Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cleaning out the Computer Files Again...

As we have established...I am a Fidgety Person...always looking for something to when I am waiting for something on a doll to 'dry' , or waiting for Richard's part to fit my part (sounds weird I know) but it is doll related.... I hop on the Puter and 'clean' moving, shifting, rearranging, dumping and copying loose files and folders...of which I have MANY!!! I am forever running into 'past work' from several years ago that I totally forgot about...finding it again is like a little treat for me . I found my Shadow Box Folder of work I have done as much as 6-7 years ago ...thought I would pop on a couple of my favs. They are mostly Polymer clay, air dry clays, hand painted art papers , and even a found desert cholla. I LOVED doing these Shadow Boxes...each so different, each with a different meaning and purpose...and each I enjoy creating soooo much. I always wonder why I stopped when I see them again... Hmmm, maybe it is time to get back into it again...just dabble a little here and there...again, a good 'Cob Web' cleaning of the old Artistic Brain...
Have a Great Thursday...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Be Gone Lazies...Be Gone!!!

Let's here it for Mondays...YEAAAAAH Monday!!!! The Lazies have hit the road and I am full of vim and vigor once again.
This little guy just makes me smile...he is part of a Halloween Miniature Doll Setting we are working on and I just wanted to post a quick picture of him... he is not finished yet...has one more thing to add ...but I do love this little guys smile and attitude.... and yes...he does have a slight 'hump' ....
Hopefully we will be through with the setting by this weekend...
I have the name for the main character already... still working on his... he stands about 3 inches tall.
Have a GREAT Week everyone

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Lazy Weekend

Did you ever have one of those weekends were you had many good intentions to get a gazillion things accomplished ...but by weekends maybe (if lucky) got 1-2 things done? Well that was my weekend....LAZY LAZY LAZY!! It was nice I must admit...but it also drives me a bit loopy and brings on the overwhelming guilt's when nothing gets done. As I mentioned in past posts I just am not a 'Relaxer' ...some people are soooo cut out for sister for one...but I...well, If my plate is not full with many things to do... I feel positively desperate for projects.
So for me to experience a 'lazy' weekend that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye..well, that is indeed one for the record books """"NEWS FLASH.. over rambunctious girl found sitting in corner...twiddling thumbs.... More at 11:00.
I did work on a doll...but in small spurts and then found myself just drifting off to 'Relaxo-Land' every chance I got... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!! Even with my several pots of coffee I remain 'Zoned to the Bone'
I guess things catch up ...and my body is telling me to just chill...and yes, I guess I do deserve it...but I must tell you...I am looking forward to Monday Morning.... to kick off a week of normal fret and stress, work and deadlines....AHHHHHHH...I do love Mondays!!!

Hope everyone had a Super Weekend... and just an took all of my strength to type this...time for a nap!!!LOL