Friday, December 31, 2010


Well the Year in winding down...slowly at first now it is picking up the pace a bit...soon 2010 will seem like just a memory... So many things to be Thankful for, a few reasons to feel sadness, Lots of Joy and sharing, Tears, always lots of tears... and memories enough for *two* two thousand and tens!! Each old year that closes and gives way to the New ..I always search my soul for the possible things I should have done, could have done, would have done... the events and issues that seemed to slip by me , never to return...the weight I should have lost or the phone calls I should have made, the trip I should have taken ... but in the end...I never regret a thing, the would'haves, should'haves and could'haves ...all seem small and unimportant in the scheme of things... I think if at the end of a year...or at the end of anything for that matter...if you can say to yourself..."My, that was fun and such a wonderful adventure" ... then you have accomplished just exactly what you should have ...the ability to smile at the end of it all.
I shall bask in the happiness of friendships here in Bloglandia well into the New Year...for love and friendships are really the only thing that bring the inner peace we all seek...
So until I see you all again in the New Year.... I am *Clicking* this photo of you all out there and keeping it close to my heart for whenever an extra smile is needed...
Happy new year One and All
Big Hugs,
Jodi and Richard

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Memories...

As we grow ever closer to that Eve of all Eve's always makes me remember and dream fondly of seasons past…Great memories always come flooding in….and thus my tears freely flow out. I always cry a lot this time of the year , never sadness tears, even of those I have loved so and lost along the way …those tears are special to me and each represents my own personal connection to those that made me who I am. The regular Holidays tears I always consider my yearly ‘soul cleansing’ …tidbits of sentimental and emotional chaff that builds and then releases upon the hearing of the first Christmas Carol of the year…and then does not stop until Auld Lang Syne is heard…. Everything is a trigger…commercial, cookies, kids, dept. store Santas, old movies, Christmas trees, pretty bright paper and bows, snow fall, tinsel, bell ringers at store entrances, holly, smelling pine…well …I could go on and on but you get the picture! Reading this is sounds as if I grew up in Connecticut …far from it…sunny Southern California …where Santa often times wore shades….but I did grow up in the ‘50’s and I do believe that 50’s were universal from coast to coast .
It is hard to pick just one fantastic memory of Christmas Time Past ..
I miss it so much ,lived as fully as I could the great times of my youth. ..and held (and still am holding) onto every tidbit I can…each a gift I give to myself over and over again year after year, I guess you can say the true Gift that Keeps on Giving!!.
I remember everyone gathering at grandpa and grandmas house Christmas Day… all the cousins playing and describing in detail the gifts Santa brought while the aunts and uncles sipped nog laughed and relaxed from a long winters night of Christmas Morn preparation.

I remember well the ‘sneaking’ around with gifts, hiding things hear and there…it was always my quest each year to ‘find’ those hiding spots…but…NEVER EVER look inside the bag, instead I loved the guessing of what could it be by the size and dimensions of the sack… that was a fun game.
I remember the cookies…soooo many cookies, every kids dream and delight, my eyes hurt from being ‘so wide’ for so long!!
I remember the singing…always the singing…and EVERYONE Sang…regardless of age …I can still hear my grandpa’s very deep baritone voice singing ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ in german…the only time he brought out his last remaining dialog of his youth…it was a treat I looked forward to each year.
Of course I remember the bikes (Goldie…she had a plastic saddle!!) , Barbies, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Micky Mouse Watch, Tiny Tears, Baseball Cards, Lincoln Log, coloring books with a brand new box of unbroken crayons just waiting to brighten my world…, and of course the homemade dresses, jammies, hats, socks new shoes….ugh!
I loved the Christmas Sock best… though we didn’t have a fireplace (which freaked me out a little each year due to the stories of Santas entrance into the home) Mom always explained it away with a “by the time he gets out west, he has eaten so many cookies his belly is to fat to squeeze down a fireplace anyway ,so at this point he prefers to use the front door anyway”…OK, I could live with that!! Our stockings were always placed near the front door or front window to make it easier on Santa… Stockings were the coolest cause I always imagined Santa ‘touching’ these the last thing after dropping off the gifts …I would imagine his big hands lifting up the stocking and carefully placing the LifeSaver Box, BIG Fat Candy Cane, Juicy Fruit Gum, Jacks, puzzles ,comic book and the typical assortment of nuts and a nice big orange…to me this was stuff that ‘he knew’ I liked and wanted.. Which meant Santa knew my style and tastes …he paid attention to me, these were the personal things that meant so much, gifts were cool but you made a list for all that stuff…Stocking Stuff’ were the things that you secretly liked and used…personal treats from the Big Guy! I liked Stockings best…

But in thinking back to all the fun memories of this Holiday Season …I always come back to when I was very young and we would decorate the tree…I loved the lights and the ‘light wheel’ that Dad would use…I was totally mesmerized by the twinkling and shadows cast…One year when was about 4 …the tree was decorate, light wheel placed. we all sat and gazed with joy at the pretty tree…and then my Mom said…”Oh look, there is an Angel in our tree” …WHAT WHAT…AN ANGEL???!!! WHERE??? Mom pointed out the shadowed profile of a beautiful angel on the wall behind the tree, when the wheel moved a certain rotation there she was big as ya please….it was truly magical that year. Next year not really thinking about the angel…we set up the tree and light wheel as usual …and there behind the tree was our Christmas Angel just waiting for us….WOW!! That was pretty cool…another beautiful Angel to share Christmas with us… following year..there she was again…even after dad moved the wheel to another position, I am sure Mom and Dad by this time are thinking that this was pretty weird…but they never let on to my sister and I. This became a yearly family Holiday tradition…Find the Angel in the tree…until one Christmas we spent on the road in Las Vegas when my Dad was with a band…we stayed in a quaint little motel for a few months…Mom always brought little items from home to make us all feel comfortable and more normal…including Christmas Ornaments … I was in a panic at this point…wondering if our Angel who had been with us for several years now would find us in the desert…. We decorated the tree ..and waited, no angel! Ate dinner and played a board game…still no angel..very bummed by this time… off to bed *sigh* … A short while later and fast asleep by folks came in and excitedly woke my sister and I up with “The Angel is back” . decked out in my Doctor Dention’s .and blurry eyed..I ran to the tree and there before me was our Angel…right behind the tree as she always was but lovelier than ever… now I will never know how or why she appeared later rather than earlier (I choose not to believe that Mom and Dad fiddled with the light until she popped out) but rather I tend to believe, even to this day… that I wished for her so strongly when I drifted off to sleep that she came through my dreams as my Christmas Wish….my best gift of all that year.

