Friday, December 28, 2007

We Made the Leap to Youtube!!!

Well... this is what happens when I get bored... I look for things to create. I have always been interested in Youtube...but not having a video camera... thought it was not possible to post wrong I was... 'stills' have a lot of impact I think...added with a tad of music etc.... Now I am HOOKED!!! LOL...

Check out our first attempt.... we have much to learn... but that will be fun as well...

Creager Studios

Happy New Year to Each and Everyone...


Monday, December 17, 2007

It seems I have been TAGGED AGAIN!!!

Well my friend Lyndy has found me 'hiding' and gave me a quick...'Tag, your it' I have answered the questions as best I could... be afraid!! Be VERY Afraid!!!


1.)My Husband Richard, whom I love with all my heart and from whom I am never apart!2.)Our Dog Tess, who brings joy each day to my life
3.)Friends who make me laugh, bring me tears, show me the way and stand by me steadfast and true!
4.)Our home, that surrounds me with comfort and makes right now the best time ever!
5.)Our TIPI, that has reintroduced Native spiritual guidance into our lives.
6.)The Desert, whose vastness and beauty takes my breath away
7.)Music, without it the quiet would be painful and sad
8.)Art...through it there is a past, present and future ... it defines who we are, even if we do not think it does!


1.)To finish every last one of my creative ideas
2.)Write all the words and feelings that I have in my head and heart
3.)Live several good years in our TIPI...Full Time!
4.)See several good friends that I have not been able to in many years
5.)See our First Woman President! (not so extreme)
6.)To have a good handle on Global Warming
7.)To make and Buy American Again!
8.)To be at a great cocktail party with many people, and I would walk up to a piano in the middle of the room and start to play beautifully, all would gather and listen...I would play flawlessly and be totally connected to my music....not even really knowing anyone was watching.... I would finish, there would be a few seconds of silence...then rousing applause, I would smile, stand, take a small bow and walk out the door...that would be wonderful!! You see, I don't play...but it has been a desire!

8 Things I often say*

1.)Hi Ya Toots!
2.)No freakin way
3.)Just give me a few more minutes
6.)Another Beautiful day in Paradise
8.)Wine Me in the Tipi

8 Things that attract me to my friends*

Caring Heart


1.)Slow life down, there is much to see
2.)Use it up, wear it out...recycle!
4.)"I love you buckets full"
5.)"Just shine it on"
6.)"Enough is as good as a feast"
7.)"If you didn't know how old you old would you be?"
8.)"life's a journey, enjoy the trip"

I am not a reader... I listen!
Audio Books are wonderful...

1.)Summertime (Sara Vaughn)
2.)Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
3.)Happy Trails to You (Roy Rogers and Dale Evans)
4.)Mahk Jchi (Ulali)
5.)Appalachian Spring (Suite...Copeland)
6.)Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
7.)Nature Boy (Nat King Cole)
8.)What would they Say (written and sung by Paul Williams)

Fellow Taggers Sites that you should really visit

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OK.... 5 Random things about me!

1.) I Once worked as a Program Manager for a Radio Station in Las Vegas (early 70's)... pre CD's, Pre Cassettes...everything was tape or cartridges ....YIKES!!! It was the days of SHORT SHORT skirts...and at that time I have a good I was given the name 'Legs' by the DJ's ... and became a 'radio personality' because of it.... sitting in on several shows each stuff.

2.) At 15 my dad (who was a musician in Las Vegas) introduced me to the wonderful singer Nancy Wilson... she found out I painted portraits... so she commissioned me to paint her portrait.... which still hangs in her house to this day.... proud moment for me.

3.) I got the name 'Jodi' from Louie Armstrong... he was a good friend of my dads (both trumpet players) ... and Mr. Armstrong called my dad 'Jodi Boy' (his name was Joe) when I was born...Mr.A told dad..."Ya gotta call her Jodi"...and so it was.

4.) I once painted a portrait of a woman 'Hull House' Worker... she was very young yet looked very old due to the hard work of the Hull House.... I showed the piece in a local Library Show (in Las Vegas) ...and a woman's league President saw it and asked if she could feature the piece at a local 'Woman's Conference' ...I said sure... it turned out to be the National Woman's Right Conference Convention at the Las Vegas Convention center...a pretty big thing...and they kept the portrait on stage most of the conference.... it was a VERY PROUD Moment for me!!! I even got to stand on stage and speak about it....

