Friday, May 28, 2010

Our 35th...Zowie!

These things just sorta sneak up on ya don't they.... seems like only yesterday that I spotted a tall dark and handsome guy walking through the isles of Sears Dept. Store in Las Vegas Nevada and found my breath literally being sucked from my body...I was speechless and actually blushing each time I would see him walk in on his break to the little coffee shop right next to the candy dept where I worked ...*SIGH*!!! VEEEERY Long story short...we at last met, spoke ...he asked me on a date...second date he told me he loved me...third date he asked me to marry him and 4 months later we were married...only waited cause we didn't have the funds for our own place. ...and the rest they say is history!! It was I believe written in the stars, destiny as they say. I was truly one of the lucky ones that did indeed meet their soul mate...and whats better yet...he feels the same...we had no other path to follow ...this was it and what a glorious path it has been.
Richard and I make each other laugh everyday, we sing to each other, we cuddle, we cry at movies, drink a glass of wine each night while watching the sun set , we work side by side, and have fun adventures together as often as we can... we feel this is what has made this journey so enjoyable ... two people placed at the right place at the right time and the rest was up to us ..we consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have found a best friend in each other that also fell in are the odds!!
So I mentioned our plans for our 35th in my last Blog Post...well I am going to share that in my next post either later today or tomorrow...the day before we head out...
More pictures to add...
Thanks so much everyone for hanging out at my blog and stopping by to say howdy now and then...
Jodi and Richard
P.S. The pics above are Richard and I through the years ...the graying hair and weight gain should tell you their order...LOL