Friday, April 8, 2011

If it's Friday I must be finishing up something!

Well here are a few of the things that I just 'finished up' ...and Yes, it's Friday!...Of course in the world of self employed...days of the week mean little to day rolls into the next ..can be enjoyable and maddening all at the same time. All I know is ...Friday is normally the first day I take a deep breath , survey the finished landscape and 'REALLY' enjoy my glass of wine in peace and comfort.

For those that have not seen her...the little Baby child is 'Alice' from the famous 'In Wonderland' fame... this is how I imagined her in her infancy ...before the journey began...I mean, we all start out as babies...right! She is a miniature and sold on ebay to a wonderful collector.

The first photo (a face only a Rat Mom could love) is our version of 'Peter Petigrew' aka Wormtail..from Harry Potter fame. One of our dearest collectors wished to have this gent in her collection...we were thrilled as this is one we have always wanted to do... I just popped this pic on my desk ...while Richard was putting the finishing touches on the display.... of which, he is having the best time. It is rather like modeling for him again on his railroad...he is making a small section of the Shrieking Shack wonderful, we are both so jazzed about working on this we are seriously considering make small 'room boxes' or settings... I think I have said it before, I am most happy when I am elbow deep in paint and glue... lol!

Now onward to something else for ebay...not sure what yet... have had a hankering to do ghostie things again (though far away from Halloween) it's always time for ghosties and witches in my book!

It is an overcast gloomy day today in the desert...rain expected, so we went from 102 to 67 in a matter of 2 days...weird on the body!

Going to see a friends band tonight and have dinner and drinks with friends...always a highlight of any weeks end.

Tipi will come down in about a month...sniff sniff! But fall time will come soon enough!

Have a Great Weekend everyone..

Hugs to All