Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barkley Von Muttley...Dog about Town!

Howdy Doody Bloglandians! We just finished another, uh...Dog! and I thought I would pop him on here for a quick look see. His name is as above 'Barkley Von Muttley' and he is indeed a Dog About Town! Hope you can read his little poem that I wrote...kinda explains everything about's his story and he is stickin to it!!

I love doing animals (specially in clothing) ..oh, also bugs (note to self: Need to do another one of those again soon).. anyway, back to dogs in clothing...this little fellow just sorta 'popped' out from no where (you know those dolls...lucking just under the surface and it takes the slightest thing to bring them out)...well, this is he! Actually for a very long time now (5-6 years) I have been kicking around the idea of 'Semi Deranged ' Critters...chickens, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds etc... and one of these 'critters' was 'Deliriously Deranged Dog' that looked strangely enough like Barkley...only with this is what popped out...It was quick and fun and feed the artistic soul nicely ...we all need these little morsels every so often.

So Barkley has made me laugh for the last 2 days, and Richard...even our Dog seems to be chuckling under her breath... all good signs! Anything in art that makes you laugh and healthy and rejuvenating.

We are about to pop onto some more serious pieces so this bit of humor i can nibble on for a while.

I am popping Barkley onto EBAY this evening ...not sure at all if he is any ones cup of tea other than my own...but again...a good thing to feed ones own inner being.

Hope you enjoy our little canine critter...and that he brings you smiles enough to nibble for a good long while...


Monday, April 18, 2011

Hobby Lobby...pinch me, I am dreaming

Be still my heart...we are getting a Hobby Lobby in Lake Havasu!!! OK OK, I know that more than likely 98 % of you out there reading this are saying "What's the Big Deal...we have 8 of them in our town" ...But to us in this little semi sleepy desert town of Lake Havasu , is a Big Deal and cause for celebration of artists and craftsmen alike...we are damn near ready to take to the streets in a out of control dance of unabashed Joy! Remember anything they build here keeps us for a 2+ hour drive to the Bigger City...and I simple HATE hitchin up the buckboard you know how much freakin hay those horses eat..and the price of hay is through the do realize I am kidding...right!!

Anyway...little by little our town is coming out of the retail dark ages and putting in stores that we can all enjoy...instead of Flip Flop, Bikini and fast boat retailers...ZOWIE this is great news!

The old Walmart turned into a Super Walmart in a different location and the Hobby Lobby took it over...and this sucker looks like it is going to by Gynormous!! We do have a Michaels go...this is a poor excuse for one...Michaels Light!! So I am sure they are sweating bullets just about now, and they better get with the retail pleasing program otherwise Michaels will soon be "Buy some shit at Mike's Craft Barn"...

So I offering up 'gifts' at the Great Craft/Art Alter of life in thanks for this new addition to our tiny town...

Does anyone else out there love or at least strongly like their Hobby Lobby? Hey, as my dad use to say..."Better than a Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick"!!??