Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gringott's Goblin Start

Morning... well this is the starting of our Gringott's Goblin and his desk much more to go of course but I thought I would try to show this one in steps all I have to do is remember to stop and pop a pic!!....

He is 1:12th scale so he is extra teeny tiny as he is a Goblin! If standing would come to Harry's
mid upper arm (when Harry was lots younger) This little fellow will have spectacles perched on his nose and some sort of weird hair do....little knickers with a waist coat, vest, watch fob , colonial shoes with brass buckles . The desks shown in the movie where the Goblins sit to me hide to much of their little cute Richard designed a desk to show him sitting at his stool yet big enough to hold all of his 'desk goodies' ...we figure he might be one of the Goblins working behind the scenes in the back office of Gringotts !!

The stool is unfinished as you can see...needs to be weathered and stained ...Richard made this from scratch, he shaped the legs from hardwood and well rounded the seat.

This is going to be a fun project... plus I have the Harry Potter Movies on alllll day long in my studio , which I love!!

Hugs to all


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from the Wilds of Prescott, AZ

And I don't mind telling you...I am none to happy to be back!! What a wonderful time we had visiting Prescott, AZ with our good friends Kate and Tony (Of Woodstock Party Fame) ...
The down side of enjoying ones self and relaxing to the point of being classified as a 'Wet Noodle' is that more pictures were not taken of the whole adventure!! I LOVE to take Pics ...but... I found myself being very selfish with my time and emotions... and wanting to just 'commit' the whole experience to memory rather than to print....but a few were popped and that is good (although as always a rather crappy one of must be known here and now...I photograph TERRIBLE)!!! Anyway...a glorious time was had by all...we checked out many of the local activities and the wonderful Music Nightlife ....listed to jazz in a small bar in the Hassayampa Inn ( which by the way is known to be of course I went looking) ...unfortunately felt nothing...drat!!! We looked in Galleries, ate local fare and traveled around to various lakes to get a feel for taking our Kayaks up next time....thumbs up to that idea...we can hardly wait!
OK...I must be honest here...there was talk all weekend long of a possible pending move to this area somewhere down the road......and all agreed, even Richard who is a man who likes to stay put when he settles in!! I on the other hand have way too much Gypsy in me to settle down for any great length of time. So there is a possibility that in 1-2 years we might be moving up to this region of AZ. Our main reason for a move would be purely to feed our artistic souls....that area is just ripe with culture, local events, Art, Music , artistic projects to get involved with , shopping, beauty, and 'cooler' weather. I am afraid that where we live now is a vast wasteland of anything resembling culture and art... mainly this is a playground for the 3 'B's as I like to call it.... Boats, Babes, and Beer!!!! It is terrific for the locals interested in that and the So. Californians with partying kinda attitudes (not all Californians...just the rowdy ones) ... and I am afraid that Art has finally taken a permanent backseat to all things gas powered, loud and half naked and drunk.... Sad to say about my town...I mean, the long time locals here are wonderful and the area itself is great...but I am frankly tired of Monster Boat Extravaganzas on our main street as opposed t Art and Craft Fairs.... UGH!!
Sorry to get so locally political here in this lovely Vacation Moment...but the one thing this vaca did for me was 'open my eyes' and make me realize that I do deserve more. So with that said...we wait for the market to bounce up a bit....sell the house...and move to Prescott... not sure how long it will take...bottom line , there is a plan in place and a things I adore and that go a long way to keeping me sane and moving forward....
Even Richard seems into the idea....WHEW!!!!
So that's where I have been the last few days.... NIRVANA! Recharged, Rejuvenated, Raring to Go!!
Started working our our next commission.... Gringott's Goblin sitting at his tall desk...with tons of little goodies from ledgers to pen and quill, gallions to scale..... fun fun fun!!!
Good to be back...
now click those heals and repeat after me three times.... "It's Almost Halloween...It's Almost Halloween...It's Almost Halloween!!!!
Hugs to All