Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year One and All....

Happy New Year One and All... 2009 has had it's ups and downs but all in all we got through it, over it, under it, around it and now we are driving Stakes in the ground for another interesting year filled with the unknown , uncertain,unfamiliar, uncharted, unprecedented offerings of Life....
but isn't that what makes... Life Exciting and worth living...
Hold Loved ones close, Tell only truths, Hurt no one and Reach higher and farther than you ever have ...Wonderous Miracles are waiting to tickle your fingertips.
May You New Year Enter with a Glorious Bang
Filled with Sparkles, Sizzle and Brightness Enough to Last
the Whole Year Through

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Tonight...don't let the Martians Bite!

Having one of those days were I swear to you...I thought I had two more days 'BEFORE' Christmas Eve....YIKES... found our a short time ago that TOMORROW was Christmas Eve!!! Great Galloping Goblins...where did the week go??
I am blaming it on the 'Martians'...

We are having my Mom and Sister over for Christmas Eve Dinner ... having Crab (tradition be damned!) and a Caesar Salad, and Creme Brulee for dessert, it was my Moms request...YUM-O-RAMA!!!

We open gifts and sing songs (Richard and I have been working on a rendition of Baby it's Cold Outside to surprise my Mom with) ... We normally chat about old times and good memories...
Might play some games too....
Basically it is a quiet silent night filled with peaceful feelings.

Christmas Day we are going over to my Moms apt. building and dropping off some gifts for a few of the kids whose parents are having a bit of a struggle this year with work and all ...these are great little children ... filled with so much love and hope in their hearts... We are just gonna tell em that Santa got just a little confused with street directions and that he accidentally dropped off these goodies at our house by mistake .. but that I already was in touch with Santa to tell him no problem, we would straighten it out for him...and deliver the goodies to the right address....

So what is everyone doing on Christmas Eve or Day? What are your traditions?

Merry Christmas to ALL...and To All a Really Good Night!!

Jodi and Richard

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little Scary ...Not for the Kiddies!

I shudder to think this is the direct things have gone or will go in.... but it does make you think. I am a Old Fashioned girl at heart...choosing not to live beyond my budget and making most presents for friends and family....
I laugh at commercials selling stuff.... stuff I gotta have...YEAH RIGHT!!!
Hope no one takes offence to this nasty little 'Twist' on Santa...
Holiday Hugs

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

New on Etsy

I just listed 5 of these little Happy Sun Santa Pins on ETSY ... I will only be doing 5 this year...
Thanks for taking a peek
Holiday Hugs

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Had to Add More!!

A few more pages to share...such COOOOOOL stuff!
Does anyone remember any of these toys...I sure do.

Something Fun for the Holidays

One of my favorite feelings of Christmas Time is remembering the past.. when we were all very small and innocent and 'truly Believed' ...all the magic of the world lived within our hearts ... With every twinkly light we saw...we made secret wishes...and believed they would come true...because someone Magical 'heard' our wishes...what a time it was. That is why this time of the year I can be found 95% of the time on 'Reminiscing Road' ...walking joyfully through the past with a Very Large Smile plastered on my face....such a warm good feeling... the only Christmas gift I want actually. Richard and I almost daily over coffee share our childhood memories ...we laugh, we cry ...we remember those who fed the magic in our souls and taught us to always keep believing ...
Believe it or not one of my favorite possessions is the above Toy is an old tattered and torn small booklet filled cover to cover with the stuff dreams were made of when we were kids.
Does anyone remember these? I have had this one for about 30 years...and although not from the store where my Mom shopped when I was a kid.... it is very much like it. You would get one of these little jewels about 2-3 months before Christmas ...a Kids very own Toy Extravaganza Catalog... You would carefully digest each and every page day after day... until if ever quizzed on the could recite the exact content of any page when the number was called out. We could imagine ourselves playing with each and every toy... I can still feel myself slipping into the pages ...ahhhh kid day dreams!
After digesting and carefully choosing your favorites would list them (in order of importance) on the provided list... next to be handed to Mom and Dad ... The 'Known' direct link to Santa....
Then you waited each day wondering if Santa got your a back up measure you visited him in the Store that handed out the Catalog ..poor guy was probably bombarded with inquiries about page items and special requests... I am sure the D.S. Santa grew to hate that catalog towards the end of the season.
These little 'Kid Shopping Gems' were such a fun and treasured Memory...and I must admit, I STILL enjoy scouring each page.
Just wanted to share with those that remember ... and with those that still dream.
Holiday Hugs
P.S. Make sure you click on the pages to make you can read and enjoy the great Toy Experience.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Saturday

