Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Blog Buddies.....

I have added a recent doll...BabySitting Witch....watching over 3 'Little Monsters' while their parents are off scary the Halloween Trick'O' Treaters.....  she is a 1:12th Miniature Scale....

So we are now planning the next piece....a Harry Potter Commission.... Ron Weasley riding the 'Horse' life sized chess piece from the Sorcerer's Stone, on the chess board...all in miniature...will be fun, then onto Harry and Hermine. 

Other than that we are doing lots of this and a whole bunch of that around the house.  Decided that this winter ( we have pretty mild winters here in AZ) we will do lots of Fix Up Work around the house...some very needed and others just fun cool small stuff I wanna do.... though in saying that we are right now clouding up and it is thinking strongly of rain at the moment....UGH!

Richard at the moment  is 'restringing' my large studio  window dips down on one side when I open it and I think he finally took pity on me...LOL! 

I need to have a couple garage sales this winter (again our time of the year to have them...summer way to hot)  so I need to organize stuff for that.

Man you would think with all the crap I need to get done and all the running I do...that I would weigh only 12 pounds....HA! ...not fair!

Roasted Garlic Pork Roast this cold stormy weekend (comfort food) and a few new movies we have not seen yet.....

Have a Great Weekend everyone..


Monday, November 5, 2012

Howdy Everyone in Bloglandia.... Here I go again with the apologies has been ages since I have been excuse really other than I get so darn busy I forget the enjoyable things to do...and also this has been on e WEIRD Year for me....Losing my Mom, not being able to focus as well on work, a million and one projects around the house , a brutally Hot Year here in Arizona and on top of everything else....we are discussing a Move to Oregon.....and though I am jazzed at the prospect of a move... the mere thought of packing up two shops and a big studio plus all my household stuff makes me want to run and hide and shake and quiver...a very scary thought.  Good news bad news kinda thing.  Richard and I have reached our limit with the hot summers here and lack of culture...we both crave a place where we can got to small art shows, hear local musicians while chomping on a burger and sipping  wine.... to enjoy these things we must now travel to Las Vegas or Phoenix.... each 3-4 hours....UGH!  I adore my house but, am willing to look again in an area I am truly happy.  If we could we would move at the beginning of the year but we have a few things to do to the house and then there is that pesky little task of 'selling' it.... with the market...who knows. So we are setting our sights on 1-2 years....EEEEK!  So in the meantime we sit and dream of greener pastures (literally)  and new opportunities. I look forward to a weekly growers market, great stores and Yes, even the possibility of selling small art pieces at a local art/craft fair....something we have not been able to do in years and years.... So gang, this is what we have been up to.  We have made a few dolls since August, mainly commission work and a few for EBAY... This one above is Called Princess Buttercup....a little girl dressed for Halloween  with her Fairy Godmother Ogre... We also made a miniature (1:12th miniature scale)   Witch , babysitting 3 tiny Monster Babies.
I think I am ready to get into Christmas....Santa's, Christmas Elves, Christmas Carol characters, and a few commissions of Harry Potter.....

Hope everyone is enjoy their fall time.... Thanks for hanging in here even though I am SO HORRIBLE at posting these days...I will I will try harder....