Friday, January 15, 2010

Thrilled to Pieces...

Yes I know I know...I have been absent from my favorite place for a very long time now...well at least since the 6th...and for somebody that likes to talk as much as I do...that is an Eternity!!! Been finishing up a few commission pieces one very big one and that is just teetering on being finished...soooo close I can see the end in sight.... and one other Project that was just finished and uploaded last evening.... A Podcast Interview with the Wonderful and always delightful Rice Freeman Zachery of 'Voodoo Cafe'
What a fun time we had and boy does she know how to get 'stuff' out of me.... she's GOOD!!
So if ya have a hankering to hear yours truly spill her guts to the world about Art, Dolls, Marriage etc... you can pop over to the right hand column of this page right at the top and 'click' the button...

Jodi (a.k.a. Chatty Cathy)