We saw her for many more years after that…changing shapes and sizes with the passing years..sometimes becoming so small that she seemed barely there…but we knew she was…
Eventually I grew up and started putting up my own tree.. and on certain nights if I squint ever so slightly and turn my head just so…I still can see her …

Merry Christmas to One and All
May Your New Year be filled with all the brightness that Happiness brings

Jodi and Richard

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And There it Sits!!!

First off I do not want anyone to think I have lost interest in our tipi...on the contrary...we are both so excited that we find ourselves embarrassingly jumping up and down at random moments during the day... but timing is everything I always say and this exact moment is not the perfect one for setting up the tipi...
As you may have guessed...our New Tipi 'Cover' has arrived safe and sound ...and you are SOOOOO excited that..Ooops...wait for comes the random jumps....ahhhh that feels better! The only reason it is not up yet and we are happily sitting in it is that there are a few steps that we must do first...DAMN I hate
being mature and responsible... UGH! First and foremost we must finish our doll work ...and find that perfect window of opportunity...then we have to stretch it out on the ground that we have cleaned (in this case the driveway) ...waiting for neighbors to go to work as they already think we are a bit round the bend... then we must draw out our design and then paint the top part of the tipi near the smoke flaps... let it dry....then tie all onto the lifting pole ...setting aside....tie new ribbons onto the poles , apply near rawhide strips , attach the horse tail, then erect the 16 poles (each is 22 feet long) ...then goes up the 80 lb (pole and canvas) lifting pole....placed in it's spot...then we unfold the canvas around the poles...then pound in the iron stakes at each tie point...until all is attached , then we tie rope inside for the liner at mid point and bottom of poles, attach the painted lining, place in rain guides at each pole under rope, then place in the flooring and then start to bring in our 'goodies' ...buffalo hide, furs, bags , pillows seats, boxes, baskets etc.... set everything up.... so that night we can enjoy our first fire.... then within a day or two we will paint the bottom part of the tipi while it is up and stretched... giving it a few days to relax and stretch...
As you can see we are excited to get started is such an important part of our life...for relaxation , inspiration and personal entertainment...
Now to find that golden 'Window of opportunity' ...don't know when it will be but am guessing within the week we will get started plays a big part too... but as soon as it is up...we are safe for all manner of weather and storm... protected in mother tipi.
The above pictures are moments after the tipi arrived...first is kinda blurry of our dear Tess checking out her new tipi (she thinks we get it for her...well...maybe we do!!) and the second is the bag it all comes it...always amazes me how something so large comes in something that seems so small.... that is 60 pounds of small all neatly rolled...but trust me...after she is out of her canvas bag and exposed to the elements she seems to grow...and stretch...and will never again fit in that bag... to finish a project so we can begin on our new adventure... what a wonderful Christmas it will be... hope Santa knows to find me in the tipi...I can see him now heading down the smoke flaps ..maybe I should write another note and tell him it's ok to use the canvas door...
Hugs to all on this Lovely Saturday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Need Help!!!

Howdy to everyone out there in BLOGLANDIA!!! I have a BIG Favor to ask of you all...

What I need is your 'Vote' ...please look to the 'sidebar' and click the Union Pacific banner and follow the simple instructions ..

Basically what this's a contest of sorts...something we never enter...but...this one is all about TRAINS...the UNION PACIFIC to be exact... My Dear Richard's Favorite train...for any of you that have read my blog you already know that my dear honey is a TRAIN NUT...his father was an engineer for the Union Pacific... and Richard has always dreamed of being one (woulda shoulda coulda) ...anyway ...along came this cool contest put out by U.P. (you can read all the simple instructions when you click that button at the sidebar of my blog) ...basically you 'Vote for your hometown where you would like to see the UP train come through (it actually will when voting is done)...we chose Boulder City, Nevada as that is one of the towns that Richard's Dad drove through and Richard is a Nevada Boy!! this link every time you vote (once a day) Richard receives an additional 'point' ...the one with the most points gets to Ride in the Locomotive as an Honorary Engineer...wouldn't it be nice to send my Hard Workin Honey on this Dream Trip of a Life Time...Please vote, oh and you can actually VOTE once a day we just started yesterday and he has 5 point so far, the lead guy has around 360 ...I figure with all my friends out there in Bloglandia we can pass this guy easily...but we do need help from our friends out there...please help my Richard get his dream.......

Hugs to All and Many Thanks to ALL our Friends....

Saturday, November 27, 2010 anyone as sick of Turkey as I am ??? GOOD LORD...if I see another piece I swear I shall bust o gut!! I am feeling like Italian just about now!! and what, it's been like 2-3 days!!
Hope everyone who celebrated the big 'T' day had a wonderful time with friends and family ... and that wonderful New memories were created for the coming years.
We had a blast...ate ourselves silly and laughed till it hurt... and believe it or not got to bed at a decent hour , all was cleaned and put away ...and little to no speak of!!... all in all a swell Thanksgiving seemed to be had by all...

