Friday, July 23, 2010

Trelawney and Neville

At Last.... we have finished our commission of Professor Trelawney and Neville Longbottom...and just about now the collector should be receiving the set...I always hate to publish before I know they get to see it first!
This was a fun set to work on.... I have always loved making dolls that 'interact' with one another...tells the story so well.
This is all in 1:12th miniature scale...with Trelawney standing at just a breath over 5 1/2 inches tall. Richard made a little wooden table for under the cloth cover...I told him "you don't have to put to much detail in this table as it will be totally covered...he didn't listen to me and carved it and stained it....saying "I KNOW what's under there"!! lol...
On the table is a little brass Incense Burner complete with little incense sticks. A silver holder for her crystal ball when not in use.... Tea Cups (thank You Jayne) with hand painted tea leaves in the shape of 'The Grimm' ... Neville sits on a red velvet hassock ..following along in his book ' Unfogging the Future' by Cassandra Vablatsky...he wears his house colors of 'Gryffindor' even his sweater has the colors sewn in. Trelawney Glasses were the most fun... Richard fashioned the frames from brass, hand painting them with a special finish, he then turned the curvature into each lens and polished them much like a Optician would..they magnify her eyes, I didn't make her eyes bigger...this is all from the lenses.
Her fabrics are hand dyed and printed... boots are sculpted.
As I said...we had a blast with this one.
Now we are onto little Japanese Elves go onto EBAY soon... keeping fingers crossed that I can also make a few smaller items for ETSY things I made in the past... miniature with Hat's, Witch and 'creature' Busts, Ghosties....and other odd ball goodies...
Thanks for taking a Peek...
Hugs to All,

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Summer of 'HAIR' ..and I don't mean the Musical... this has been a totally odd and emotionally revealing summer for me (so far) ... it seems to be a summer of ' I HAVE to Get Dones' and a age old bugaboo that has been haunting me since early childhood.... 'HAIR'....
Since before I can remember Hair has played some sort of role in my life... I have a real Love Hate relationship with it taunts me and challenges turns it's back on me and then out of the blue is on it's very best behavior ... it makes me want to cut it all off (and I have..many times)...I have dyed it to change it's appearance hoping to gain favor with the new look .... I have curled it , permed it, knotted it ...and as stated in the wonderful musical Hair...Twisted, Beaded and braided it...and YES, it has gotten 'caught' in trees. I have ironed it, set it on orange juice cans overnight, Hot curled...Hot Oiled.... Streaked and Highlighted. I have Bobbed it, page boyed it, flipped it, French rolled it, french Braided it, Chignoned it, pony tailed it ,added every manor of hair ornament under the sun to it , wear a wide assortment of hats.... all for sake of the Almighty thing called Hair!!! It screws with us when we are going out and will NOT cooperate actually has a 'Day' named after it 'Bad Hair Days' many times looks FANTASTIC moments before we lay our head on the pillow for a great nights sleep...only to look like something the cat dragged in the next morning. It taunts us in Hair commercials and Movies where the Gal wakes up looking like she just stepped out of a Salon 'YEAH RIGHT"!!!
It has days where it shines so bright and vividly displays the ancestry of your redheaded grandfather or molasses hued strands of distant relatives you have never met... It is one of those things you wear that are remembered or easily forgotten depending on how your 'treat it' it can be your shining badge of glory or your Helmet of disaster !!!
And ultimately in the changes colors all on it's own ...strand by strand it announces to the world " Yeah that's right...I am an Older Woman!!!" I really actually like the gray and in a weird way I am anxious to see where this New Hair Journey Takes Me...
So to add to my 'Summer of Hair Issues" ...I have been making myself ' Cloth Turbans' or Hair Wraps (to make it sound a little less 'Gloria Swanson'ish' ) and something I have ALWAYS wanted for my own but didn't have the right type of hair for it.... Dreadlocks! I am fascinated with this look and the free attitude to carry it all off and make that unique statement... religiously or otherwise. SooOOoOOo in my continuing search for "where will my Hair Take me This Week and will it be kind"? I have Made myself 'Felted Wool Dreadlocks' ...Thanks Nikki for inspiring me with your wonderful Felted Wool Designs you have been sharing with us all.
Just another avenue to travel... just another way to mask the 'BHD's" ... they are Fun! Wacky, Colorful and for now make me happy.... let's just hope the Hair God looks favorably upon this Newest Offering....
Happy Trails