Hi-de-ho everyone.... It's a Cooooold day here in Lake Havasu, AZ burrrrrrr! We desert rats are use to Hot days and warm when it dips below 50 we shiver our timbers off... but last night it got down to a down right frigid 31 degrees... ZOWIE!! I feel we are in for a long chilly winter..
I really don't mind the cold...nice change actually... as I (we) are feeling much better and we at last feel this nasty cold bug has moved along... between the weather, feeling better it has put me in the mood of the Holidays...Making Homemade soups (split Pea tonight) , decorating the tree, stringing lights (my FAVORITE Part) I do love my lights... and also making a new 'for the season' Blog Template ...It is bright and colorful (good uplifter for the mood) and I had fun creating my annual 'Creager Family Holiday Image' ... always something I look forward to...
So with that done I am off to the studio for a little work today.... been ages and I am really looking forward to it.
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday...
Holiday Hugs to All

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starting to upload to ETSY again...sloooowly!!

Feeling a bit of energy this A.M... so decided to upload some goodies to ETSY... Decided that because it was the beginning of the Holiday Season I would offer two of our Christmas Poster from Christmas Past...1992/93 - 1996/97 to be exact. This are long out of print and really fun if you like Santa and Elves. These were created for Contemporary Doll Magazine and turned out to be two of our favorite Christmas Doll Settings. We only have 10 of the Santa Fishing and 20 of the Santa presenting the 'Award'...then that's it! Gone
I am hoping to get some Holiday pins and possible shadow boxes listed as well as Elf dolls...
Thanks for taking a peek...
Hugs to All,

Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Immortal Words of Cap'n Ahab "She Breeches"

I swear...I feel like I have been sick for 3 months...but alas it has only (and I say that word LOOSELY) been a week today! This thing has gut punched me with both feet while slapping my sinues till their senseless ! WOW...strange illness.... but...this morning I feel about 20% better , by weeks end I am hoping for 80%. Of course my dear Richard is still suffering (he is a day or so behind me in symptoms...they say misery loves company but right now with the way we feel I think we both need to stay far away from each other... we always know where the other is by the trail of dropped Kleenex balls and lozenge wrappers .... I have consumed so much hot tea and juice I am floating and if I see another bowl of soup ...I am takin someone 'out' ...

I must add that I have never been a great patient...I get ornery and cranky and stomp around a lot... and poor Richard is feeling so funky he can't move quick enough to get out of my way...

I just want to feel well again...and get back to my is piling up and falling over... My focus is shot and December starts tomorrow...HEEEEEELP!!!

TV is our best friend as it is the only thing we have strength to do... pretty sad picture I can tell you... I did buy all seven Seasons of 'The West Wing' so we have been watching that non stop ...go ahead...ask me a question, any question...I am now a West Wing Geek!

Great Show....

So I just wanted to check in and say howdy and let everyone know that we are still alive (barely) and missin Bloglandia... I need to do some serious reading and catch up...

Hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving ... Thanks so much for your well wishes...say, could I get one of you out there in Bloglandia to sculpt me a New Head...this old one is Shot!!

Hugs to All

Jodi the ILL

Monday, November 23, 2009

A-CHOO!!! has been ages...maybe even years since I last had a cold... and I'll be darned if the ugly little bug found it's way into my nose in the last few days.... UGH UGH UGH!!!! I really HATE this... the one thing I hate more than anything is laying or sitting around doing nothing...and with this wicked little bug that seems to be all I can manage to do. What makes me most sad is that we were having a Big Thanksgiving dinner at our house...which now must be canceled. Poor Richard is beginning to feel the symptoms as well here we lay all scratchy throated, red nosed sneezers ...feeling 'blue' and bummed ....
Neither Richard or myself have ever ever been sick on for our dinner...we think we will just sit in a dark closet and eat a worm and pout....
Stay well all and have a Super Bird some mashed taters and gravy for me!!!
Jodi and Richard

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Birthday Adventure

First thing you must understand about Richard and I...we see 'Everything' that happens to us in life as a 'Adventure' matter how good or bad... and when something goes belly up or does not turn out as planned... we call it the 'Infamous Creager Curse!! LOL...And that is the way things started out yesterday.... We got packed up early for our Day of Birthday Kayaking and headed down to our Favorite place to Kayak ...Cattail Cove, it is about 10 miles south of Lake Havasu. So Richard and I are excited to for 'Adventure' when about 2 miles from the highway turn-off to Cattail we saw Smoke...and plenty of it...hanging over the lake...CRAP we thought...the cove is on fire!!! Pulling into the cove we found out from the Ranger that yesterday was plant debris burning day in the various campgrounds along the lake... Of course it was I thought to myself Grump! Grump Grump!!! (another adventure...right!!) The area was thick with smoke and smelled of burning we headed back up to Havasu and put in there.... had a lovely afternoon kayaking under the London Bridge and up the North shore of the lake....
Had lunch in one of the campgrounds ...met and spoke with some out of town kayakers that were passing through and camping in Havasu... that was really nice. We took out time...enjoyed the weather and the day and at the end of it all it could not have been any more pleasant ... a true Birthday Adventure for Richard. Last night we sat in the tipi and had our first fire for the season
if we became any more relaxed ..our legs would never have carried us inside last evening...
So with Rejuvenated Spirit, refocused purpose and the calming of nerves...Richard is back to work, happy as a little kid in a candy store (for him, Hobby Store) ..
Thanks one and all for wishing My Dear Richard a Happy did mean so much to him...
Hugs to All...
Jodi and Richard

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Birthday Boy

Well today is my Dear 'Hoe-Nays' Birthday.... it's the Big One...65!! Medicare Worthy!!LOL...
I asked him what he wanted to do for this day...originally we were going to go out of town for a couple of days...either Phoenix to some Museums etc... or up to Northern AZ for some wilderness adventures... but Richard in his simplistic fashion said that all he really wanted on this day was to Kayak on the lake with no time restrictions of having to get home and that is what we are doing... With lunch and paddles in hand we are heading to the Lake to relax and is a lovely day with that fall crispness in the air ...the lake is smooth and all seems right with the World...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR HUSBAND.... I am forever grateful that you picked me up along the way in your life's journey mobile!!! And Away we Go!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bibbers Award

OK OK I know...all this talk of Bibs is probably driving many of you NUTS !!! I understand...If there was chatter going on about mini skirts or leisure suits I would probably be climbing the walls by now ...but bare with me... these are more than just a 'Garment' they are a garment with lots of sentiment and history attached...and ya just gotta understand that all this talk of overalls (or as I call them 'Bibs) has ignited my artistic fuse by talking my hand and walking me down my past creative road...I have been stopping along the way and smiling at the memories of more simple times ...and it really is a nice journey....I am remembering the friends I had...and have 'lost' , past loves, new loves, artistic gatherings and artistic 'journeys' ,places I have lived and dreams that I had 'have'.... all because of a simple garment design that allowed it's wearing to capture and hold onto dreams no matter how old we become or how our life styles change...
Just amazing to me...
OK.... Inspired once again... I created an 'International Overalls Day' Award for anyone who wishes to capture it and display anywhere they wish celebrate this Friday....It's an Award dedicated to those that remember, those that treasured those that recaptured and those that hold dear to their hearts a more simple time. Thanks again Niels and Lille for the 'push' and inspiration.
By the by...these are my Bibs tops with a few ditty's added for fun!
Hugs to All for baring with me...