Now Christmas...Oh CRAP!! When did that sneak in!!! I know I am not going to be ready for this one either...losing all track of time these days ...MY GOD, my neighbor across the street had her tree up yesterday...shining brightly in her front window ...ugh!! I need to get a plan of attack...and soon. Right now we are finishing up a few commissions and that's my main focus...then onto 'Holiday Ho Ho Ho's' ...first I need to buy some egg nog...saw that it was in the store during Thanksgiving... but I am weird with egg nog...can't buy it to soon or to late... and can't start the so called Holiday Season without a cup of that thick overly sweetened nutmeggy glog!! Always puts me in the mood! Next comes the songs...yes the truth can now be told...I sing non stop through this season and I drive Richard absolutely insane!! I adore Christmas tunes...both good and bad ones ...years ago we use to do the harvest festival circuit in California and each season would hear Elmo and patsy perform..."Grandma got run over by a reindeer' ...over and over and over and over and over and over ,...until I would almost swear Richard's head swelled up and looked like it would *pop* ... I now slip that song into my repertoire each year and then run like hell after singing with Richard in close pursuit!! Ahhhh it's the good times we remember!! tee hee...

A few days from now I will start digging out the ornaments and other holiday decorations ..I always hope to add new ones and shoot for new themes but alas this year like last slipped away from me yet again... So it will be once again Nog and Grog, Carols and Perils, gripes and lights...and so on and so forth....

Happy Holidays one and all... may the joy remain throughout the entire season...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey, Giblets and other Thankful things!

Thanksgiving will be here very soon...TOO Soon if you ask me...I am NOT Ready!!! I am once again having friends and family over for this special day (so of course I start to worry about everything!!) ...will be approx. 10-13 people ...this is the part I love the very most...the gathering!! I could have P,B and J's and still be me it is all about the people. Last year it was a go until...2 days prior and both Richard and I caught a friends bad cold...UGH!! Had to cancel and send friends and family into a turkeyless night...felt now of course I live in fear this will happen again... I plan NOT to go into public at all a week prior ...which means I better get my ass in gear and START SHOPPIN!!
But it never stops with the shopping...I also Love to decorate the place...Richard wants to get the Christmas lights up prior (he better get his ass in we have dolls to finish)!!
I think we are going to try 2 turkeys...1 traditional and one smoked on the BBQ!
Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends and Games afterwards.. it does not get much better than this...
So what is everyone out there in Bloglandia doing for Thanksgiving?
Hugs and Happy Bird Day to All...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Thriller!!

Hope everyone had a particularly Spooky Halloween, got and gave lots of treats and had a good fill of old horror films on TV... I sure did.
I also went down to the Halloween Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Dance on our Main Street Halloween we get approx. 1 and 1/2 children any more ...decided it was time to haunt other things. They did this dance routine last year (as did the rest of the country) and they decided to do it yet again this year... we have about 6 friends in this group of 40+ 'Zombie'fied' folks ...Our good friend Sheila Carlson is the above mentioned Zelda Zombie (her first year to dance with the group) and she did fantastic...was rather scary too, hey...she scared me!!! Trust me...she is lovely without the makeup!!
Who knows as Halloween Trick 'O' Treaters are thinning out to dribs and drabs...I may just join the group next year to dance my little heart out (possibly literally!!) as a ghoulish globby grotesque Zombie....hmmm already thinking of my outfit...LOL!

Friday, October 29, 2010


My Halloween Card this Year ... I know, a tad scary but it was the mood I was in at the time....if I made it today probably would be orange and black with plump little witches and cute kitties... did I ever mention I was a Pisces!! A little nutty and swimming in all directions!!!
Anyway a few months ago I kinda threw out a challenge to some facebook friends to create
a Halloween Card...well time being what it ran short and I basically forgot!! A few stepped up to the challenge and I put this one together quickly...

I LOVE skulls and skellymen and of course Black and White...with a 'hint' of color!!lol

