Friday, February 19, 2010

It's ALIVE!!!!!

Well I am almost finished with my Miniature Frankenstein's Monster ...putting on the finishing touches today.... but I just had to share this head shot with you.
Since childhood I have been completely and utterly fascinated with Boris Karloff's every character he became in the movies...I was never really afraid, just mesmerized speechless. His eyes seem to speak volumes and get the point across so well without words.... truth be told I always thought it might be kinda cool to be that little Bavarian girl with the daisy's down by the water's edge when 'The Monster' paid a visit...I know I know...weird!! But how she was not afraid of him is how I would have been...only if things got ugly...I'll bet I could run faster than her.....!!! Anyway... This was my chance to try and create 'Mr. Karloff' as the famous Monster...only in miniature (1:12th scale)...and I must say, I am tickled with the results. The eyes were all important to me. Richard of course helped with the Neck Electrodes!!! And then proceeded to explain to me how they would work...TO MUCH INFORMATION!!!
So...Here is the same head...with 3 different effects the first one is a straight out of camera shot...albeit moody!! The 3rd a bit more soft...but the middle one is my that is the Frank I remember from the movies!!
I will post the whole fellow soon...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kayak'n and Yack'n!

(Sheila, Me, Kate and Richard...Alice taking pics)

"Beautiful Coves, Beautiful Canyon Walls"

What a MARVELOUS DAY we had yesterday... decided to join with friends and meet down at Cattail Cove ...for a relaxing Day of Kayak'n, Yack'n and Lunch'n !! Our Good Friends...Kate, Sheila, Alice joined Richard and I for a crazy fun time.... that's what happens when you get a bunch of '60's gals (and guy) together... fun fun fun. The day was beautiful, around 75, blue sky with light clouds here and here...and not a single soul on the lake (except for one lone fisherman in a cove) ...until we started heading back...then it seems many 'woke up' and decided to go out on the lake to 'make some noise' but the morning was ours...not a sound except birds, fish leaping from the water, possible Beavers making their 'den building' noises...and of course laughter and sounds from good friends.... what a day it was, a much needed R&R!!
Now back to work....

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

Trudy 'True' of 'True's Gifts From the Heart'.... a GREAT BIG CONGRATS True. I contacted True this morning to let her know ... and due to lots of 'stuff' on my plate today was unable to make the winning announcement here until just now...

I want to Thanks each and every person who visited my Giveaway and left such remarkable words behind.... I want you to know ... though I did not respond to each kind word....I did read and take them all in...and by visiting your blogs I can happily say I am a very rich person in spirit from all the new friends I have gained.... So wonderful to meet you all...I look forward to chatting more ...

Thank You again...Big Hugs to All and True...your necklace will be heading your way very soon... CONGRATS again...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 'Heart' Day

Hello Young Lovers where ever you are....!!! Happy Valentines Day One and ALL!!!
Hope your Day is Super Special and filled with good memories and warm loving thoughts... Hug those you love and admire, speak lovingly kind of those no longer with us...and embrace what you have in your life at this time... for LOVE truly makes the world go around and feeds the soul a feast of joy and contentment.

My funny Valentine
Sweet comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart....