Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey, Giblets and other Thankful things!

Thanksgiving will be here very soon...TOO Soon if you ask me...I am NOT Ready!!! I am once again having friends and family over for this special day (so of course I start to worry about everything!!) ...will be approx. 10-13 people ...this is the part I love the very most...the gathering!! I could have P,B and J's and still be thrilled..to me it is all about the people. Last year it was a go until...2 days prior and both Richard and I caught a friends bad cold...UGH!! Had to cancel and send friends and family into a turkeyless night...felt HORRIBLE...so now of course I live in fear this will happen again... I plan NOT to go into public at all a week prior ...which means I better get my ass in gear and START SHOPPIN!!
But it never stops with the shopping...I also Love to decorate the place...Richard wants to get the Christmas lights up prior (he better get his ass in gear...as we have dolls to finish)!!
I think we are going to try 2 turkeys...1 traditional and one smoked on the BBQ ...fun!
Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends and Games afterwards.. it does not get much better than this...
So what is everyone out there in Bloglandia doing for Thanksgiving?
Hugs and Happy Bird Day to All...