Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Back and a New Award Awaits

Well I am back from the hinterland called Facebook.... got lost for a bit and ended up eating all the bread crumbs I left to find my way out ...but somehow I found my way back to Bloglandia... now to balance between the two...
In returning I found that Dear Moriah presented me with a Fun Award... 'Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits'..... seems this is an award that is given to the strangest of individuals... as I take this as a very High Compliment...I eagerly and happily accept your award Moriah ...and will continue to wear my 'Pinstripe Suit' with Pride and continued panache!

Off now to add to my Mantel of Friendship 'Gifts'


Monday, August 23, 2010

Reached my 300th Post and Other Strange Tales!

Naughty Naughty Naughty Jodi for letting one complete Month go by without posting a single word here on what is truly my favorite place to jot down thoughts!!! Those of you who read me on Facebook will probably say "well Jodi, you seem to do a fair amount of Chatting over on Facebook don't you, THAT appears to be your favorite place to hang out...explain yourself!!!!!"
Well true be told ...and I am pretty sure I may have mentioned this already once of twice here...My Blog is my 'Freedom Spot'... it's ALLLL Mine and I can say and do as I please ...from designing the layout to jotting down thoughts... this space is my sanctuary and truly is my favorite place to just chill and enjoy Your Company!! Facebook (in analyzing it) is a 'drug' that you get and give in small doses to and with so many...they seem easier to find and to find you! But though many spill their inner most thoughts there ...it always seems to be in smaller more condensed form...where as a Blog ...you can go on and on and on and on ...BREATH...and on and on and on and on...BREATH...on and on and on...you get the picture!! Here I feel like I am really talking with friends in a very friendly format , like sitting down with a cup of coffee, a few cookies and the latest happenings in all of our lives... I don't get that same feeling over there. Though I will admit it is easy to get 'hooked' on that particular drug called 'Facebooktesy'... between old friends from High School or past life acquaintances, Old boyfriends , New friends, causes, organizations, Liking this and that, all that 'poking' and prodding ... Fanning this and grouping with that ...Facebook is a very hard drug to kick... it's easy, widespread and keeps you unbelievably curious to find out more...
I really have decided that I need to chill more ... and ...Work More!! (believe it or not I can easily chill when wrapped in work) ...and I am actually having a hard time with the 'socializing' aspect of my life and also getting the work done that I want...no...Need to get done!! So I always say, somethings got to give... so keeping fingers crossed and if the Art Gods are Willing... I will 'peel' myself slowly from the clutches of FB and devote more of that time to my beloved Blog and Art that I am craving to create.
So how's that for a 300th Post... I have so much more to yammer about but my new doll is calling ... she has a touch of Halloween to her...which is making the old Halloween Juices Flow Again after a long hot summer of being dormant ... this is the Best Time of the year...the coming of Autumn...
Hugs To All 'Blog On'