Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OK.... 5 Random things about me!

1.) I Once worked as a Program Manager for a Radio Station in Las Vegas (early 70's)... pre CD's, Pre Cassettes...everything was tape or cartridges ....YIKES!!! It was the days of SHORT SHORT skirts...and at that time I have a good I was given the name 'Legs' by the DJ's ... and became a 'radio personality' because of it.... sitting in on several shows each stuff.

2.) At 15 my dad (who was a musician in Las Vegas) introduced me to the wonderful singer Nancy Wilson... she found out I painted portraits... so she commissioned me to paint her portrait.... which still hangs in her house to this day.... proud moment for me.

3.) I got the name 'Jodi' from Louie Armstrong... he was a good friend of my dads (both trumpet players) ... and Mr. Armstrong called my dad 'Jodi Boy' (his name was Joe) when I was born...Mr.A told dad..."Ya gotta call her Jodi"...and so it was.

4.) I once painted a portrait of a woman 'Hull House' Worker... she was very young yet looked very old due to the hard work of the Hull House.... I showed the piece in a local Library Show (in Las Vegas) ...and a woman's league President saw it and asked if she could feature the piece at a local 'Woman's Conference' ...I said sure... it turned out to be the National Woman's Right Conference Convention at the Las Vegas Convention center...a pretty big thing...and they kept the portrait on stage most of the conference.... it was a VERY PROUD Moment for me!!! I even got to stand on stage and speak about it....

5.) I once worked at a Drug Store on the Las Vegas Strip .... and I got to hand deliver medication to Elvis Presley's Hotel Room at the Hilton...and actually met him... a very nice guy...and gentleman!

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