So off to plan my Hollygobbleween...
Happy Friday..may your weekend be filled with spooky delights , haints in the morning Goblins by night!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and 'Stuff' I have been missing in action once again... lost in the hinterlands of life... no excuse really other than ...there is so much of 'it' (life) going on...really hard to get all my ducks in a row...those little suckers like to wander off!! I do short little blips here and there on Facebook...that is because Facebook is designed to be in that format..short posts of this and texting with pictures! But as I have said about a billion times Blogs are like a Great Big Hefty Chunk of what you really want to say... my problem...I never allow myself the time to actually sit down and say em!! But this morning I had a long talk with myself about my blog absence myself a piece of my mind (and now we are not speaking...looooong story) I am... Popping on to say Howdy do just a few short days before All Hallows Eve.....BOO!
So ...what have I been up to you may ask... and I would answer.... a little of this, and a whole lot of that! Working on a few commissions at the moment ...with a couple more to start shortly.. then we just finished an auction on EBAY that was super fun... 3 little 'Monster Kids' Trick 'O' Treating ...and by monster I actually mean the real thing...not costumed kids... The Mummy's Kid, Wendy The Witch's daughter, and Frankenstein (aka the 'Monster) little might say a chip off his old man's block! This is the only time of the year they can blend into public without people freaking out...and besides...Lil Monsters like candy too! So that auction finished Tuesday...
I have been in the process of re-vamping my studio for weeks now...basically that's a really nice way of saying 'Cleaning' it up!! Out of control...and if it is driving me nuts you can imagine what it is doing to my neat-nik hubby!! I think I have gained control (for the time being!!) ...
Now that our weather is nice and not boiling hot any longer we are outside working on projects that desperately need to get done ... first up fixing the ground and fire ring where our new tipi cover will sit.... Yes! we ordered our new tipi cover and it should be here within the next 2 weeks...YIPPPEEE!!! We needed to do some repairs to the ground (leveling) and we are mortaring in our fire pit rocks . When it gets here we will paint the top and then put it up and paint the bottom...we can't wait...planning a bit tipi sitting party when all is ready...
We are also building a small patio area cover (shade) next to the pool...for BBQ and just sitting and relaxing. Also fixing our patio outside our back door that houses our pool table and is our little Wicked Waheni Lounge with rustic decking, grass roofed tropical feel meets English Pub Billiard room...I know I know bizarro combo...but it works, believe me!! But we are now needing to fix permanent sun and cold barrier walls in the form of cool painted (looks like real brink) covers ...we want to back them swivel in and out for air and light... Richard has it all jotted down on paper how it will work... should be very cool! The floor in that room is concrete that we have painted a solid warm green ages ago...we had grass mats all over the floor...but..they are falling apart with wear and people are beginning to trip on them...SooOooOoo I am going to actually attempt to 'paint' faux realistic looking grass mats on the concrete...I think it should look pretty cool ...maybe a few crabs, shells and a billiard ball for good measure! We already have a neat wooden deck stage that we painted a few years back for a party we had...with a band... So...this is my plan...and I hope to get started this week... I LOVE to faux paint..must be in my blood from my Grandpa.
We have been repotting lots of plants around the yard .. and trimming and pruning many already planted...and you have not lived until you prune 'Cactus' ...stickers, glochids , spikey thingies...and lots of other things that REALLY hurt...we spent one evening just picking things out of our hands and arms...ouch!
And we are also planning to clean out the garage by have a huge garage sale... and or giving to the local Pet rescue shelter.
On top of that all Richard is teaching me some guitar, I am trying to juggle again, I am sewing a bit and am about to paint the living room. Oh Oh...just got a wine chiller yesterday... something we have wanted for a few years now , they finally came down to a price we could afford...and we LOVE it...well...actually we got '2' ...because the area we wanted to put it in was to small , so we have this lovely older oak stand that would believe it our not hold not one big one but 2 smaller that's the route we went... so they sit side by side...and I keep my white in one and Richard keeps his red in the other...hey, works for me... ended up actually spending less!!
So this brings me to Halloween ...for some weird reason my heart is not in it this year...I mean, I have a 'few' things up...very few and certainly nothing like what I normally do...we get no kids...grrrrr...they all go 'Trunk or Treating'... BS if you ask me!! anyway...I decided to combine holidays...Yes...I am going to combine 'Halloween, Thanksgiving in the middle and Christmas'...I understand from another artist that there are a few out there doing this very thing a club...I think they call it 'Hallowthanksmas' ..I think I will call mine 'Hollygobbleween' ....I will attempt to join my Halloween decorations...with my fall colors and Christmas Spirit and lights...should be interesting to say the least... I have always wanted to do a Jack Skellyton and Sally and Zero so I will be cutting them out of thin plywood, painting them and putting up all my gravestones with faux (there is that word again!!) snow... lots of stuff like that.... I promise to take pictures....
OK I have bent your ears (or strained your eyeballs) long enough...for those that stuck with this loooooong posting...I thank you and will pay up to 10% of your therapy bill!
I wait long times between but make up for it with non stop jibber jabber...
Great seeing all my Friends again.. and to those New Friends...Welcome!
Happy Halloween or as I like to say 'Happy Hollygobbleween'

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Already October 2nd and the Halloween Buzz has got me!!

I ADORE this time of the year...if it were up to me to arrange and set up holidays for everyone...I am pretty sure that I would make Halloween last approx. 8 months...and have it mandatory for everyone to wear costumes all that lots of candy and say "BOO" a lot... cool would that be... bet war would be a thing of the past!!!ahhhh...but I digress!!
It is October 2nd and my Halloween Itch is working over time... and I always seem to have about a gazillion irons in the fire...I have to do things these days in 'spurts' so I am
s l o w l y getting stuff (decorations I mean...) out of boxes and placing here and there...which I am finding thrilling for a change...normally I do it all in one fell swoop... really liking this new method... allows me to enjoy it more and longer! This morning Richard and I decorated the mail box...classic webbing and giant spider...I personally wanted to place a rubber rat inside our box but Richard pointed out that we like our mail lady to much for that web and spider it! Then my classic Halloween sign post that Richard made for me YEARS ago ...that is a tradition and goes up in the first wave of decorating... I like tradition and using the same stuff over and becomes like an old friend you enjoy visiting with after a year away.... but I do add new stuff from time to time my area hard to find anything really cool (although I did get that great Skull Glass bottle this year.... they did have actually mouth moving talking spooky busts at Sam's Club that I almost got... but I found them boring and the man and woman fought like the Bikersons so thought...not cool! But the month is still young so I may find something neat the meantime I enjoy my old familiars... and...and...I can start wearing my witches hat out and about in town.... OooOoo I do miss that!! The remarks I get are priceless...
So on this Saturday...I will slowly go through more boxes... and greet each 'old friend' with love and respect saying.."come out come out...let's play!!"
Have a Great Saturday Everyone...and tell us...what wonderful goodies did you get this year and has decorating begun in your house!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Posthumous Posey's

OK...guess I was in a 'Mood' this weekend... sorting through 'stuff' finding lost things and I happened onto an old book with waxed paper sticking out one side ??? so I opened it up and found some flowers (old corsage) 'pressed' between the pages and wax paper that Richard gave me over 30 years ago.... they were pretty dried but holding together well, I thought back to when the flowers were fresh ,full and fragrant...alive, but how I felt they still had 'life' of the past in them...sooooo...I made 4 little 'dried corsages' with total Halloween Spirit...called them 'Posthumous Posey' is one...popping them on ETSY...just fun art that pops into ones head when it's least expected.
Now thinking about the next doll...wanna do another mini...but what to do...what to do. Thinking about a really sexy Vampire...hubba hubba...but then a tiny witch doing something 'witchly' or a really odd ball thing I have been thinking about lately...probably totally un-saleable!!! Why is it that those are the things we are drawn to the most... odd!

Have a wonderful Monday All..