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Old Time Memories in the World of Bibs!

Been diggin in my Photo pile again...MAN, I have GOT to get all of them on CD one of these days...just as soon as I find a couple extra days with nothing to do ...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH.. Like THAT'S gonna happen!!! shots for those not getting tired of Bib Pics and Talk... it's weird...never really thought about what a part they played in our lives until Niels and Lille brought up the International Bib Day thing... I mean, there seems to be a theme running through our lives of certain times and situations where Bibs were the dress of choice... I met others over my life that felt the same way...even the friends I have now (Kate) is all about Bibs...she even paints hers wonderfully... I must admit I am more of a purest when it comes to my bibs...I LOVE them decorated but find absolute beauty in their faded blue character , changing over time, growing more comfortable with personality and age . Having said that...I just bought a pair of 'white' bibs at the thrift store...I am looking at them now as my blank canvas paint and create one day hang on my wall as
artistic testimonial to the one piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and brought so much enjoyment to those that wore them... Bibs are a very interesting piece of clothing... when worn out in public (and I do often ) I find myself running into people I don't know who stop me and feel compelled to tell me tales of 'their' bibs in childhood, high school and college , or memories of their grandpa or the nice neighbor down the street...and I can tell afterwards that these are all good memories for them by the smile they share before walking away... or some just pass me and shoot a 'peace sign' smile and keep walking... as if my presence sparked a brief little memory of better times... it is funny how a simple piece of clothing can invoke so many thoughts and memories... in my book a magical piece of clothing indeed...
I think anything these days that can bring a smile, a memory or make strangers stop and chat ...
is the best kind of magic!
Anyway...the shots above are Richard in Oregon (I made those Bibs for him) in about 1980. Second shot is Richard and his older brother...such a tiny tot!! Next is the youngest picture I have of Richard with his Bibs and engineer hat he cute of what!!! His Mom made the Bibs and the hat out of a pair of Richard's Dads old cool is that!! Next shot is my grandpa Ernie...who worked for Universal Studios in the 1920-50's ..he designed and painted sets for the old movies...and LOVED his white painters bibs! (OooOOO I just had a flash, I need to paint a small portrait of my grandpa on the white bibs I just got...COOL) anyway, he is the guy in the middle (with the bibs) they flew a small art crew to Florida (the first and only time my grandpa ever flew in a plane) to design and paint the set of the movie 'Mr Peabody and the Mermaid' ...loved that movie. The next is Richard's Daddy and his older sister.... he was a tall lanky man with beautiful hard working Richard has his Daddy's hands...I love those hands!
Keep On Bibbing!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Newest Project

OK...40 million things happening at one time and I am at last getting to the posting on my blog of our Newest Project...a Chinese Rickshaw. It is a commission piece (yes, there will be dolls) for a collector of ours...
Richard made this from scratch it is 14 " long by 11" high (with top up) wheels like butta, and turns on a dime. The elliptical springs are functional, the top and all hinges work ...he is hand carving now the seat for the Rickshaw. It eventually will be painted and detailed with a thin leather covering on the top....
If you want to see it come together I have posted pictures over on our PBASE Page there were to many to post here on the blog...
I am so proud of Richard...I have seen him make many things over the years but even this one blew me away....
Thanks for taking a peek....and as a PS...I got a shot of him in HIS BIBS!!!! hee hee...
Hugs to all
Jodi and Richard

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bibs, Bibs...we got Bibs!

