Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ho Ho Ho and all that Holiday Cheer

Greetings.... YES, contrary to what rumor may be feet are still planted firmly on Earth, have not fallen off, or left to visit other planets.... I have just been absent due to the fact I am one to have about 20 balls in the air at any one time and I find the older I grow (can't believe I wrote that out loud)  the harder it is to organize the balls so that they have a nice uniform look.... so again, my apologies for being absent....I am here alive and well and kicking the butt out of life ...

So , the tree is up, the lights are on the house , some eggnog has been consumed , a few carols sung , holiday movies viewed, tears shed...but alas I still am missing something.... and I think I know what it youth! (OK second reference to older more mention and I either turn into my grandmother or get a free set of Ginzu Knifes....or both)  ...seriously though...each year at this very exact time I feel I have misplaced something , something very familiar but removed for whatever reason...I look High and Low....go through empty decoration boxes thinking it is a lost ornament, I check my gift list (very slim this year) but I still look, and then it hits it always does....I am missed my Youth!!  That giddy filled, wide eyed wonder stare , excitement packed joy known only to little ones...Oh we adults get that way too, but it is different somehow... with the Kid innocence there are no questions asked,  no doubts ,few frills ...just a basic....'There is this great guy who lives in a really cold place up North and somehow someway he has been watching me the whole year, took some notes on how good  (or bad) I have been ... and is heading this way Christmas Eve to show me which I have been with the gifts he brings (or doesn't bring) ...the anticipation is like Kid Drugs...all amped, nervous , giddy jumpiness, actual squeals of  unintelligible gibberish that only another kid on the same amped high could understand...and possibly a few dogs in the distance .  I saw some of these kids at a recent Santa Lap sitting session  ....some seemed calm (kid drugs must be wearing off) while most talked a million miles a minute and stared closely into the face of Santa as if to mentally connect with the Big Guy  each smiling so big and wide I feared their little faces would hurt later....once they connect with Mr. C ...they are sooooo confident , borderline cockiness takes over and many feel they just need to coast into the finish line that is Christmas Day....  THAT is the feeling I am missing, that certain deep inside 'Kid High'  that can only be achieved at certain times in our life.... that truly magical moment.....
.OK, Yes Yes...we all have glorious memories of other Moments in our adulthood that we remember warmly and with joy...but the closest one can get to that special perfect moment in kid life again is to watch your own kids or grandkids enjoying 'their' moments.... and  if you sit really really close ,preferably giving a hug at the exact moment a child 'Sparks Joy' can get almost a contact high and flash of that special moment from your youth.... bottom line, Christmas is in truth a Child's Holiday, we as adults lay claim because we don't want to let go of that kid feeling...remember, kids keep us young and the magic alive in our hearts.

Happy Holidays To all My Bloglandia Friends...may the Magic of Childhood dwell within you always