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our First Halloween Witch for the Season

Happy 'Mid' September to one and all.... again the time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future!! can it be only a couple weeks till October??!!! The Bewitching'est and Most magical month of the year!!!
I am getting very inspired with all these thoughts of haints, spookies, witches and anything else that Bumps in the night... I am sure that I do not need to explains these energetic and electric feelings to most of you who already know all too well the
Excitement that is Halloween Season!!! Oh to live in Halloween town 365 days a year...ahhhhhh!
Anyway, started to get out a few decorations and even have bought a few new things for the New Halloween Year and that all got me excited about doing a doll. So we started work on this little lady above...'Madda Gnatwick Gribblegob' ...and of course her familiar 'Sir Scribe' . I remember well from my childhood when teachers (or visiting grandmas) would come in and read to the class...either in school or the library... that was a great time of my life... I myself was not a big fidgety, but when someone read to me...I was very still and alll ears!! I have heard that today this is a more rare occurrence...and though they do have library reading hours in a few libraries here and there...they are still few and far sad. I know the school system of today is bogged down with many children and reading hour is more difficult... So I thought...A Retired Witch...who loves to read and write , she has nothing but time on her hands what with all the spells etc being put aside in retirement... how about she joins the volunteer force that grows daily and starts reading stories to the kids... bingo!!
I like this lady...she represents everything positive in life... time spent worthwhile ... a positive force , a guiding figure that teaches the mind to grow and use imagination....
So up popped Madda!!! I am very pleased with this doll...she is one of those dolls that came out exactly how I envisioned her and did not stray one bit from my mental and heart design on who she should be... I can even smell the candy corn and candy
So I figure this is a great way to get the Halloween Season off to a good start for myself...
Hope you enjoy this little lady.... I have put her on EBAY
there you can read more of her story and see more pictures... Thanks for taking a peek
Happy Pre-Haunting Everyone...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can it be September Already???

Where the heck did August go???? Where did Summer go???? and I fear it will not be to long and I will be saying the same for September ...YIKES!!!!
I love the fall...pretty colors, nice smells in the air, Halloween, Candy Corn.... you get the picture...but as I get a-hem!! OLDER time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the an alarming rate.

Our mornings here in Havasu are getting nice and cool...great to sit outside in the morning and have coffee and watch our pup swim. Soon we will be dipping the kayaks into our beautiful lake and heading out for glorious mornings of adventure and excitement ...can not wait!!
Soon we will once again be setting up the Old Tipi for the winter months...really looking forward to that...get some of my best ideas in there is safe and a canvas womb!

Last couple of week I have been jotting down possible dolls to make this season through winter and I am pretty I secretly know that I will never get them all now the process of elimination starts , this year I do not look forward to it.
Working on a witch right now...she is not mini...but rather approx. 11" tall ..I like to really shaking it up in sizes...keeps ya artistically frosty. Miniature to 9 inch to 11 back to 5 1/2 ...smoke is coming from my left that a good sign or!!

Anyway I like this little lady...reminds me a lot of one of our favorite characters from several years back... 'Matilda Thistlewise' ...the witch who roamed the forest selling her wares to the fairies and other magical creatures...
This is similar in size...colors are different and my little lady is a retired witch...filling up her newly found free time with interesting projects... you'll see.... she is fun and I am enjoying costuming her.
No name firm yet...but I have several good ones jotted down...but will have to wait till the lace bit of lace is added and her Hat placed firmly onto her head before she will pick her name...hopefully it is one of the ones I have chosen.

OK...just wanted to pop in and say howdy do and wish everyone a safe Holiday weekend.... may the hurricane pass way out to sea and pass you by completely...

Hugs To All


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stormy Weather Weekend...somewhere else!!!

TSK TSK...yet another weekend filled with Promising Down Pours , threatening light shows and booms from the sky that make your hair stand on end... but nary a drop fell on the old Creager Homestead!! Now there were rumors floating around that my Mom and Sis got a nice little pouring at there place...less than 1/2 miles away and another on the northside..even closer... but if we wanted to feel any moisture here we would have to tie the hose to the fence and run back and forth under it till satisfaction was achieved!! I told Richard...we need to become 'Storm Chasers' only in this case 'Rain Chasers' listen to weather radio and then hop in the car and drive like a bat out of hell towards the moisture if we want to enjoy any summer rain this year. We have tried washing the car as the clouds were mounting, we have set out wooden ware on the pool deck, hung up laundry on the line, planned outdoor event...and purposely did not patch a small hole we have in our patio roof...just in hopes that all of these 'PLEASE DEAR GOD DON'T RAIN' signs would send a Rain!! But was all for not!! The clouds Billow and poof....explode and erupt from inside with a light show to rival any fireworks display, we get that Red Sky in Morning Sailor take warning view out our window almost every day...nutin!! The air is so heavy with humidity you can achieve a fairly decent 'facial' just heading to the market...'Nada a Droppa' .... I even suggested to a local artist friend that we gather as a group of disgruntled individuals down at the edge of the lake and actually hold a 'Rain Dance' ...I mean, what could it hurt...right!!
I know many this summer have realized an over abundance of rain across the country...and I should not complain and wish for anything 'big' ...but when you live in a place that is dry and hot as Western AZ ...rain is like a blessing during these almost unbearable months little individual wet gifts from on high... we love it, the plants love it the air loves it... this has been our driest summer since we have moved here close to 10 years ago...
All I ask for is a few kind that to much to ask??
So in-between waiting...I catch snaps of the storms all around us...very close... I swear in that one cloud shot....I see 'a laughing face'!!!!! UGH
Dry as a Bone in my Havasu Home Jodi

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Back and a New Award Awaits

Well I am back from the hinterland called Facebook.... got lost for a bit and ended up eating all the bread crumbs I left to find my way out ...but somehow I found my way back to Bloglandia... now to balance between the two...
In returning I found that Dear Moriah presented me with a Fun Award... 'Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits'..... seems this is an award that is given to the strangest of individuals... as I take this as a very High Compliment...I eagerly and happily accept your award Moriah ...and will continue to wear my 'Pinstripe Suit' with Pride and continued panache!

Off now to add to my Mantel of Friendship 'Gifts'


Monday, August 23, 2010

Reached my 300th Post and Other Strange Tales!

