Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Popping On to Say "Hey"....and that I am still here...

I Always feel bad when I have not been here in a favorite place on the Internet...My Blog. I think of it daily and try like heck to get to it all the time...but it is that old devil time that keeps me tied up! I pop on Facebook and write little bits here and there ...but my Blog...I like to 'linger' talk up one side and down the other...the only place on the Internet where I feel the freedom to chat longer than 1-2 sentences and people actually listen...or not...does not matter...I just like to ramble if only to myself!!
Richard and I have been seriously tied up on our newest piece and the focus level has been really put to the test with our torn up street and loud trucks, backhoes, grinders, smoother's, blenders and any other kind of 'ers' there are out there...they are on our street... I have been trying to tun most sounds out...with Jazz, Blues and Ella...always Ella! Working pretty we are making good headway.
This morning there was actual quiet...thought for a brief moment I had gone deaf...but then heard birds knew all was well...but the Birds drew me outside on this lovely spring morning ...only to see the beauty that I almost over looked in my backyard.... Blooming Blooming Blooming!! Our Opuntia's are going nuts...and this is just starting, Jasmine and Bougainvillea are over the top and the front yard Agaves are after all these years Flowering...providing delightful little individual cups of sweetened Agave Syrup for the Hummingbirds to feast on...and feasting they are!! When finished flowering and providing nectar...the plant goes bye bye...very sad that such a large plant dies...but all the joy it gave to human and critter kind is quite a legacy....more will follow.
The Cutter bees are going nuts on the opuntia flowers... almost drunk with ecstasy while wallowing in the Pollen Joy... and the hummingbirds dart all around almost pushing you out of the way to get to their sticky gold....
It is funny.... I have been so focused on work lately...that I almost let these little moments slip by...I am so glad that today was quiet...a quiet that drew me outside thus introducing me once again to nature happenings in my own yard... made me smile, happy, rejuvenated and fulfilled....
Still Smiling!!