Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Irish Eyes are Smilin

Now I don't think I have one single ounce of Irish in me...well, maybe a smidgen ...But I do have a love for all things Irish...specially my darlin Irish Man ...Richard! His Mothers folks came from Ireland (McMillan Clan) ...and he is mighty proud... So even though we have but one in the household today that is things be Irish!! I can smell my corned beef and potatoes cookin in the Slow Cooker, Irish soda bread is bakin we have the 'All Irish Music All Day' channel on cable ...he is wearin green and walkin around the house singin happy Irish Tunes.... of course it could be the fact that he finished off the rest of the stout that didn't go in the Corned Beef.... It's a Happy Day indeed and I just love those days....
So a VERY HAPPY St. Paddy's Day to one and All.... "May the clover comfort your feet as you walk through life...and may Rainbows End settle in your soul bringin a Blessed Future in that pot of Gold"

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Artistic Vortex!!

HELP...I am caught in the middle of an 'Artistic Vortex' ... this sucker hit me dead on and there was no time to step to the left or right of it....BOOM!!!...head on ...smack dab dead center it hit!! OUCH!!.. This I must admit happens to me every so I am no stranger to this ' situation' ...the trouble is, I never know where or when it will hit!! Unfortunately it is not like Hurricane season that they can predict with some sort of certainty ...between this month and that month... it is a confusing little sucker as it comes from 'within' and when you least expect, it finds someway to 'ooze' out ...gather strength and then double back at you full bore
!!! I always know it will always always has... at different ages in different places brought on by who knows what!!!... and once again... this little emotion sapping... creative tapping... senses zapping entity found my address and is camped out on my doorstep...rap tap tapping at my Door!!! ...and I AM NOT falling for the Old "CANDY GRAM" bit this time!!!
My Artistic Vortex (as I like to call it) it when my fingers want to do something creative, but my brain can't make up it's mind on what to do, and then a sneaky side slips in with the voice of doubt that it can't be done anyway whatever I might decide... while yet another voice whispers "why bother" ...and then a mental note arrives about that time with overwhelming messages of 'reason and logic' "doubt and questionings'.... all coming back to my fingers that just wanna do something but they are held prisoner by volumes of mixed signal missages!
And on top of that Artistic Hell ...I am then pelted with a barrage of creative rockets that thrill and inspire ...only to hear that DAMNED little voice again... "Are you's been done, is being done, this is not your style, you have no style, stay within the lines, it will take too long, don't reach that far, reach farther....have another cookie"!!!
If you have not guessed Artistic Vortex is my own inner self throwing up every road block it can to repress the natural flow of Art. My definition of Art has always been freedom of mind, spirit and emotion... ...the Artistic Vortex is like having 'clogged pipes' where nothing flows through ...ahhhhh to have a Brain and Soul 'Plunger' ...
My feet are stuck and my objective is 10 feet in front of me...just out of reach... and I swear it just stuck it's tongue out at me!!!
The Good News....this is always short lived... I will learn to curb the voices with ear plugs, pamper the soul with promises of understanding and let my fingers do the the creative dance they so enjoy doing...