Naughty Naughty Naughty Jodi for letting one complete Month go by without posting a single word here on what is truly my favorite place to jot down thoughts!!! Those of you who read me on Facebook will probably say "well Jodi, you seem to do a fair amount of Chatting over on Facebook don't you, THAT appears to be your favorite place to hang out...explain yourself!!!!!"
Well true be told ...and I am pretty sure I may have mentioned this already once of twice here...My Blog is my 'Freedom Spot'... it's ALLLL Mine and I can say and do as I please ...from designing the layout to jotting down thoughts... this space is my sanctuary and truly is my favorite place to just chill and enjoy Your Company!! Facebook (in analyzing it) is a 'drug' that you get and give in small doses to and with so many...they seem easier to find and to find you! But though many spill their inner most thoughts there always seems to be in smaller more condensed form...where as a Blog can go on and on and on and on ...BREATH...and on and on and on and on...BREATH...on and on and get the picture!! Here I feel like I am really talking with friends in a very friendly format , like sitting down with a cup of coffee, a few cookies and the latest happenings in all of our lives... I don't get that same feeling over there. Though I will admit it is easy to get 'hooked' on that particular drug called 'Facebooktesy'... between old friends from High School or past life acquaintances, Old boyfriends , New friends, causes, organizations, Liking this and that, all that 'poking' and prodding ... Fanning this and grouping with that ...Facebook is a very hard drug to kick... it's easy, widespread and keeps you unbelievably curious to find out more...
I really have decided that I need to chill more ... and ...Work More!! (believe it or not I can easily chill when wrapped in work) ...and I am actually having a hard time with the 'socializing' aspect of my life and also getting the work done that I to get done!! So I always say, somethings got to give... so keeping fingers crossed and if the Art Gods are Willing... I will 'peel' myself slowly from the clutches of FB and devote more of that time to my beloved Blog and Art that I am craving to create.
So how's that for a 300th Post... I have so much more to yammer about but my new doll is calling ... she has a touch of Halloween to her...which is making the old Halloween Juices Flow Again after a long hot summer of being dormant ... this is the Best Time of the year...the coming of Autumn...
Hugs To All 'Blog On'

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trelawney and Neville

At Last.... we have finished our commission of Professor Trelawney and Neville Longbottom...and just about now the collector should be receiving the set...I always hate to publish before I know they get to see it first!
This was a fun set to work on.... I have always loved making dolls that 'interact' with one another...tells the story so well.
This is all in 1:12th miniature scale...with Trelawney standing at just a breath over 5 1/2 inches tall. Richard made a little wooden table for under the cloth cover...I told him "you don't have to put to much detail in this table as it will be totally covered...he didn't listen to me and carved it and stained it....saying "I KNOW what's under there"!! lol...
On the table is a little brass Incense Burner complete with little incense sticks. A silver holder for her crystal ball when not in use.... Tea Cups (thank You Jayne) with hand painted tea leaves in the shape of 'The Grimm' ... Neville sits on a red velvet hassock ..following along in his book ' Unfogging the Future' by Cassandra Vablatsky...he wears his house colors of 'Gryffindor' even his sweater has the colors sewn in. Trelawney Glasses were the most fun... Richard fashioned the frames from brass, hand painting them with a special finish, he then turned the curvature into each lens and polished them much like a Optician would..they magnify her eyes, I didn't make her eyes bigger...this is all from the lenses.
Her fabrics are hand dyed and printed... boots are sculpted.
As I said...we had a blast with this one.
Now we are onto little Japanese Elves go onto EBAY soon... keeping fingers crossed that I can also make a few smaller items for ETSY things I made in the past... miniature with Hat's, Witch and 'creature' Busts, Ghosties....and other odd ball goodies...
Thanks for taking a Peek...
Hugs to All,

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Summer of 'HAIR' ..and I don't mean the Musical... this has been a totally odd and emotionally revealing summer for me (so far) ... it seems to be a summer of ' I HAVE to Get Dones' and a age old bugaboo that has been haunting me since early childhood.... 'HAIR'....
Since before I can remember Hair has played some sort of role in my life... I have a real Love Hate relationship with it taunts me and challenges turns it's back on me and then out of the blue is on it's very best behavior ... it makes me want to cut it all off (and I have..many times)...I have dyed it to change it's appearance hoping to gain favor with the new look .... I have curled it , permed it, knotted it ...and as stated in the wonderful musical Hair...Twisted, Beaded and braided it...and YES, it has gotten 'caught' in trees. I have ironed it, set it on orange juice cans overnight, Hot curled...Hot Oiled.... Streaked and Highlighted. I have Bobbed it, page boyed it, flipped it, French rolled it, french Braided it, Chignoned it, pony tailed it ,added every manor of hair ornament under the sun to it , wear a wide assortment of hats.... all for sake of the Almighty thing called Hair!!! It screws with us when we are going out and will NOT cooperate actually has a 'Day' named after it 'Bad Hair Days' many times looks FANTASTIC moments before we lay our head on the pillow for a great nights sleep...only to look like something the cat dragged in the next morning. It taunts us in Hair commercials and Movies where the Gal wakes up looking like she just stepped out of a Salon 'YEAH RIGHT"!!!
It has days where it shines so bright and vividly displays the ancestry of your redheaded grandfather or molasses hued strands of distant relatives you have never met... It is one of those things you wear that are remembered or easily forgotten depending on how your 'treat it' it can be your shining badge of glory or your Helmet of disaster !!!
And ultimately in the changes colors all on it's own ...strand by strand it announces to the world " Yeah that's right...I am an Older Woman!!!" I really actually like the gray and in a weird way I am anxious to see where this New Hair Journey Takes Me...
So to add to my 'Summer of Hair Issues" ...I have been making myself ' Cloth Turbans' or Hair Wraps (to make it sound a little less 'Gloria Swanson'ish' ) and something I have ALWAYS wanted for my own but didn't have the right type of hair for it.... Dreadlocks! I am fascinated with this look and the free attitude to carry it all off and make that unique statement... religiously or otherwise. SooOOoOOo in my continuing search for "where will my Hair Take me This Week and will it be kind"? I have Made myself 'Felted Wool Dreadlocks' ...Thanks Nikki for inspiring me with your wonderful Felted Wool Designs you have been sharing with us all.
Just another avenue to travel... just another way to mask the 'BHD's" ... they are Fun! Wacky, Colorful and for now make me happy.... let's just hope the Hair God looks favorably upon this Newest Offering....
Happy Trails

