Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tell me it can't be Thursday ....ALREADY!!!

Holy Schlamolies...where did the week go?? One minute I am finishing up Bellatrix and the next I am lookin smack dab in the face of a weekend!! I swear...I can misplace time with the best of them...

Actually have not been wasting any of this time...but rather using it up and wearing it out. No matter how you look at it...there is only X amount of hours in each day no more, no less... but a person 'can' if done correctly appear to squeeze a few more hours out of each day...I think I have done that with this past week.... explains so much as to why it is already Thursday ...and I have so much done already ...managed to squeeze a week and a half into on trick huh! Of course I want to crumble in a dark corner somewhere and just quiver for a bit till the exhaustion passes... but in truth I have always been one to look hard work in the face and laugh while rolling up my sleeves.

Lets see...this week we...Cleaned out the garage (and I mean THAT was a HUGE JOB , put up some shelves that some dear friends gave us ages ago (heavy freakin shelves) , we Kayaked, We worked in the yard, fixed the pool filter, went to the dump, I spent one day shopping in Bullhead City with my Mom and Sister, reorganized my studio, disassembled the insides of the Tipi for the summer, installed a small freezer (which meant removing part of a wall and put part of it back, painting and shopping to put stuff in it. Working on the computer (having problems lately) and of course...designing a new doll for EBAY and starting work on that. There were a few other things in there but not worth mentioning...also they might just be the few things that will make my head explode if I say them out load....the camel and straw sorta thing! SO THAT'S WHERE THE WEEK WENT... Now I understand...

Today we rest...going to see Angels and Demons with my sis and Richard...there can sit and quiver in the dark all I want...while eating popcorn and M&M's...AHHHHH!

This is a BIG Holiday Weekend in Havasu...anyone out there west of the Mississippi who has 'anything' that floats or goes fast in the water will be here!!! Ugh.... we stay away from town, hide out at home and just kick back...BBQ this weekend and a friends Birthday!!
Thank Goodness I got all my work out of the way....

So thanks for listening to my 'Time Warp Work Filled Rant'.... I still can't believe it is IS Thursday...right!! But the real question is...what year!!??

Have a Great Weekend Everyone

Jodi (aka Veronica Vortex)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bellatrix has Arrived and Casting Spells Already!

AT LAST!!!! We have finished and photographed Bella Baby... WHEW!! I say whew because it must be known up from that my dear sweetie Richard HATES to photograph with lots of black fabric in the picture... very difficult... and the bad thing is I LOVE creating dolls with lots of black... so when the time comes to photograph...we square off like two caged tigers ...low growls and a few hisses! But alas I think it worked pretty good. Now I am a bit unsure of colors and contrast as I have a new monitor and still learning to balance I am hoping all looks OK!

Bellatrix is 5 1/2" tall ...hand sculpted completely in polymer clay (you all saw her butt) have to trust me on the rest! She is painted, hair is tight Lincoln wool. Clothing is silk....hand painted. Her corset or boustia is hand sewn leather. I carved her tiny necklace and Richard carved her wand.

She was a BLAST and I must fav so far....and our first 'dark' character from Harry Potter .... more more more!!!

Now onto something totally different!!

Thanks for taking a peek...and putting up with 'butt shots'

Have a good evening


One More Nikki...

OOoOO now I like this one...looks nice and old... just needs a vintage gutaperga frame and your good to go!!

Nikki Rowe's New Witchy Look...which 'witch' do you prefer?

Happy Monday All.... I was just playing around with photoshop this morning... and Nikki at 'Witch and Wizard Miniatures' was chatting on her blog about Witch pictures I decided to have a go at it and play with her sweet face.... I popped a hat on her and gave her a cauldron and wand....
Which do you prefer?

I did the whole Members album for EHAG a few years back and had a BLAST doing it...

OK...back to serious stuff....a girl cannot play forever...well, maybe that is not totally true....

Hopefully pictures of Bellatrix later today...

Happy Monday