phone... and it seems that always when I start to really get into rings....I stop...I go to answer...and it is either someone selling something...or....they hang up. I got an answer machine...those that know about my little 'phone thing' always leave a message because they know when I work...I seldom answer the phone....others do not....yet the phone rings and rings and rings and rings...every 5 minutes with no messages left... Drives me Bazonko!!. I feel bad that I feel this way... but if I could I would rid myself of the plastic beast in a nanosecond... but alas that is not practical. We have 1 cell phone...just in case heading across the desert in 120 degree summer heat and our car breaks down...then those little suckers are handy dandy...but I could not tell you the number to save my soul and it is always off!!!

As I said...I am not a hater of people or chat, both are super dooper in my book... I just have an enormous dislike for the Phone Monster ....

Not sure why I chose to blog about this subject...other than I counted no less than 28 calls today...ALL hang ups!! GRRRRRRRRR.

Now you wait and see...when I sit down tonight in front of the TV with my glass of Zin and a good movie...guess what will happen....Yep! Phonezilla will attack .... it lays in wait for me!!!



Friday, February 20, 2009

To Sketch or Not to Sketch...or to SHOW, that is the Scary Question!

OK ... this is really the most nervous I have been since blogging.... actually showing a really bad side of that I seldom if ever share... my 'Doodle Sketches' ..of which I have a million of these suckers laying all over the place. But in a friends blog this morning (Thanks Chris) he had posted some of his lovely sketches of ideas for his artwork (still tinged with a Muguet like green Chris) ...and I thought WOW...this is something that really interests me and would be fun to see others doodle sketches...
SooOOoOOoo I said to myself "Self...get off your back side and pop and post a few shots of YOUR silly little sketches ...of which I so lovely referred to on Chris's site as "

looking like a 'Mad Hen' had her way with a scrape of paper I had laying around..."
So with all the spilled coffee stains, misspelled words, nonsensical lines to no where...I introduce to you a small glimpse into my world of 'sketchy ideas' GULP!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Harry Potter Commission...Hagrid!

Greetings on this fine Thursday Morn... the Sun is shining, the birds are singing I have an extra skip in my step... all appears to be right with the world... but then, I am my Mothers child...keeping a sharp ear open for that 'other' shoe to drop....until then...I will tra la la through the day.

I am sure you don't want to hear me ramble on and on about the for lack of anything better to jot here today...I thought I would post a few pictures of a recent commission we had. Some may have already seen this piece, but many have not so here he is...Rubeus Hagrid...Grounds and Game Keeper for Hogwarts. He is in 1:12th scale..but since he is a 'giant' after all...I had to make him a tad bigger than the classic 1 inch to 1 foot size...I think he figured out to be around 7 inches tall. Polymer clay of course, leather boots, hand dyed jacket, leather belt and carrying bag (with a real carved bone button), a small dagger in a leather a brass Pink umbrella (that really works) and is Hagrid's trademark magical item...
He was a blast to create...oh I do love creating these minis so.

Well that's about it...I think it might be time for me to create a few more Mandrakes and other H.P. items...

Have a great day all....



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rearranging...WHY am I ALWAYS Rearranging!!!

WHY is it that I must always 'arrange' and Rearrange' things???... I get something just so...and then I have to tweak it a bit...and then a bit more...and more still!!! Just like when Mom would say to me...if you keep picking will make it bleed....I was never happy until I had a gusher and several band aides were applied.... but I just had to push it to see... This is not a bleeding issue but rather a WHY can't I leave things the way they are... I have been doing this a lot lately... with everything. For example this dang blog... tweaking, futzing, smishing around with it and never happy, never satisfied always have to rearrange much so that I just know that it is going to end up bleeding.... !!! I realize it is normal to add elements such as color , and gadgets and gizmo's but when I should be working...I am fixated on this blog...You should see the stuff I have in my Photoshop program right now...just ready to drop in... IT'S A SICKNESS I TELLS YA...A SICKNESS!!!

See that is my problem... I love to play...and the Blog is where would you rather the library doing homework...or the playground swinging on the monkey bars?? Easy choice for me.... Unfortunately it is very difficult these days to make a decent living at 'Monkey Bars' ...but MAN!!!... if that were possible... OooOoo the possibilities.
Anyway...this is just a heads up... don't freak if you see a different look and layout every day or so... it is only me...Swinging on the Bars and making Monkey Sounds...



P.S. Speaking of changes...I have added a 'Followers' list ...thanks so much to all that have started to follow...I promise not to lead you too far down the path of weirdness...

Monday, February 16, 2009


Me either!!...I swear to you my intentions were sooooo good and my focus seemed to be...well, focused... but alas it takes so little to lead me astray... Richard and I both have that terrible 'Syndrome' ...we call it 'Unfocuslosis' ..the first symptoms show up with simple things like gathering supplies to work with for the day...and then out of the corner of your eye you 'spot' something totally go towards that 'something' totally turning your back on the supplies being gathered... next thing you know you are outside sitting in a chair reading !! Or you are sitting at your work table and quietly humming to yourself a tune you have not heard since high school and next thing you know you are sitting alone in a room staring at yearbooks you didn't even know you still had.... you lose all track of time and space around you it's as if you were abducted by unknown forces that take you into the mother ship ( but without the 'probing') and when you come to.... you are doing something totally unrelated to the task you started with...
Do you suffer from this same syndrome? Do you hide it from friends and family? Is it taking over your life and filling your days with unfinished projects....??? Well...there is help my friends... I am not really sure what the Help Is.... so if you know... please let me know..... QUICKLY.... before I kill time again... I think I need to invent special 'Focus Glasses' that make me look straight ahead at all times that the pesky 'something' can no longer reign supreme in my creative life ....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

Well it is early afternoon on Sunday...and by now I have posted something on my blog... but to tell you the truth I did something I NEVER EVER do...I slept in...reason being...we sat in the tipi with friends until way after midnight or 1:00 not sure which it was... we talked and talked and burned a small stand of wood... what a time we had... no one wanted to leave the tipi comfort ...including me!

So as I never stay up that late (early morning person here so there for early to bed'r person) I languished ...was kind of nice.

Drat the luck , was going to pop pictures of last night... but got totally caught up in the fun of just sitting around.

Dinner was yummy ... and company the best...

So today I rest for the wicked I always say. Finishing up a miniature then onto hopefully a idea I have bouncing around in my head and a few shadow boxes.

OK...let's hop to it...everyone grab a brush, sculpting tool, pair of scissors or whatever your device of creation is and seize what's left of this glorious Sunday...

Happy Day to All