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am in Need Of

HEEEEEELP!!!.......A Miniature Tea Cup and Saucer .... for our newest Harry Potter Piece.... We tried to make it ourselves but found we both had very large thumbs and 'lots' of them....
If anyone out there reading this in the U.S. has a 1:12th scale miniature Tea Cup and Saucer they are willing to part with (I will pay of course any price) I would be forever in your debt. In this little town we have no miniatures to speak of ...closest is driving up to Vegas... a few hours away...
Does not have to be fancy as the one above ... but would like it as delicate and realistic as possible
nothing inside the cup as we will be doing 'tea leaves of the 'Grim' inside ...

You are my only Hope ObiWan with all the fine miniature ... please let me know asap ...can email me at

I will pay fast shipping as well.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...

Hugs to all my Fine Miniature Makers out there in Bloglandia...


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mystical Professor Trelawney

OK...I was being crazy this morning (I am still thinking it is just now Monday and not Tuesday...clock in brain is off a click or two) anyway...popped a couple of quick shots of Professor Trelawney ...but quickly realized that my photography pales severely to that of Richard's ...soooo got on photoshop and 'played a bit' ...making her appear to be in the 'Beyond' Richard will pop a few good ones later and I will post them... Now I get started on Neville Longbottom and the setting....

Have a Great Monday...ahhh errrrr Tuesday!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Commission Time....

Hey Gang.... Richard and I have been busy with about a gabillion things around the house and yard....that I finally decided it was time to come in and work on a recent commission. As many of you have probably figured out by now...I am COO COO for HARRY POTTER!!!! ...and my goal has been to create any and all characters and objects from this most Inspirational Group of Books and Movies. We have a very good collector who has the majority of our Potter Pieces ...and she now wishes 'Madam Trelawney'...Professor of Divination. Also there will be one of her tables in the setting (complete with lots of goodies), an overstuffed brightly colored ottoman and our very first 'Hogwarts Student' ...I am thinking 'Neville Longbottom'....not sure on that one yet...
So my tootsies are curling in delight at the thought of creating this piece. I have seen several Miniature Trelawney's out there...wonderful all... and that is the joy of creation... for each artist to put their own artistic touch to a character...variations on a theme I always say...
So I am off and running to a day filled with H.P. Movies , Magic and Happiness.... OH GOODIE GOODIE...lost in work once again...I really need this ....
Hope everyone has an extremely Magical Day ...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dobby...the House Elf

Dobby is one of the characters that I have secretly yearned to create since we started making several One of a Kind characters from Harry Potter... this gentle little fellow seemed like the Cherry on top of the cake to me and though we have many other character we will be making...I could wait no longer. With these photos it is a classic case of 'Photos do not do him justice' In person he is so small and peaceful with a good camera make him seem to close and in your face. He is fully sculpted over armature and if standing would be no bigger than 3 inches tall (but I have given him a firm order NOT to stand on the stool!!) He proudly holds his little 'Gift' of a sock.... he is now his own House Elf..... a man about town!!
I will be putting him on ebay later today after Richard shoots a couple more shots ...
Hope you like this little fellow as much as I.... it will be hard to part with him....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scalloped Tomatoes...YUM YUM

This is one of my favorite recipes ...I could eat it at least 3 times a week...maybe more... Richard and I love this for dinner... Just thought I would share one of my favorite things to eat...

Scalloped Tomatoes

Good olive oil
2 cups (1/2-inch diced) bread from a French boule, crusts removed (I like crusts on)
16 plum tomatoes (Romas) , cut 1/2-inch dice (about 2 1/2 pounds)
1 tablespoon minced garlic (3 cloves)
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons sea salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup julienned basil leaves, lightly packed
1 cup freshly grated Asiago or Parmesan cheese
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a large (12 inch) saute pan over medium heat. Add the bread cubes and stir to coat with the oil. Cook over medium to medium-high heat for 5 minutes, stirring often, until the cubes are evenly browned.
Meanwhile, combine the tomatoes, garlic, sugar, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. When the bread cubes are done, add the tomato mixture and continue to cook, stirring often, for 5 minutes. Off the heat, stir in the basil.Pour the tomato mixture into a shallow (6 to 8 cup) baking dish. Sprinkle evenly with the Parmesan cheese and drizzle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until the top is browned and the tomatoes are bubbly. Serve hot or warm.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Have a Curious Monday

Today I have decided to explore and experiment , challenge my brain and dabble in areas I have yet to travel . I figure that it is a very good thing to be curious...for without curiosity we are mere land masses collecting only the tinyest of tidbits that blow our way.
Go Out There a Be Curious!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our 35th...Zowie!