5.) I once worked at a Drug Store on the Las Vegas Strip .... and I got to hand deliver medication to Elvis Presley's Hotel Room at the Hilton...and actually met him... a very nice guy...and gentleman!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Recent Commission

We at last finished 2 of the 4 piece commission that we have... at the half way mark you might say. We have absolutely loved working on this piece...when completed it will represent a family of Nez Perce Indians from Idaho during the mid 1850's ...there are still two children to be finished. They will stand on a natural earth display base with a few more accessories.
They are hand sculpted from Polymer Clay, hand tinted leather clothing, hand beading. Rifle is hand made from Metal and wood. Feathers hand painted. Hand made basket. The dolls stand approx. 15 inches tall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lost in Time!

For some reason I have lost several days since my last post.... no, I have not left the planet or been hiding under anything that resembles a rock ... the time just slipped away as it has a tendency to do at times. We have been very busy campers with this and mostly....finishing up commissions and starting New dolls for EBAY Listings.

On our 'down time' ... we work on our TIPI... getting lost in a delicious world of Peace and tranquility.... forgetting about all things pressing in our lives... and just focusing on another place and time.... we love it.

At this time we are making various items to 'dress' our little 'home' ... which requires working with Rawhide, various leathers, metal, beads (all sizes) Paint etc. We are enjoying the historic research aspect of working with the TIPI (always one of our favorite things to do when we create our Dolls) what is used, why it's used and how long has it been used that way....fascinating ! Our plan is to eventually 'comfort out' the entire inside so much so that visitors will not willingly leave...but rather choose to lay back in comfort drinking wine or cider, enjoying a small fire and speaking of things that please all....this is our perfect world... a world we are so enjoy creating.

From time to time I will add pictures as the Inside progresses...

For now I have added a pic of Richard and Tess enjoying some afternoon cider...since this shot we have changed things quite a bit...adding a flagstone frame around the fire pit and a few new wool blankets and herbs, necklaces and leather items.

By a Native American friend we have been given the camp names of 'Gray Badger' and 'Storyteller' ...we wear them with pride...


Jodi 'Storyteller'

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Have an Hauntingly Blissful Night

with Lots and lots of frights

Chilly fingers to tickle your Bones

Hope the Ghoulies don't follow you home!

Happy Halloween to All


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Bewitching Hour is Upon Us!!!

The eerie time is very near
When things go thump in the Night...

And Ghoulies lie in wait for you
To offer up their Fright...

Now you can run and even hide
The best that you can do...

But do have fear for they are near
Searching just for You!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Full Moon

Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon and Smoke filled Sky

Another morning in lovely Havasu... but what is different this morning... the skies are filled with a smoke of the terrible Calif wildfires.... even though the smoke is high and the smell barely reaches our sences ... it is enough to mute the sunrise and bring the realization close to home of what an aweful thing this fire is... Nature can be very cruel at times... she gives and she takes. On the upside, bad things like this have a way of bringing out the 'good qualities' in man... makes him more united in a way he seems to forget in quieter times.

Last nights ' ALMOST' Full Moon seemed even more spectacular...our entire back yard was glowing and in the center of it all...our Tipi. It shone a beautiful glowing white/blue and beckoned us to sit inside ...which we did. What a joyful relaxing thing to do just before retiring ...slept like a baby!

More work today on our latest commission...getting ready to hand color some skieved leather for her clothing...also hand paint miniature feathers.... beading is next!

This weekend we are busy working on the Tipi lining and flooring....
Have a lovely weekend one and all... Greet the Sun, speak kindly of others and thank the Moon for showing you the way....


Thursday, October 25, 2007

A New Day

My Second Day to post...
Beautiful here in the desert this, clear and the mockingbirds are in rare form. Fires in Calif. seem to be getting under control....YEAH!! Soon our friends can go back to their home... I pray all is well.

Halloween is around the corner and the excitement is building, the neighborhood kids are hanging out here more and more, which I love. I am doing the makeup for a few of the neighborhood kids...which I love as well.

Working on a commission of a Beautiful Nez Perce woman this morning....I will post when finished....this piece is such a joy to work on.

Here comes the Sun...gotta go sit in my Tipi with Richard and enjoy Morning Coffee...

Have a Great Day......I will.


Spirits blow round and out my door...
Gone are they , they are no more

Billowy images gone from my head
Gone forever is my dread....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween 2007

Just a few decorations for the Season.....