Thursday, March 4, 2010

If it's must be Havasu!!

Yes Friends in Bloglandia is Thursday once again ... and you all know what that means....
It's 'TAD' (Torture Artist Day) ... After much Pontification and Convincing by my Dear Richard ...I have reluctantly decided to once again brave the elements (we may have winds gusting to 22 mph this afternoon, believe me I am asking myself WHY!!) and drag Art Work down to an open lot in downtown Lake Havasu at 2:00 pm until 7:00 this evening....GULP!! We will once again batten down hatches , Reef the Tops'L , Secure the Rigging and begin to pray!! I think I have said this many times before throughout my blog posts..."I do love a challenge" so this has to explain WHY I am putting myself through this yet again...
But then when I think more on this Blustery Subject...I guess it comes down to 'Braving the elements to meet with friends for a few hours of fun and to Announce and Laugh in the face of 'Mariah ... B*#ch Goddess of Wind' "HELL NO.... you won't get the Best of US"...
WOW...can you tell I am approaching this whole thing with a bit of an attitude today!!! Onward and Upward..... Give Me Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of something really heavy to weight things down.
Send Good Vibes....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 a funny thing happened on the way to the Mailbox...

Have you ever ventured out to your Mailbox preparing to retrieve the mail only to hear a muffled voice coming from inside the mailbox ..ME Either ...well I have now had that experience!!! No wonder the mail lady sped off quicker than I have ever seen before...

There inside the mailbox was a Package from my Friend Jacqui of ODD Dolls
and it was then that I discovered that the small muffled voice that I had heard before came from that box!! I can't be sure but I swear the 'box' claimed to be thirsty and hungry and also asked "where in the hell am I"??
Straight to my studio I headed to open my OWOH Winning Giveaway from Jacqui .... when out popped the fastest little creature I have ever laid eyes on ...It was none other than 'Lenny the Elf and his little friend 'Lyle' ...already, gone out of sight in my home...Now I have already been warned that this duo was a handful and pay close attention for they live to conduct mischievous deeds at every turn...well, we were off to a good start in that department. Even my dog Tess could not find them.... the refrigerator was open and my white wine I knew they were headed to the back part of the house.
At last I tracked them down in the back yard (actually with a lot of help from Tess...who kept a noticeable safe distance from the naughty Duo)
I got my camera and popped a few pictures from a safe distance (right next to Tess) ...seems Lenny found our old Gravestone out back (real body!!) He seemed fascinated with it, a little TOO Fascinated if you ask me!!!!.... now what I would like to ask Jacqui is ...should I be nervous in the fact that Lenny has started to dig a little hole right next to our gravestone (I have NO IDEA where he got the little shovel!!)...I mean, should I be worried??? I suppose if I see another one next to this one ...I will need to give you a call for further instructions on 'Handling' Lenny and Lyle!!!
I eventually coaxed him inside with cake and Cheetos and convinced him that he looks absolutely stunning sitting on my Nightmare Before Christmas to Jack!! (he actually insisted that he thinks he looks 'Better' than Jack... I agreed with a wink and a nod... I think I am getting on his Good Side least for now... I will be in touch soon if things turn ugly!!!
Thank You Dear Jacqui ...this little Pair brought a smile and I absolutely LOVE them
to pieces!!! Your Work is SUPER!! I am a lucky lucky girl!!

But I must admit....I intend to keep one eye peeled at all times!!!