These things just sorta sneak up on ya don't they.... seems like only yesterday that I spotted a tall dark and handsome guy walking through the isles of Sears Dept. Store in Las Vegas Nevada and found my breath literally being sucked from my body...I was speechless and actually blushing each time I would see him walk in on his break to the little coffee shop right next to the candy dept where I worked ...*SIGH*!!! VEEEERY Long story short...we at last met, spoke ...he asked me on a date...second date he told me he loved me...third date he asked me to marry him and 4 months later we were married...only waited cause we didn't have the funds for our own place. ...and the rest they say is history!! It was I believe written in the stars, destiny as they say. I was truly one of the lucky ones that did indeed meet their soul mate...and whats better yet...he feels the same...we had no other path to follow ...this was it and what a glorious path it has been.
Richard and I make each other laugh everyday, we sing to each other, we cuddle, we cry at movies, drink a glass of wine each night while watching the sun set , we work side by side, and have fun adventures together as often as we can... we feel this is what has made this journey so enjoyable ... two people placed at the right place at the right time and the rest was up to us ..we consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have found a best friend in each other that also fell in are the odds!!
So I mentioned our plans for our 35th in my last Blog Post...well I am going to share that in my next post either later today or tomorrow...the day before we head out...
More pictures to add...
Thanks so much everyone for hanging out at my blog and stopping by to say howdy now and then...
Jodi and Richard
P.S. The pics above are Richard and I through the years ...the graying hair and weight gain should tell you their order...LOL

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pizza Pie Party

It's diggity dog! Been a week filled with emotions, projects, planning , working , cleaning and basically getting caught up from last week... but tonight is Friday... and Friday's are for relaxing, recharging, rejuvenating and rejoicing!!
Gathering at friends this evening for a night of home made pizza making , delicious salad, yummy wine, and 'Music Concerts' on TV...starting off with a little Tom Petty and ending the evening with Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton !!

I always look forward to sitting with several friends and chatting up how the week went for us all, local politics, and all of our plans for the future...
Sounds like a perfect evening to me...

June 1st is our 35th wedding anniversary...and Richard and I have something really fun planned for that...more later...

Have a wonderful weekend one and all ...please share what your doing, I love hearing...


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 1980 Mt. St. Helens goes *BOOM*

It is a day we will never forget as long as we live.... Richard and I were living in Portland, Oregon on this day and would stay another 4 years...but this day was one that would rattle us both with excitement, fear and awe forever!
I was making little crafty items at that know, kitchen witches, magnets, people flower pots, dolls our of cloth etc etc and selling here and there...trying like heck to get accepted into the very popular Portland 'Saturday Market' under the Burnside Bridge...a wonderful place where all the fine craftsmen and artists would sell... well the closest I got was finally being accepted to the 'Sunday Market' under the Burnside Bridge...same thing only different day and far less people...but I was a happy camper... and this day I was finally accepted...May 18th, 1980!!! 30 years ago today!!! Yep, that's right...the big BOOM day!! All was going well...we set up there were people milling about looking...and all seemed right with the world. The Mountain had been popping and spewing for a few months now ...nothing to really worry about, even had some quiet moments....but today was different. I remember sitting at my booth thinking hmmmm...this is odd...where are all the people all of a sudden , including the artists ...then someone came running down the stairs from the top of the bridge yelling that Mt. St. Helens just Blew Up!!!! WHAT!!!
Richard and I ran to the top of the bridge and stood with everyone else as we watched the mountain exploding seemed to cover the entire sky...the first shot (not my photograph) was taken on the far side of Portland...what we experienced was much much's funny...we were afraid yet thrilled and shocked all at the same one spoke and of course few had cameras ...the mountain just caught everyone off guard. We stood for the longest time just watching the clouds of ash grow higher and higher and spread out wider and wider, then it dawned on us...'What direction is all this ash heading'?? Then you could see and feel your fellow spectators getting nervous...then everyone started to move from the bridge rather quickly...'Was is coming our way'??? We vacated the bridge...packed up our work and headed back home (so much for my career of selling art under the Burnside Bridge)... part way back home ...a small suburb just west of Portland...we heard on the news that the ash was heading east... good news for us...back for those east of the blast zone...
It would be 2 more months before the mountain built up another head of steam and Blew her top, who knew she had anything left to blow since the last big one...but she did!!! And this time it was heading west..towards us. This time we had a friend from out of town staying with us and doing a three day art show in a local Mall .... the mountain blew on the second day of the show...we told him he should head back to our place asap, but he went out to dinner with fellow artists... not retuning until almost midnight in a rain storm of falling ash... we of course waited a panic, this is looooong before cell phones. We laughed about it years later that I greeted him at the door , tapping my foot and shaking my punishing finger in my robe his Mom!!! "WHERE have YOU BEEN!!"" LOL...did not seem funny at the time.... Anyway...he got back safe...and we all woke up in the morning to a totally gray landscape...every tree, bush, lawn, building was covered in a light gray the moon! when you walked in it little puffs of fine ash would poof up, it was the most surreal moment of my life , like a gray dream (of which I never ever have) , no over night it had snowed very deeply, only the snow was actual ash! We scooped and shoveled ash off roofs ,cars , bushes and roads for the next several days...wearing scarfs around our noses and wrapping panty hose around the intake filter on the car so as not to damage the engine...which turned out perfect for us as I was working in panty hose at the time and had about a hundred pairs laying around...dolls that would never be made yet they sacrificed themselves for the safety of the cars...LOL!!
Our friend would tell us later that he was still sweeping ash out of his door jams and tail gate 3 months after retuning home....and "Thanks for the BIG adventure"
I love was very shortly after the big 'ash fallout' that glass artists started using this 'manna from heaven' to create lovely glass ornaments and selling them where else... but the Portland Saturday Market under the Burnside Bridge!! Full Circle!!
It was an experience to be sure one that gave me a new respect for mother natures powers , and to realize how small we are in the whole scheme of things ....
The pictures above are ones we took when we visited Mt. St. Helens on the 10th anniversary ...with friends (we were then living in Calif) a matter of fact, this is the same guy who was visiting us when the second blow occurred... he married and moved to Portland... guess no Volcano is gonna scare him off...LOL!
The lake is the famous Spirit Lake , You can see all the trees still down...and look at how close we were to the mountain...well, that has all changed, that area in now closed off and you now can only get to within 10 miles of it I believe ... so we feel lucky to have been able to get this close.
They say the mountain is not finished yet...that she still has something to say , possibly louder this time... here's hoping that she keeps mum and goes back to sleep ..
I am still in shock that it has been 30 years...where did the time go??
Hugs to All