Friday, September 4, 2009

Gothic Hollows Wearable Art on ETSY

Well between approx. 25 other projects I have going...I got the really bad Halloween itch and decided to upload our first Halloween 'Ghostie' Jewelry pieces on ETSY today... time is just slipping away so fast and before I know will be Thanksgiving...WHAT!!!!! WHAT the Heck Happened to HALLOWEEN!!!???? So I jumped on it and made a few things for ETSY... a few more to come hopefully!
OK...back to work for me.... Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday Weekend... mine will be spent bent over a work table ...blurry eyed coffee induced blank stare with just the right amount of crazed look to keep people at bay.... just for good measure I throw in the occasional "hee hee hee heeeeeeeee" laugh of Renfield!!
Hugs To All

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pleased as Punch with Buttons Popping!!

We are thrilled beyond words at the great coverage we received this month in the AIM (Artists In Miniature) is British Based and is Packed Full of wonderful delights that you will truly enjoy!

They asked us a few months ago to 'write' a story about how we got started in miniatures.. So this I can say is my Very First Article to write all by myself!!! My own words...zowie! One more coming in December for Doll Artist Quarterly. I do like to write..have I mentioned that..LOL!!!

You will see the September Cover...just click on that and in PDF File it will take you through each page of the can make larger with the little 'Magnifying Glass'...

So if you wanna read how we got started in dolls...literally, this would be the article to read!
Thank You so Much AIM for giving me this chance to get crazy in Print once again...!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick Announcement!!!!!!!

Nikke Rowe from Witches and Wizards Miniatures has asked me to make a short announcement by asking if you would Please 'Pop' over to her Blog for a 'Wonderful Plan and Idea she has for our Good friend Debbie Wright of Tiny treasures. Our Dear Debbie is having Heart Surgery this Thursday .. Please Pop over to read all about her Special Surprise for Debbie... I am going to join in...hope you do too!

Hugs Jodi

More Goblin Goodies

Howdy...just a few more items to add to the Goblin Desk... Richard made the ink well and believe it or not...a wonderful tiny tiny hummingbird feather was found this morning out by our pond (our feeder is just above the pond) ...we would like to think that the little hummingbird knew Richard was wracking his brain on what to do for the pen & Quill part of the set...and decided to leave him a sweet little feather... yeah yeah...that's or story and we are sticking to it!!! Seriously was there. This the the first ledger along with the Receipt Holder....sitting on top of the yet to be finished off desk. Other shots are Richard making the little gallions (100 to be exact when he is finished) he punches these from polished brass , buffs the edges and will mark each.
I need to write an article for a magazine today and gather pictures so we are taking off a day from the doll...although I suspect Richard will find himself out in the shop working on something Goblin Related!!
Also I am 'Gathering Gathering' Goodies for the Giveaway Box... this is FUN!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy Mind Blow Batman!!!

Well I got up this morning poured myself a cup of Brazil's Finest turned on the computer...and of course went first to my Favorite Spot...'Bloglandia'... and there, before me...what did I see...the number 200!!!! Well slap me silly and call me a cab I can't believe my eyes...!!! Seems like yesterday there were 100...and believe me I was thrilled to death with that number. I want to Thank 'SNOWFERN' for making it officially 200!!!
I actually want to Thank each and everyone for becoming my friend and making this journey through Bloglandia one of the best journeys I could take. Just to know you all are out there popping in once in a while to read my silly jottings makes life incredibly fun and full.... now I want to do what I should have done ages ago and what I have been marveling at others for doing... I want to have a 'Give Away' ... I am going to put together a Box of all sorts of things from the Creager Studios...some New, Some Old, Art Work, Misc. Goodies...a little of this....and a lot of that! This will be fun and I guarantee some cool stuff!

I will have someone (maybe my Mom...she is into Blindfolds!!...LOL) choose a name from my followers list...I will do the all time favorite of printing all the names individual and tossing into a Hat.... now if a Rabbit is pulled first out of the hat...that goes in the box too!!!.
I will probably do this Saturday or Sunday.... Oh Boy, I am excited now...going to go 'a gathering' ...
Thank You all once again for joining my blog with your Friendship, Kindness, tolerance and sticktoitiveness .

Big Hugs To All!!!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goblin on the Move

Hey There...Happy Sunday All!! Another lovely day in the Mojave Desert! Just thought I'd post a couple update pictures on the little Gringotts Goblin... These pics are actually 2 days old and we have gone past this stage...but as I am always 'behind' in stuff ...this is the best I could do for now...more to come. This basically just shows the Goblin with a body and a few little pieces of clothing...MAN those suckers are hard to dress at that size!! Also shows his sculpted long hands yet...working on those now...
The desk shot was one I took in Richard studio...I totally forgot to pop pictures of his designing stages...and let out a yelp, ran into his room and Yelled loudly..."STOP" don't go any further!!! I think I scared him a bit... so I snapped this early stage of the desk top... no stain or aging process yet ...nor hardware or top for that matter... but there is a band aide ...there was a small mishap with an exacto knife... getting better already.
Off to work more today..on a roll. Vest is on but jacket needs to be finished...
Hope everyone has a Great Sunday...
Hugs to All
Jodi...and the Band-aided one!