Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bob McKinley's Great Book being Re-Released

I am thrilled beyond words this morning with Great News that I just heard.  For all you Doll makers out there ...even for those that may already have the Original first edition...hold onto your hats cause this news is gonna blow you away.

Bill Nelson (wonderful artist) ...has just released the long long awaited second edition of this fantastic Doll Sculpting American Treasure Robert McKinley. Long out of print...this book has been searched for high and low for years...and when a copy here and there have been located have commanded prices as high as 200.00.

Now everyone can have a copy of this great classic ....I have my original, but plan to get this copy to keep my original safe and packed away.... I find myself even to this day thumbing through this book for inspiration and I don't have to worry about messing up my original.....YIPPPEEE!

So don't walk but rather run to get a copy ... Bob single handily introduced the words 'Doll Art'  to us all....he was (and still is in our hearts) the Great Master.

Thank You Bill for bringing the great talents of Bob back into our lives....

You are Both great Treasures to us all.....