Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG!!! 40 YEARS.. can't be true!

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I just got a notice this morning in the mail AND through an email.... that my 4oth High School Reunion is 'Bull Dozing' it's way towards me in a few months... HOLY CRAP, how can this be...40 years...ARE YOU SURE!!!! Well if that is not an Eye Popper /Heart Stopper for the day... I don't know what is...!!
It seems like only yesterday that I was a semi reclusive, anti establishment, un-sociable girl who hung out in the Art Room and Hated Cheerleaders and lusted from afar after the one boy that was a total loner mysterious odd ball that everyone thought would be voted most likely to build a bomb in his basement just for fun. I really hated school when I was there...why on earth would they think I would find joy in returning to the scene of 'emotional crime' ?? And WHY must they find it necessary to remind me how old I am in this manner... talk about rubbing salt into a long time semi open wound!! I must admit I am mildly curious about people I 'sorta' knew back then ... but as I was so transparent back then, blending very nicely into the lockers and hallway tiles that lined the floor between rooms ...I am sure it would all be for not if I decided to just 'pop in' .
I have been in touch with a few of the kids I hung out with in elementary school and Jr. High...and it is great fun talking to them via the computer...but they feel like I do ... WE are not OLD!! REUNION...WHAT REUNION!! LA LA LA LA LA LA...can't hear you...LALALALALALALALA!!!!
So that is how my day's to finishing on a younger happier note.
Later, Jodi

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If this is must be Mountain Troll Day!!

Well lookie here what my darling Richard created... a Miniature Mountain Troll Foot Umbrella Stand straight out of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. We were going to work on this together... but he got on such a roll with this and enjoyed sculpting it so much that I never got a chance to dip my hands into the!! I did paint it. I am crazy in love with this piece (wish I had a full sized one in my home) but alas, we don't have much rain here in the desert!

Anyway...this miniature foot is hand sculpted in polymer clay (including the toe nails) the ring at the top is brass. The cane is wood and carved tagua nut. The umbrella is complete with brass framework/ribs ...covered in fine cotton.

I think we will be listing this on EBAY sometime today ...been ages since we have listed anything on EBAY...

Thanks for taking a peek and Richard's little Mountain Troll Foot (sounds weird...I know!)



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday!!...OH BOY does this mean I can EAT and not feel Guilty???

Happy 'FAT TUESDAY' ...I just love that title... just seems to absolve all my eating least for one day!! Mardi Gras ...ahhhhh a wonderful fun celebration (wish I was there right now...and could stay through the whole celebration) GREAT Food, Great Libations, Fun People...and enough Color and visuals to last a lifetime. I LOVE New Orleans.
Any who... I just thought in honor of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday (Love that name) might be fun to post a couple of pics of necklaces that I made for Richard and myself when we were invited to a big Mardi Gras Party one year... I had so much fun making these....Richard sculpted the Chicken would swear it was real, in loving memory of our Pet Chicken 'Hen-Retta'...both necklaces contain 'goodies' I have collected or made over the years ...strong medicine for me I figured... everything has a meaning and memory for Richard and or Me. Anyway, they hang on my studio wall all year...but I wear them this time of the year for a few days...freaks people out at the super market...
All of a sudden I have this MAD DESIRE for a beniet and a cafe au lait...
Happy Fat Tuesday (still lovin that name)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday lost...Monday Gained! Dolls and Miniatures to Blame!

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY...I lost a day!!! I will never understand how that happens... I mean, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, and there were no Alien Abductions involved..... I just got up...and got into work and doing stuff and first thing I know...the day is gone.. the sun is down, I am still in my sweats, my hair looks like a family of unruly rats have moved in and I am speaking in unintelligible grunts.
This is what happens when I get focused on work...all else stops...or rather all else speeds by and I remain in a fixed position at my table...I can tell when I have been there too long these days... when I do get up to move to another part of the house... I resemble a big soft & twisted pretzel (only without the mustard...oh wait, there is a bit on my top...never mind!!)... We didn't even do our walk yesterday...of which now my dog is not speaking to me.... The weather was gloomy here in Havasu (I HATE that) ...really chilly for this time of the year (we should be in the low 80's...ahhhhh)
but it was in the high 60's that may sound warm to some suffering the winter chill in your neck of the woods...but to us desert rats, that is down right frosty! seemed the perfect day to get lost in work... and lost I was...down the Rabbit Hole of creating...
We are working on a few things for EBAY right now...Miniature accessories and a new Doll that I had an idea for... and we are both really enjoying ourselves. I hope to post a couple of pics in the next day or so...

Well the day has started off cloudy...but I do see a patch of Blue to the North, so there is hope! My baby Tess will get her walk today...and we might even get in a bike ride later today...
My Coffee Cup says it all... "Go to the place that has no time....Time becomes meaningless in the Face of Creativity" by Fred Babb of my FAVORITE Artist!

Have a Great Creative Day All... but try to stay clear of the Rabbit Hole!