Friday, February 6, 2009

OK OK OK...I think I Just figured it out!!!!!

Been driving me crazy (more so than I already am) ...what you ask...well, the fact that SOME of my pictures that I upload here in my blog can be made larger...while others that I upload cannot.... it looking deeper into it...I discovered that those pics that I submit 'prior' to my writing can be made larger with the cursor...but those placed at the end or mid way...cannot!!! Why in the hell is that??? Does anyone out there have a clue as to why this is so....or have a way around that??? I guess it is no big deal...but it seems to be one of those little 'gnawing' things that take small bites out of my sanity...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!



Old Time Pooh!

Was playing around in my photo programs and decided to make Pooh look like he was from an old time book...wrote a little poem for him too....



Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Day...a New Mood!

Feeling ever so much betta today…not that I was feeling bad yesterday it was just a ‘Mood’ day…ah come on…we each have those days….right!… But I woke us this am with a song in my heart and a skip in my step and I knew it was gonna be a super day….

For one my sister just sold her place in Northern Calif. And plans to move down here (Lake Havasu) very very soon…this I am thrilled about…she is loads of fun…my ying to her yang…we are so opposite yet so much the same….and we tend to bring out the best in one another. Anyway I am looking forward to her arrival and planning creative things with her… so that is why the skip in my step….the song in my heart was that we were going bike riding this morning and that always makes me feel like a million bucks… it was a great day and the air was clean and clear….happy happy happy.

After that we came home and I got to work on this weekends bounty…. Almost there.

I thought maybe I would post a doll here that we just did for a collector…he commissioned us some time back and we finally got caught up enough to complete…

He and his wife love Christopher Robin and Pooh …and he really likes the King Christopher from the poem/story…. So he wanted it based on the actual original drawings…
I love the little hat Richard made for Pooh…just like the real English Guardsmen …real fur, and made over a wooden block that he carved first….perfect little fit. The sword and gun are both carved in wood…the little gun is a ‘pop’ gun with a real cork…C.R. stands approx. 10 inches tall. All sculpted in Polymer Clay and painted…clothing in 100% cotton. Richard made a little oak slate wood base to resemble a floor…not shown.
This was a fun commission…have not done a child doll for a very long time…

OK… taking my good mood and going back to work…much to get finished in the next day and a half.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MOOD...what Mood!!

Been a REAL day of those days we all have had (some more than others...gulp!)... Woke up in a mood... progressed thoughout the day in a mood...and will probably go to bed with the same freakin mood... can't shake it and can't figure out what kind of mood it is.... that is why I waited so long to post today...thought I could shake off 'this mood'...

I did work on art today...hell what am I saying...I work on art every one form or was spent working on Face pins and other jewelry thingies for a small local show this weekend... I hardly ever do shows anymore...only if they are local...and this is about as local as they get... about 10 minutes from my front door. It is called Winterfest...draws abut 30-40 thousand people in 2 days.... so that is pretty big... mostly 'snowbirds' (our winter visitors) ...So several of our local art friends are setting up booths to sell their wonderful art...from Glass, to silver to carvings, pottery and print work... some really talented people in this small desert town of Lake Havasu. We don't have enough to fill a booth or even a full will be setting up on a small 3 foot table... even though we don't have much to show and sell..I do love to decorate tables....I think I have spent more time on the display than making art...I know...weird!! But it will be fun sitting with friends, talking to people and basically just getting out of the studio for a few hours...

I made a few new pins designs that I am pretty happy with ..a little different for me...I love different.

So That is it for this to chill and 'Un-Mood' myself over a glass of wine and a little tipi sitting....Cheers!



Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Isn’t COLOR wonderful!! It can do so many things to our life and for our life…It creates so many moods, feelings …and emotions. It can lift you high up and bring you way down… it can induce a memory or make you forget. It sings of a Holiday and takes you away to summer vacations long ago. It tells you something is old and something is brand new …You wear certain colors so you won’t get pinched…and you don other colors to show your royalty. Colors shape us, define who we are , set us apart from others and brings us close together …it is what we see first thing in the morning and last thing at night …we have our favorites and ones that we detest …. Colors are who we are as individuals…and we know which work for us.

