Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can it be September Already???

Where the heck did August go???? Where did Summer go???? and I fear it will not be to long and I will be saying the same for September ...YIKES!!!!
I love the fall...pretty colors, nice smells in the air, Halloween, Candy Corn.... you get the picture...but as I get a-hem!! OLDER time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the an alarming rate.

Our mornings here in Havasu are getting nice and cool...great to sit outside in the morning and have coffee and watch our pup swim. Soon we will be dipping the kayaks into our beautiful lake and heading out for glorious mornings of adventure and excitement ...can not wait!!
Soon we will once again be setting up the Old Tipi for the winter months...really looking forward to that...get some of my best ideas in there is safe and a canvas womb!

Last couple of week I have been jotting down possible dolls to make this season through winter and I am pretty I secretly know that I will never get them all now the process of elimination starts , this year I do not look forward to it.
Working on a witch right now...she is not mini...but rather approx. 11" tall ..I like to really shaking it up in sizes...keeps ya artistically frosty. Miniature to 9 inch to 11 back to 5 1/2 ...smoke is coming from my left that a good sign or!!

Anyway I like this little lady...reminds me a lot of one of our favorite characters from several years back... 'Matilda Thistlewise' ...the witch who roamed the forest selling her wares to the fairies and other magical creatures...
This is similar in size...colors are different and my little lady is a retired witch...filling up her newly found free time with interesting projects... you'll see.... she is fun and I am enjoying costuming her.
No name firm yet...but I have several good ones jotted down...but will have to wait till the lace bit of lace is added and her Hat placed firmly onto her head before she will pick her name...hopefully it is one of the ones I have chosen.

OK...just wanted to pop in and say howdy do and wish everyone a safe Holiday weekend.... may the hurricane pass way out to sea and pass you by completely...

Hugs To All


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stormy Weather Weekend...somewhere else!!!

TSK TSK...yet another weekend filled with Promising Down Pours , threatening light shows and booms from the sky that make your hair stand on end... but nary a drop fell on the old Creager Homestead!! Now there were rumors floating around that my Mom and Sis got a nice little pouring at there place...less than 1/2 miles away and another on the northside..even closer... but if we wanted to feel any moisture here we would have to tie the hose to the fence and run back and forth under it till satisfaction was achieved!! I told Richard...we need to become 'Storm Chasers' only in this case 'Rain Chasers' listen to weather radio and then hop in the car and drive like a bat out of hell towards the moisture if we want to enjoy any summer rain this year. We have tried washing the car as the clouds were mounting, we have set out wooden ware on the pool deck, hung up laundry on the line, planned outdoor event...and purposely did not patch a small hole we have in our patio roof...just in hopes that all of these 'PLEASE DEAR GOD DON'T RAIN' signs would send a Rain!! But was all for not!! The clouds Billow and poof....explode and erupt from inside with a light show to rival any fireworks display, we get that Red Sky in Morning Sailor take warning view out our window almost every day...nutin!! The air is so heavy with humidity you can achieve a fairly decent 'facial' just heading to the market...'Nada a Droppa' .... I even suggested to a local artist friend that we gather as a group of disgruntled individuals down at the edge of the lake and actually hold a 'Rain Dance' ...I mean, what could it hurt...right!!
I know many this summer have realized an over abundance of rain across the country...and I should not complain and wish for anything 'big' ...but when you live in a place that is dry and hot as Western AZ ...rain is like a blessing during these almost unbearable months little individual wet gifts from on high... we love it, the plants love it the air loves it... this has been our driest summer since we have moved here close to 10 years ago...
All I ask for is a few kind that to much to ask??
So in-between waiting...I catch snaps of the storms all around us...very close... I swear in that one cloud shot....I see 'a laughing face'!!!!! UGH
Dry as a Bone in my Havasu Home Jodi