Can you tell I have been digging through VERY Old Pictures today... This International Overall
Day Event has me whirling like a caffeined up Dervish.... I do love my Bibs...and think the whole world should as well. ... There not your Daddies work clothes any more...
So the above pics are just fun little ones that I came across recently... The first one with the 'Foxfire' sign is Richard and I doing our very first art show together in 1975 ...The Boulder City Art Festival in Boulder City, Nevada. Our booth was filled with our paintings, my hippie style macrame and shell jewelry, painted face rocks, and even a few of my EARLY sculpted from lumpy paper mache face planters...(who knew that would lead to this)...anyway, it was a great and fun show...our friends (on our right) and us...were the only ones at the large show that built a booth from wood to display our art...for years all they had were plank easels and a few tables...we stepped out of the box big time...
The second shot is in front of our little humble and VERY small one room abode that we lived in for the first year of our marriage in Northern Calif. We still say to this was by far the smallest and by far the most happy we have been....
and the Third Bib photo is Richard and I at Disneyland ...we don't really agree on the lets say it was somewhere between November 1974 and March of 1975...
Still hunting for those shots of Richard in his Bibs of the past...might have to settle for 'Recent' in about an hour ago...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

International Overalls Day!!

International Overalls Day November 20, 2009
Sassy up your overalls! Join me, and 1000's of people, all over the world for the first annual International Overall Day, Nov 20. Take a pic of you in your overalls, and you could be featured in a historical album. Who knows this could end up being a calendar with YOU in it! Post your picture on your blog or Facebook. Get the official button above for your blog. Spread the word and the fun.

Woodstock Lille

OK... that is a wonderful message from my friend Lille ...Woodstock Lille to be exact must go and check out her blog about Bib Overalls... Now I always knew that she and I had a lot of things in common (actually called ourselves 'Litter Mates') but now to find out she is crazy in love with Bib Overalls like I am ...well, it's just all wonderfully crazy!! I ADORE Big Overalls ...have worn them most of my life...of course most of us ex-Hippies lived in our comfy bibs.... sadly I am only down to 3 pairs (have them on right now even as I type this believe it or not)
To durn hot to wear em in the summer fall is exciting for yet another reason...dragin out the bibs!!
I hope if you are a certified Bib 'O' File you will consider joining in the fun...but on those designs of genius and take a walk down the comfort lane of life!!


Clay Project Finished!!! WHEW!

Just a quick update on the 'Clay Project' ...IT'S FINISHED!!!!!! OMG... that was VERY interesting....and more taxing that I thought. When someone gives me a 'project' or duty to perform...I take it very serious...probably too serious!!LOL.... I think some of my last remaining energy was sapped just a tad... silly I know.
Anyway they are one their way ...and my work is done... I Unfortunately could not share the faces that I did or can I give any results or name of the company... Hopefully soon I will be able to tout a new clay. I will say that of the 4...I liked only one...and it is one that I would happily use. So I guess lots will depend on what others testing the clay will say ...but as for was a hands down no brainier win for the one clay...
I did sculpt 4 'miniature' I feel that with the minis I would have to work harder to get the details and that would test the clay more.... I answered all the questions and wrote a loooooong statement for my conclusion and closing remarks (which they asked for) ...
WHEW... and now back to work on our doll commission....which I popped pics of Richard's Part and will share in another post....wowie zowie is all I can say....what a dude! He is waaaay ahead of me....rare! Hope everyone is having a great week ...
Hugs to All

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Before Halloween we were asked to 'test drive' a new Polymer Clay for Doll Makers give them our thoughts on how it handled, sculpted, conditioned etc... what a thrilling opportunity we thought... I don't think I can say the company name nor any details ...but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a brilliant new clay that we doll makers can have lots of fun with and enjoy working with...
I need to sculpt 4 different heads in the clay (from each batch) ...the way I normally do and tell them what I think... on a questionnaire...and then send them the heads and my thoughts...
I love these kinda things... should be fun and interesting all in one... but I often wonder why I am never asked to do blind testing for a chocolate or Vodka company??? Drat!!!
So that's about all to report from the Creager Clan..
OK...I am off to sculpt ...and if time allows...see a Wizard!!!