Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Traveling Tipi

Just having fun with our TIPI ...I pretend we travel the world to places we would like to see... turn up the sound....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have been 'Picture Challenged'

Well it seems that Picture Challenge has hit me...this fun thing has been going around and it is so cool to see all the misc. photos. Dear Nikki at ... posted this challenge...and I believe it goes something like this.... I must go to where I store my pictures....pick the '4th' Folder ...and then the '4th' picture and post it and talk a little about it...

So my 4th folder in my picture file are my 'non doll' items to sell on EBAY ....the 4th picture is a silk Chinese jacket I am getting ready to list. WOW...glad it was not the '5th' folder....that would have been embarrassing!!!! Anyway... I have tons of weird and strange stuff under our other seller name and this is just one...

Now I am to pass this challenge onto 4 others...fancy that... another 4...actually this is a cool challenge as everything in life seems to come to me in '444' ...zowie another trippy coincidence!

So I pass to

Marie at

Cindy at

Patty at

Lyndy at

There ya go....'444' at work once again...

Thank You Nikki...that was fun! I always love to play along...



Happy Thursday Morning All...

Weather update for the desert...STILL FREAKIN HOT!!!!

I do have a question...does anyone know HOW to add a YouTube Video or regular Video here in a Post? I have tried and tried and cannot figure it out. I have our YouTube stuff in the Gadgets but that's not what I want...

Any Help would make this 'Hot' girl very happy indeed (and I DON'T mean THAT kind of Hot)...LOL!!

Back to the studio...working on a New Halloween Doll Setting...OH BOY...this one is fun...
My mind has been working overtime the last 2 weeks to the point of developing a slight headache much to do, so little time...

Have a Super One


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Well for me at least.... I normally stick to my own playing field of Clay and Dolls...but once in a while it is fun to dip ones toes in a new watering hole ...basically I like to play with new always seems to clear the cob webs out of the brain. I do love to bead when I can find a few minutes to pry myself away from clay. I am NOT by a long shot any good at it there are Beaders out there that are soooo good they would make a grown man cry! But like with anything else...I just play with it...dabble if you will.... and then return 'home' to the familiar. This is one of my latest 'dabbleings'
A wrist cuff that I beaded with anything that held still long enough...if you look real close you might see the Kitchen Sink!! I like the fact that it turned out very dimensional, layers on set design...a free for all of beads!!
Thanks for taking a Peek...and for not laughing (at least not out loud)...
Terrific Tuesday All

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday Monday Monday....

I know it is probably 'Weird' to start with a Cheerful Monday Greeting and then show 'Skelly Men'... but when I see Skelly Men, it makes me smile ear to ear as that means that Fall and Hallows Eve season are very close...few things curl my toes more than the mere thought of Halloween.
And I smile too as my 'yearly seasonal jump start' just kicked in and I am now officially livin in the 'Weens' ... Decorations will be coming out very soon, all things smelling of stewing apples and spices will be wafting from the kitchen, old B&W Horror flicks will be appearing on a regular bases on the tube ... not to mention Ghost Specials!! We are coming into the season where I 'jump' at the drop of a hat..."did you hear that"?? "Did you SEE that" "Did that shadow just move" "Hey, I didn't leave that light on" OOooOOOOoOOOo ...I live for this stuff...I think I purposely make myself on edge as I LOVE the "GOT'CHA factor... things that go bump in the night and all of that... I grew up in a very haunted house in So. Calif. and I think that is where is all started...I was never fearful...just curious...and too it always just seemed so natural to me. I think we should each...starting October 1st ...share our 'Ghost Stories' with one another...WHAT FUN!! I have several that I would love to share...and I can hardly wait to hear all the great tales from blog land...I just know that 'Bloglandia' must be VERY haunted!!!
Anyway... can you tell I have a serious case of 'Rambleitis' this morning...!!
My whole point is...I am getting REALLY REALLY in the mood now to start making Halloween Dolls and Accessories...starting this morning!!
Have a Great Day and an even better week
Happy 'Ween'