Having said all that….I am getting ready to paint my studio!! This has been a looooong time coming…. The hideous green on the wall behind my sculpting table I inherited when we bought our house…I think they call it Southwest Green, whatever the hell that means …HA!! So COLOR be gone…now here is the problem…I love all color …each has it’s purpose in life so why have I been wracking my brain to pick a color that will be looming over my shoulder day in and day out…well , I guess that’s the pickle…it will be a color that will in a weird round about sort of way affect my art… influence how I feel and therefore influence what and how I sculpt… OH COLOR …YOU DEMON…WHY DO YOU PLAY SO WITH MY MIND!!!!!

So this I suppose is why it has taken me this many years to decide on color for my studio…

I mean…I have a Red Room….

A groove Rusty copper bedroom, a terra cotta kitchen, a dark misty mauve bathroom, a sage green and white computer room …

I tend towards darker on the walls (sets off art better) and too many bright tones cause me to do funny things… so these are the colors I THINK I have narrowed it down to …

I know I know… you are thinking…WHAT is she thinking… but truly these colors sing together… the ‘Merlot’ color will go behind my table…I think I can live with this… I seem to function well with the red family…

So hopefully soon I will start on this project…it requires much moving of stuff (always a fav part for Richard) …
OK…that is my Color Rant for the day…I feel much better!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tons of 'Stuff' and Juggling

MY GOD…can you believe the CRAP I collect…. Thank goodness the vast majority of
it is tiny…easy to quickly scrape into a box when someone who freaks easily arrives unexpectedly at the door….

Actually the majority of these are pins , and bits and bobs or this and that…. Nothing to serious… of course what you are not seeing are the 106 brooms on the wall, dozens of tiny wooden bowls, miniature crocks galore, tiny carved wooden dogs in various poses, Masks from everywhere, mini shoes, purses, etc etc etc…. LORD…stop me now before I collect again…

This is just ‘stuff’ in my studio …one addition at a time I always say… Oh...did I mention I am wankie for 'BEANIE HATS' ...and all things pinned to them!! Yes it's true...when I was a kid I like to wear bizarro hats and started collecting pins from everywhere I went, I swapped with other kids etc etc... this passion continues today I have over 10 Beanies filled to the brim with fun pins ...not really sure why this is must be that 'tiny' thing again ... and SHHHHHHHHHHHHH, don't tell anyone but I have been known to wear these hats out in public once in awhile's true...
Of course Richard claims he has never seen me before and that I am a complete stranger who obviousily needs 'help'

BUT…onto the Juggle Balls…all of my life (and this is the truth now) I have wanted to Juggle… small amounts of drool run down my chin every time I see someone juggle…I swear it is better than sex… now to learn to juggle while having sex…. “SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE AT LAST I HAVE FOUND YOOOOOU” …
But alas…. One ball at a time….which is how I am taking it…. I am up to two and doing pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself…. I was told this is the way to learn… first ya get good at one…move onto the big two…get that down and then….drum role please….THE BIG THREE!!! I confess my weakness …and admit to you here and now….I have ‘skipped’ to 3 when no one is looking…. Of course that is always the time when Richard walks into my studio and all three balls go every which way but right…. ‘BUSTED’ … I have had this urge and these ‘balls’ for several years now …but I must admit the juggle crave has reared it’s ugly head lately and I must obey…

Will keep you up on how it is going….and if you are all good little boys and girls…when I reach the ‘ Juggle Nirvana’ and …dare I speak it…3 balls glide through my hands with grace and perfection…I will have Richard video me…and post here…of course I will be much grayer and have a slight stoop by that time…
Happiness is grasping firmly 3 balls at once …who said that????


Sunday, February 1, 2009

OK for those that find it hard to believe I am this tidy with my studio (from the emails I have received)...I admit...I am a tad bit more neat with my studio than other places in the house...I find that if my studio is too messy...I tend to go a little crazy...and I don't mean crazy in a fun way...I mean crazy insane stick beans in my nose while screaming in strange tongue crazy... so I find it best to tidy a tad more in the so called 'place of creativity' but...all bets are off for other rooms in the house... say for example my bedroom...I have a pile of clothes mounded next to my side of the bed with several season involved....layers upon layers.. scary ..very scary... I am afraid that one day my poor dear Richard will be 'sucked into' the Giganto Garment Monster I have living in there... and all that I will find is one lone shoe...his!!! GULP... He is very patient with me...says not a word...just takes a big step over and then moves along on his way .... I have just always been this way... hangers...HA!!! Who needs 'em!!!
But oddly enough I am great with doing the laundry... it just never stays in the closet for any length of time.

That's the truth and I am stickin to it...