Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Latest Mini

OK...don't look at the date I was last! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer...ours has been fun, hectic, slow, fast and full of surprises...oh, and hot...120 so far has been the high...with more on the way...UGH!

Anyway we have been busy with work and some of the work we have completed is our newest Miniature 1:12th scale Japanese 'White Heron Dancer' . Years ago we did a large scale male version of this one and since we started the minis I have wanted to create this one again...tiny...don't ask why...OK, I will tell you...I AM NUTS!!!

This was actually harder than the large one ...dozens of hand cut paper feathers strung together, paper mache 2 1/2 inch tale Heron Head, gold leaf hand painted pants and other mind exploding details that will be a long time to get over...LOL. In truth is was a true joy to create just very time consuming and great 'fretting' material!!! It is on our website in the 'Dolls Available' section if you want to see more pictures and read about her... ( )

I think we are now hoping onto a 12 inch Forest witch who will be lots of fun.... stay tuned...

Hugs to All